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I really want to know when you are born


I really wanted to know when you were born


I really want to know what you are born when the


I really want to know when you are born
a西安奥开机电设备有限公司是一家集泵阀、仪器仪表的开发、销售为一体,产品多元化经营的现代化企业, 同时代理国内外名优泵阀、仪器仪表等系列产品。是“浙江有氟密阀门有限公司”陕西办事处,负责陕西、青海地区有氟密阀门的推广销售及售后服务。产品广泛应用于工矿、石油化工、电力、冶金、建筑、交通、 给排水、市政等领域。 The Xi'an Austria has the electromechanical device limited company is a fair pump valve, the instrument measuring appliance development, the sale is a body, the product multiplication management modernized enterprise, simultaneously acts domestic and foreign superior series products and so on pump v [translate] 
aI'm all right so you go to sleep if not sleep anymore to the Internet I chat with you and I will always remain in the Internet Cafe, please? 我所有正确,因此您去睡如果不睡眠再对我与您聊天的互联网,并且我是否总将保持在互联网咖啡馆,请? [translate] 
aat the tennis team 在网球队 [translate] 
a交付使用 Delivery use [translate] 
aRotation clearing speed 自转清洁速度 [translate] 
a孩子们很快就学会了怎样玩电脑游戏 How did the children go to school very quickly meet have played the computer games [translate] 
aconnection failed! 出故障的连接! [translate] 
a抛物面放置区 Parabolic laying aside area [translate] 
a但我认为有些人不够用功 But I thought some people insufficiently study hard [translate] 
a他穿着一件生菜做的衣服,有绿色的花边 He is putting on clothes which greens do, has the green lace [translate] 
ayour brother studies so hard that he can pass the exam 您的兄弟那么艰苦学习他可以通过检查 [translate] 
aWe interested by your cement board can you please send me ​ your E-catalogue and your price list with chart of color We interested by your cement board can you please send me your E-catalogue and your price list with chart of color [translate] 
ause smurfberries to grow this crop instantly 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe was lot 他是全部 [translate] 
a第三,大学本来就是一个小型社会,在这里可以发生一切合理的事情。 Third, the university is originally a small society, may have all reasonable matters in here. [translate] 
aTHROTTLE POTMETER 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adaniel wrote a letter to jack to thank him 丹尼尔给起重器写一封信感谢他 [translate] 
aI have not received 我未接受 [translate] 
aIf you are looking for information on how to replace a lost or damaged product key for an earlier version of Microsoft Office, click to view the following article number in the Microsoft Knowledge Base 如果您寻找信息关于怎样替换失去或损坏的产品钥匙为微软办公系统的一个更早的版本,在微软知识库点击观看以下文章数字 [translate] 
aMoney is not everything. There's MasterCard & Visa 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aleader sections 领导部分 [translate] 
aHoney, I want your eyes, then you always bring good things. Honey, I want your eyes, then you always bring good things. [translate] 
a你通常几点吃饭 Your usual several eat meal [translate] 
a把烦恼留给你自己 Leaves you the worry [translate] 
a她多久去次商店 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aJack is my n________.He is a doctor. He woks in a h___. 杰克是我的n________.He是医生。 他铁锅在h___。 [translate] 
aA mnemonic is a cue that is memorized along with a memory that will trigger the memory. Memory markers work best when they are in a different modality than the triggered memory. For example, a music trigger can be very effective in retrieving a visual memory. Episodic memories are those that allow us to remember what w 歌诀是与记忆一起被记住将触发记忆的暗示。 当他们比被触发的记忆时,在一种不同的形式记忆标志最好运作。 例如,音乐触发器可以是非常有效的在检索视觉记忆。 事件记忆是允许我们记住的那些什么我们做了,或者什么发生在我们或其他身上和按什么顺序。 自发补救解释为什么贾森的记忆在回来了仓促。 [translate] 
a我不经常攀登小山 I climb the hill not frequently [translate] 
agrade2 class2 grade2 class2 [translate] 
alam 23 And you? lam 23和您? [translate] 
ajust can't get enougt 正义不能得到enougt [translate] 
aif i am a millionaire 如果我是百万富翁 [translate] 
a社会环境根本影响不了你 The social environment could not affect you [translate] 
ashe's in the dark 她是在黑暗 [translate] 
agreat hall of the people ,Museum of the revolution,chairman mao memorial 人民大会堂,革命的博物馆,主席毛纪念品 [translate] 
acq calling and standy cq叫和standy [translate] 
aWhen you see a famous car in the street, maybe you will say, “It’s cool.” You may think, “He’s so cool,” when you see your favorite footballer. 当您在街道看见一辆著名汽车,您可能将说, “很酷”。 当您看见您喜爱的足球运动员时,您可以认为, “他是很凉快的”。 [translate] 
a工作量比领导的大很多 The work load are greatly very more than the leadership [translate] 
aWhen I pack all my tools in my toolbox, it reminds me of the following story 当我在我的工具箱时包装所有我的工具,它提醒我以下故事 [translate] 
a他叫罗子月 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aalliin 27000mcg alliin 27000mcg [translate] 
aC86 现在的价格是124RMB(1 GOOD B)2000mAh [translate] 
asober 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSometimes what you want isn't always what you get,but in the end what you get is so much better than 有时什么您想要总不是什么您得到,但在最后什么您得到非常好比 [translate] 
a我当时看到很多人没带伞,都走进商店躲雨了 I at that time saw very many people have not brought the umbrella, all entered the store to take shelter from the rain [translate] 
aMy Dream bedroom 我的梦想卧室 [translate] 
a从她们身上, 我学会了坚强, 学会了要懂得知足但不能满足我学会了要对未来永远充满希望, 并努力追逐梦想的乐观精神。 我同样也学会了要加倍珍惜所拥有的,不要等死去失去了才知道它们的难能可贵。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在学校门口见 Sees in the school entrance [translate] 
a你出线了哟 You went beyond a line yo [translate] 
aB: Hey, what's up! [translate] 
a高、大、重设备 High, big, heavy equipment [translate] 
ascissors,paper,stone 剪刀,纸,石头 [translate] 
ateathers enjoyed themsalves on teachers' day teathers在老师的天享受themsalves [translate] 
aMe encanta que un siglo 我encanta que联合国siglo [translate] 
a向公众隐瞒真相是不明智的 To the public concealment truth is wise [translate] 
a我真的想知道你是什么时候出生的 I really want to know when you are born [translate]