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aSW upgrade is successful.Pleasere-insert battery to power up. SW升级是成功的。Pleasere插入电池到力量。 [translate] 
ano video 没有录影 [translate] 
aThis message should not appear after completing these steps.For more information or help,please refer to the system documentation. 这则消息不应该在完成这些步以后出现。对于更多信息或帮助,参见系统文献。 [translate] 
a是这样 Is this [translate] 
a全方位提高自己 Omni-directional enhances oneself [translate] 
aClick here to find hotties near you 这里点击在您附近发现hotties [translate] 
aIf the beauty contest is just for use as a media method to attract people's eyes and work with the beauties, then it is meaningless. Lots of beautiful women wearing few clothes, even bikinis are watched easily on TV. Then the champion becomes an actress or a model and did nothing useful after the contest. I don't thin [translate] 
a卓越的 Remarkable [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!经理 Manager [translate] 
aDon't brood too much and just let it be. You will finally have what you deserve. Dios me bendiga! 不要细想太多和请不要让它是。 您最后将有什么您该当。 Dios我bendiga! [translate] 
a我要去电影院。 I must go to the movie theater. [translate] 
a不要忽视婚礼上的甜品,用淡绿软糖和白色果仁装点经典的白色婚礼蛋糕。为蛋糕抹上一份柔和的春曰色彩。精心制作的蛋挞和有趣的桃味马提尼酒。一定会为你的婚礼增色不少。为客人们准备一些芒果、橘子、柠檬、草莓等水果形状的果冻,为宴会画上一个可爱的句号。在蛋糕胚中注入芬芳的甜酒,为你的婚礼蛋糕增添一份淡淡的春天味道。 Do not neglect at the wedding ceremony the sweets, decorates the classics with the light green soft sugar and the white kernel the white wedding ceremony cake.Smears a gentle spring for the cake to say the color.The careful manufacture egg flogs with the interesting peach taste Martini liquor.Certai [translate] 
aI enjoy my 20-days winter holiday 我享受我的20天寒假 [translate] 
aHappiness in this, But where did you go 幸福在这中,但您去的地方 [translate] 
athe army logistics of United Statse and counterparts proved to be more than the German army could handle 被证明是的团结的Statse和相对物军队后勤学更多比德国军队能处理 [translate] 
abe decided by 决定 [translate] 
a你是我的信仰,一切一切 You are my belief, all all [translate] 
adiablo spawned 躲闪者产生了 [translate] 
aFirst impressions are the mostlasting, 第一次印刷是mostlasting, [translate] 
a广州广电林仕豪模具制造有限公司 Guangzhou Guang Dianlin the Shi bold mold makes the limited company [translate] 
acheckstand 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI. Check leading edges for straightness, and replace if bant. i. 检查前沿平直度,并且替换,如果bant。 [translate] 
ainsurance VERY expensive. 保险非常昂贵。 [translate] 
aDynamic Power Saving 动态能源节约 [translate] 
a北京东财会计师事务所 East Beijing wealth accounting firm [translate] 
afleece in 羊毛 [translate] 
ahello how do you do 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a世界上没有任何一种具有真正价值的东西可以不经过辛勤劳动而能够得的。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSuganya:We'll send you an e-mail when your order ships. Suganya :当您的顺序运送,我们将送您电子邮件。 [translate] 
a洗线员 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afix the clock. 修理时钟。 [translate] 
aIf we export goods aboard, which of the trade terms can we adopt? 如果我们出口物品登上,商业期限能我们采取? [translate] 
aBlanketed in mist ,Victorian architecture rose from the banks of the river,responded to the sounds o 覆盖在薄雾,维多利亚女王时代的建筑学从河的银行上升了,反应声音o [translate] 
a粘土岩分布最广,其次是砂岩、石灰岩 The clay stone distribution is broadest, next is the sandstone, the limestone [translate] 
a时间停止的那天 The time stops that day [translate] 
aforeign currency deposits in singapore dollar equicalent 外币储蓄以新加坡元equicalent [translate] 
a1688年,之后又疯狂扩大地盘,在非洲冈比亚等地建立了“捕奴站”。 In 1688, also was crazy afterwards expands the domain, in places such as African Gambia established “has caught the slave to stand”. [translate] 
aEverybody has difficult years, but a lot of times the difficult years end up being the greatest year 大家有困难的岁月,但很多时期困难的岁月结束上升大年 [translate] 
a1. This passage is written to ________. 1. 这个段落给________被写。 [translate] 
ayou are a fucking girl 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ashort distance distribution 短的距离发行 [translate] 
aBut not an ordinary person can do his 但不是一个普通的人能做他的 [translate] 
a如需要检验或出具检验证书,应事先议定该项费用是由卖方还是买方承担。 If needs to examine or the writing up examination certificate, should agree beforehand this item of expense is undertakes by the seller or the buyer. [translate] 
a补偿贸易 Compensation trade [translate] 
aFinally,Jim decided to quit smoking and he went to his doctor for examine.The doctor knew that Jim was a compulsive person and suggested a quite unusual method."Befor went to sleep tonight,take one of your cigarettes,unwrap it and put it completely into your butt.Then remove it and put it back into the box with other c 终于,吉姆决定放弃抽烟,并且他去他的医生为审查。医生知道吉姆是一个强迫性人并且建议了相当异常的方法。“Befor去今晚睡觉,采取你的一根香烟,解开它和完全地放它入您的靶垛。然后去除它并且投入它回到箱子与其他cigaretts。混合他们,以便您不可能告诉哪些是那个。因而您赢取了不是胆敢抽烟任何一个”。 “声音好。 [translate] 
awhats your favorite animal? 什么是您喜爱的动物? [translate] 
alao zheng-something trying to get in the window 老挝人设法的郑某事得到在窗口 [translate] 
aGo somewhere do nothing 不要去某处做 [translate] 
aPlease fill the appointment and send back to me ASAP. 请填装任命并且尽快送回到我。 [translate] 
a是开拓新的经济增长领域、促进经济转 型、扩大就业的重要选择。 Is develops the new economical growth domain, promotion economy reforming, the expanded employment important choice. [translate] 
ayou may not download an entire issue of a journal or multiple copies of articles 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLife is a tragedy for those who fell ,and a comedy for those whose who think. 生活是一个悲剧为跌倒的那些人和一个喜剧为的那些谁认为。 [translate] 
a但是A型号的尺寸和B型号的尺寸是不一样的 But the A model size and the B model size is dissimilar [translate] 
aHis ping-pong bat is in the bag.(提问) His ping-pong bat is in the bag. (Inquiry) [translate] 
a一开始我们都很高兴,因为这个电影听上去很刺激 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我为了保持健康 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aenter frame 进入框架 [translate]