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From them, I learned to be strong, learn to know contentment, but I learned to not meet the future is always full of hope and optimism to chase a dream. I also learned to cherish, have, do not wait to know the dead lost their commendable.


From them, I learned to be strong, learn to know contentment, but I learned to not meet the future is always full of hope and optimism to chase a dream. I also learned to cherish, have, do not wait to know the dead lost their commendable.


From them, I learned how to be strong, learning to learn that he cannot meet I learned to always full of hope for the future, and strive to pursue your dreams of optimism. I also learned to be extra value owned by, you don't die when I am losing them precious.




a提灯笼,拿着月饼大合照,嫦娥今晚来相会? Raises the lantern, takes the moon cake big group photo, Chang E tonight is meeting? [translate] 
athis is my house .turn around and go back nine miies . 这是我的房子.turn并且回去九miies。 [translate] 
aA light, refreshing body toning oil. Features a powerful blend of nourishing oils to boost collagen production, firming trouble spots in the stomach, decollete, arms and legs. Discourages cellulite by strengthening connective tissue. Also soothes irritated skin, including eczema. 光,定调子油的刷新的身体。 在胃, decollete,胳膊和腿以养育的油为特色的强有力的混合促进胶原生产,变牢固经常出事的地方。 通过加强结缔组织劝阻脂肪团。 并且安慰被激怒的皮肤,包括湿疹。 [translate] 
astress (Tanaka et al., 1995) and cardiovascular diseases 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAbout a year ago,I went to stay at a Detroit hotel.I didn't want totoo much money with me,So I asked the desk clerk to put a hundred-dollar bill in the safe for me. The next morning,however,the clerk said that he knew nothing about my.I didn't have any proof that I had given the man the money.There was(3)nothing left 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a霸主 Overlord [translate] 
amime_content_type — Detect MIME Content-type for a file (deprecated) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我理解为10月份的月报是这次交 I understood for October monthly report is this junction [translate] 
a生产总值有望达到8亿元 The total output value amounts to 800,000,000 Yuan hopefully [translate] 
alte 1.4 20 10 100 6 rb lte 1.4 20 10 100 6铷 [translate] 
a因此增加了大学生在交通、食宿、通讯等方面的开支 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThis Agreement signed at the ______ 2003 by and 这个协议被签署在______ 2003年和 [translate] 
a加大投资力度 英文 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a[Button0] [translate] 
aIn juding our work you should take into consideration the fact that we have been very busy recently 在juding我们的工作您应该考虑到事实我们是非常繁忙的最近 [translate] 
afleece in 羊毛 [translate] 
a我学会前台服务程序,如何接待客人,应对客人,和如何使用电脑的收钱,结账,安排客人入住,退房等等 I learn the concierge service procedure, how receives the visitor, should to the visitor, how with use the computer receiving money, pays up, arranges the visitor to enter, returns a house and so on [translate] 
arotary absolute 转台式绝对 [translate] 
aHi Henry Thank you for your invitation.I'm sorry I can't visit you this week.I am reslly bus 喂亨利感谢您您的邀请。我抱歉我不可能拜访您这个星期。我是reslly公共汽车 [translate] 
aOver the past 150 years,we have added huge amounts of certain gases,especially carbon dioxide to the air. 在过去150年,我们增加了巨额某些气体,特别是二氧化碳对空气。 [translate] 
aCommunications Department 通信部门 [translate] 
awe should be thrift 我们应该是节俭 [translate] 
alost and found box 失去 并且 发现 箱子 [translate] 
aAfter the quake hit northeast japan on march 11,many moving stories that I s 在地震在行军11之后击中了东北日本,许多移动的故事那I s [translate] 
athe army logistics of United Statse and counterparts proved to be more than the German army could handle 被证明是的团结的Statse和相对物军队后勤学更多比德国军队能处理 [translate] 
a"It's my own fault."Carl fenter pulled his jacket closer against the abnormal bite of cold morning w “它是我自己的缺点。“卡尔fenter拉扯了他的夹克接近反对冷的早晨w反常叮咬 [translate] 
a你是我的天使 即使你选择了魔鬼 也是我一生的天使 You are my angel even if you have chosen the devil also are my life the angel [translate] 
aallows to 允许 [translate] 
awe may call it the year of the cat 我们也许叫它猫的年 [translate] 
a今天我哭了 Today I cried [translate] 
a能看看你的肌肉吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在体育场4号门口 In stadium 4th entrance [translate] 
a(4)影响企业职工的心理健康。人际关系严重不协调时,由于紧张可使人的心理发生障碍,甚至引起心身疾病。 [translate] 
anovel materials 新颖的材料 [translate] 
aIt is the same today that it always was,and it will never change. 这今天是一样它总是,并且它不会改变。 [translate] 
aLies in what you do long before you set foot on at airplane. 在什么在您做,在您设置脚在飞机之前。 [translate] 
asuccubuses succubuses [translate] 
athe bicycle is really 自行车真正地是 [translate] 
acommand Englishi is a must 命令Englishi是a必须 [translate] 
a那是鸡蛋 That is an egg [translate] 
a椅子上有个书包,书包里装了一些书 On the chair had a book bag, in the book bag has installed some books [translate] 
a我总是忘不了你 I always cannot forget you [translate] 
aThermoelectric materials 热电材料 [translate] 
aMy Dream bedroom 我的梦想卧室 [translate] 
asober 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aB: Hey, what's up! [translate] 
aTime off so fast, there are many things I did not do it 时间那么快速地,有我没有做它的许多事 [translate] 
a我真的想知道你是什么时候出生的 I really want to know when you are born [translate] 
a我当时看到很多人没带伞,都走进商店躲雨了 I at that time saw very many people have not brought the umbrella, all entered the store to take shelter from the rain [translate] 
a高、大、重设备 High, big, heavy equipment [translate] 
aNow comes your chance to shine 现在来您的机会发光 [translate] 
a你出线了哟 You went beyond a line yo [translate] 
aas there is no screen to display the numbers you input,it is suggested to de-activate the pin function 尽管没有显示您输入的数字的屏幕,它被建议撤销别针作用 [translate] 
aFamily Indeed 的确家庭 [translate] 
a篮子里有一些苹果 In the basket has some apples [translate] 
a通过博士英语课程的学习,使博士生能够熟练运用英语 Through doctor English curriculum study, enables the postgraduate candidate to utilize English skilled [translate] 
a从她们身上, 我学会了坚强, 学会了要懂得知足但不能满足我学会了要对未来永远充满希望, 并努力追逐梦想的乐观精神。 我同样也学会了要加倍珍惜所拥有的,不要等死去失去了才知道它们的难能可贵。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]