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Speaking before Rabin
aReview your controversial topic that you drafted Week 1 and transition it into a solid thesis. 回顾您有争议的题目您起草了星期1和转折它入一份坚实论文。 [translate] 
aHave you accompany me to have good 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a信息化是一切的基础,没有物流的信息化,任何先进的技设备都不可能应用于物流领域,信息技术及计算机技术在物流中的应用将会彻底改变世界物流的面貌。 The informationization is all foundations, does not have the physical distribution informationization, any advanced technique equipment all not impossible to apply in the physical distribution domain, the information technology and the computer technology can completely change the world physical dis [translate] 
amake cards 做卡片 [translate] 
a展望未来,风华正茂的晟涛人将一如既往,在烟标印刷多姿多彩的舞台上,不断超越、标新立异,力争成为国内外知名企业的首选印刷供应商。 The forecast future, Sheng in full flower the Tao person as always, will print in the colorful stage in the smoke sign, surmounted unceasingly, proposes something new and different, argues vigorously into the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises the first choice to print the supplier. [translate] 
a我的学校有50个班 My school has 50 classes [translate] 
a我认为自己最成功的事情就是试着去让人接受 我认为自己最成功的事情就是试着去让人接受 [translate] 
aA0000790-BestCalc [translate] 
a都尽是心酸 有点失望 有点感伤 All is feels sad a little disappointedly a little sad [translate] 
a我打算明年去夏威夷玩,去那里度假放松放松,坐飞机去, I planned the next year will go to Hawaii to play, goes to there to take vacation relaxes, the take plane will go, [translate] 
alt's a black dog lt的沮丧 [translate] 
astart windows using settings from last successful boot attempt 使用设置开始窗口从前成功的起动企图 [translate] 
aDo I need to take your shoes off 我需要采取您的鞋子 [translate] 
aexption calling main exption叫扼要 [translate] 
aFinally,Jim decided to quit smoking and he went to his doctor for examine。The doctor knew that Jim was a compulsive person and suggested a quite unusual method。“Befor went to sleep tonight,take one of your cigarettes,unwrap it and put it completely into your butt。Then remove it and put it back into the box with other c 终于,吉姆决定放弃抽烟,并且他去他的医生为审查。医生知道吉姆是一个强迫性人并且建议了相当异常的方法。“Befor去今晚睡觉,采取你的一根香烟,解开它和完全地放它入您的靶垛。然后去除它并且投入它回到箱子与其他cigaretts。 [translate] 
a关于银行的的选择 About bank choice [translate] 
a不止是你一个人 Continues is you [translate] 
aWhether i should choose to give up ? 我是否应该选择给? [translate] 
aYour wife is Chinese 您的妻子汉语 [translate] 
a在很多方面都有了显著的提高 All had the remarkable enhancement in very many aspects [translate] 
ahe started a gift bag program Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego California 他在圣迭戈加利福尼亚开始了一家礼物袋子节目Rady儿童医院 [translate] 
a我就这样疯狂的爱着你 I such crazy am loving you [translate] 
a小额信贷创立于20世纪70年代的孟加拉国,并设立试点创建了乡村银行 The jot credit establishes in the 20th century 70's Bangladesh, and set up the experiment site to found the village bank [translate] 
aInternal identifier 内部标识符 [translate] 
a这种原因是造成偏差的主要来源吗? This kind of reason is creates the deviation the main origin? [translate] 
alighe travels 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athey will look at our english club ot 他们将看我们的英国俱乐部ot [translate] 
a地下好友 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a至于你的感冒,我认为你可以多喝一些热水 As for yours cold, I thought you may drink some hot water [translate] 
ahahahahhahaahahhahahaha 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aplatelets and makes it impossible to fully understand the 小片和牌子它不可能充分地了解 [translate] 
ai dont think you can call me in canada 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aaccord with 协议与 [translate] 
asuch as on birthdays wish good friends 例如在生日祝愿好朋友 [translate] 
aHe will be urban development plans submitted to the city government 他将是都市发展计划递交给市政府 [translate] 
awhat do you think of the traffic in beijing 在北京你认为交通怎么样 [translate] 
atry to get in 设法进货 [translate] 
a当然,我们也需要向他们解释 Certainly, we also need to explain to them [translate] 
a她下定决心要嫁给他 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe blue line was Tom's idea 蓝线是汤姆的想法 [translate] 
ain our neighborhood 在我们的邻里 [translate] 
a随函寄去词典供检测,请求予以退款。 With the letter sends the dictionary to supply the examination, requested refunds money. [translate] 
a是信管系工商企业管理专业10级的学生 Is the letter pipe arrangement industry and commerce business management specialized 10 levels of students [translate] 
a这座建筑物花了十年时间才建成。 This building spent ten years time only then to complete. [translate] 
a他甚至比她还漂亮 He also is even more attractive than her [translate] 
a三天前,我们在公园里玩,迈克放生了一个事故。他从滑板车上摔了下来。 Three days ago, we play in the park, Mike has set free a captured animal an accident.He has fallen from the slide vehicle down. [translate] 
a魏光鹏、你个笨蛋 Wei Guangpeng 의 당신의 바보 [translate] 
aMARE是你的什麽 海是你的什麽 [translate] 
a我希望可以当那个人 I hoped may work as that person [translate] 
aI‘m sad I `m哀伤 [translate] 
aif you were brought up in atwo-child family and both you and your sister or brother had your own bedrooms,the chances are,if you have two children or more,that you also will offer separate bedrooms for them 如果您在atwo孩子家庭被抚养长大,并且两个您和您的姐妹或者兄弟把您自己的卧室,机会是,如果您有二个孩子或更多,您也将提供分开的卧室为他们 [translate] 
asoygudigan xundak bolamdu 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aupdate select count 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a很抱歉听说你身体不舒服 Was sorry very much heard your body is uncomfortable [translate] 
a.The lion and the mouse are() 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a宾语前置 Object pretage [translate]