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aincreases your rate of mana recoy ery 增加您的率的mana recoy ery [translate] 
ahe had been so lonely that he drowned his feeling with food 他是很孤独的他淹没了他的感觉与食物 [translate] 
aas far as i am concerned, i can only say that i need opportunities,and i need hard work more.we all know that opportunities do play an important role in our success.however,many people believe that the key factor that leads to their final success depends on two aspects.the first aspect is one is diligence and ability i 就我所关心,我可以只说我需要机会,并且我需要坚苦工作more.we所有知道机会在我们的success.however扮演一个重要角色,许多人相信那导致他们最后的成功的关键系数取决于二aspects.the第一方面是你是努力,并且能力是基本的od第二个是opportunities.a进一步论据是能力是基本的成功,没有能力,非常甚而好机会来,您不可能掌握他们。 [translate] 
a报警输出扩展盒 Reports to the police the output expansion box [translate] 
aWhat does "fine" mean in Chinese? 什么“美好的”手段用中文? [translate] 
anightlies nightlies [translate] 
a2.1. Daubechies Wavelet 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSu Hao Su郝 [translate] 
aI often water the flowes 我经常浇灌flowes [translate] 
aremovablemedia removablemedia [translate] 
a六盘水秋天最好的地方 Six water autumn best place [translate] 
athe princess of china 瓷的公主 [translate] 
aGARLIC SAUSAGE 大蒜香肠 [translate] 
a帮你止痛 Helps you to stop pain [translate] 
a这些说法都是中国式的英语,但是慢慢地却被很多的native spearker 所接受。 These views all are Chinese style English, but actually is accepted slowly by very many native spearker. [translate] 
a给我一些钱 For me some money [translate] 
aI will miss my home 我将错过我的家 [translate] 
aEvery year thousands of lives ______ in road accidents because of careless driving 每年数以万计生活______在公路事故由于粗心大意驾驶 [translate] 
a触电是一定量的电流通过人体,引起机体损伤或功能障碍,甚至死亡。 Receives an electric shock is the ration electric current through the human body, causes organism damage or the function barrier, even died. [translate] 
a销售顾问告诉了我驾车路线,在销售园区内驾驶,并且带我驾驶了试驾路线后,再让我试驾 Marketing consultant told me to drive the route, drove in the sales garden area, after and led me to drive has tried to harness the route, then let me try to harness [translate] 
aTraveling to every part of the world gets easier, but how well do we know and understand each other. Here’s a simple test. Imagine you are planning to hold a meeting at four o’clock. What time should you expect your foreign business friends to arrive? If they are Germans, they’ll arrive on time. If they are Americans, [translate] 
a中国—东盟自由区建成背景下的广西边境贸易 The Chinese - Association of Southeast Asian Nations free area completes under the background the Guangxi frontier trade [translate] 
aCheers greeted the arrived of the Queen 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI don't have a backpack,but i have a bag 我没有一个背包,但是我有一个袋子 [translate] 
a血之祭 血のに犠牲を提供すること [translate] 
a어쩌면 지금은 전부가 다 희미할지 몰라... 整体多[现在可能huy)美国不知道,… [translate] 
a在老人住的楼房里 Lives in the old person in building [translate] 
a没有你的日子、很难过 Not your day, very sad [translate] 
atake out zhe assassin 带zhe刺客 [translate] 
aIt has been estimated that a thousand years ago there were less than 400 million people on earth.Today ,however,the world's population has amounted to more than 10000 million.What a big proplem! If it keeps growing at a surprising speed,there will be many proplems of the earth.Population explosion will result in a lot 它估计一一千年前少 [translate] 
a我的大孩子比较听话,而小的那个非常倔强 My big kid compares is obedient, but small that extremely stubborn [translate] 
athis is a really good news 这是一个真正地好消息 [translate] 
ahow you always do [translate] 
asandra is twenty sandra是二十 [translate] 
athe football match took place 足球比赛发生了 [translate] 
athere are common in Australia,NewZealand and some parts of China 有共同的在澳洲、新西兰和中国的有些部分 [translate] 
amon bijou 我的珠宝 [translate] 
a10月21 In October 21 [translate] 
a答辩状 Replies to memorials [translate] 
aClock Tower community there is no longer a mystery to the zoo's director said there were 3 monkeys f 那里钟塔社区是奥秘对动物园长不再说有3只猴子f [translate] 
a如何处理这笔钱 How processes this money [translate] 
ahorseless 无马 [translate] 
a赢者之家 The winning family of [translate] 
a熟知以上两点将有利于更好点和老板相处 Knew very well above two roll-calls are advantageous to a better spot and boss are together [translate] 
a我们有条件养宠物 We have the condition to raise the pet [translate] 
atheperformanceofchineseandamericanstudentintheirstudies theperformanceofchineseandamericanstudentintheirstudies [translate] 
awe should the policeman his help. 我们应该 警察 他的帮助。 [translate] 
awhich the bus ride was 哪些公共汽车乘驾是 [translate] 
awhere the bus ride was 那里公共汽车乘驾 [translate] 
aA. ATM A. ATM [translate] 
a森林の幽霊   それはアフリカの原始森林から来て、森林の强火の中から生き延びます。それの力は尽きることでなくて、时空と空间を通り抜けることができて、人类を救助するあるいは人类を処罚するために异なっている役を変えることができます Ghost of forest   That coming from the African primitive forest, survives from midst of the 强 fire of the forest.As for that power the [te), the 时 sky and being possible not to be the thing which runs out to pass through the empty 间, the human 类 is rescued or the human 类 the place it is possible to [translate] 
athere is a piece cubic wood .A child put a piece of cake at F . Ant smelt the smell of the cake at A 有片断立方体木头。孩子投入了轻松的事在F。 蚂蚁熔炼蛋糕的气味在A [translate] 
aWhenever a specific uterine malformation was sonographically diagnosed, a combined laparoscopichysteroscopic evaluation instead of office hysteroscopy was proposed to the patient and arranged within a month from ultrasound. 每当一种具体子宫畸形sonographically被诊断了,一个联合的laparoscopichysteroscopic评估而不是办公室hysteroscopy提议对患者并且在一个月之内被安排了从超声波。 [translate] 
a例如他执着的 For example he rigid [translate] 
aSALIGHT SALIGHT [translate] 
a软启动器 Soft starter [translate] 
athe woman in the sweater is my mother 妇女在毛线衣是我的母亲 [translate]