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a我来自广西商业学校,我叫黄恩揄。 I come from the Guangxi business school, my name am Huang Enyu. [translate] 
a我在网上购物的原因 My on-line shopping reason [translate] 
aSilently support my woman, life is very kind of you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPlease note, your credit card will be charged at time of shipment. If using either a credit or debit card, funds in the amount of this purchase will be immediately held and not available for other use. Credit and debit card transactions will not appear in your account until time of shipment. 请注意,您信用卡将被充电在发货的偶尔。 如果使用信用或转账卡,资金在相当数量这购买将立刻被拿着和不可利用为其他用途。 信用和转账卡交易不会出现于您的帐户在发货内的时期。 [translate] 
a,猜猜看吧 Who is she, goes ahead and guess [translate] 
aHow are you doing there 怎么是您做那里 [translate] 
a生产和服务 许可范围内的卫星电视广播地面接收天线 The production and in the service permission scope satellite TV broadcasts the ground receiving antenna [translate] 
a提议购买某种产品或使其他家庭成员对某种产品产生购买兴趣的人。 The proposition purchases some product or causes other family member to produce the purchase interest person to some product. [translate] 
alet Nim S denote the number of customers who have 让Ni  m  S 表示有顾客的数量 [translate] 
a你是非洲哪里的? Where are you Africa? [translate] 
a랴ㅜㅑㅅㄷ ㅔㅐㅔㅕㅣㅁ [lya) [sya) [translate] 
anormal feeder with automatic magneto thermal circuit breaker 正常饲养者与自动磁电机上升暖流开关 [translate] 
amatter affiliate 问题会员 [translate] 
awhat can i get out of university 什么可能我离开大学 [translate] 
ai'm coming to get you. i'm来得到您。 [translate] 
a我到家后就给你打电话 After I proficient telephone to you [translate] 
a你的表链比我的细。 Your watch chain compared to mine thin. [translate] 
apopular remain 普遍保持 [translate] 
acypher 密码 [translate] 
aif you won a lottery and 如果您赢取了一次抽奖和 [translate] 
aearn a lot of money 赢得很多金钱 [translate] 
a喝茶可以消除疲劳,促进新陈代谢 Drinks tea may eliminate wearily, promotion metabolism [translate] 
a天空蔚蓝,一切都很美好 The sky is deep blue, all very are happy [translate] 
a他想到制作一款立体娃娃 He thought manufactures a section three-dimensional baby [translate] 
aceased1976年7月28日,唐山市发生7.8级地震。地震的震中位置位于唐山市区。这是中国历史上一次罕见的城市地震灾害。顷刻之间,一个百万人口的城市化为一片瓦砾,人民生命财产及国家财产遭到惨重损失。北京市和天津市受到严重波及。地震破坏范围超过3万平方公里,有感范围广达14个省、市、自治区,相当于全国面积的三分之一。地震发生在深夜,市区80%的人来不及反应,被埋在瓦砾之下。极震区包括京山铁路南北两侧的47平方公里。区内所有的建筑物均几乎都荡然无存。一条长8公里、宽30米的地裂缝带,横切围墙、房屋和道路、水渠。震区及其周围地区,出现大量的裂缝带、喷水冒沙、井喷、重力崩塌、滚石、边坡崩塌、地滑、地基沉陷、岩溶洞陷落以及采空区坍塌等。地 [translate] 
aclose the app drawer 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amost of the kids think that anger is the only way to solve their problems 大多孩子认为愤怒是唯一的方式解决他们的问题 [translate] 
a在一开始他就自学了如何制作网页 Studied independently from the very beginning how in him has manufactured the homepage [translate] 
aanladım genelde herkes beğenir I意识到大家是通常象 [translate] 
a我大约花几小时做我的回家作业? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI think when you say when I say late 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请检查货物,缺少东西 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a随着国民经济的发展,各种法定假日的增多,旅行已经成为人们主要的休闲按娱乐方式之一. Along with the national economy development, each kind of legal holiday increase, the travel already became the people main leisure one of according to entertainment ways. [translate] 
a你是大学生 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amando para 控制中止 [translate] 
aneed to take it back to the store after school 需要把它带回到商店在学校以后 [translate] 
a看不见你的字 Cannot see your character [translate] 
ameet jenny's family 集会雌鸟的家庭 [translate] 
a霸王御甲 Overlordの帝国装甲 [translate] 
a我想你幸福 I thought you are happy [translate] 
acheckfaildlsyourosversion2.0 checkfaildlsyourosversion2.0 [translate] 
aEXP-00010: SCOTT is not a valid username EXP-00010 : 斯科特不是合法的用户名 [translate] 
abe held up to 被阻止 [translate] 
alabor intensive products 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a衬托着喀什这块碧绿的翡翠 Is serving as contrast Kashi this deep green jadeite [translate] 
ahhappening slowly 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe [ ]forhong kong next weekend 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe had talked to Nixon, who assured him that everything that could be done would be done. 他与尼克松谈了话,保证他可能做做的一切。 [translate] 
a《德伯家的苔丝》不仅切磋了本钱主义工业文明与天然、男的与女性的瓜葛,同时又关于了天然与女性的瓜葛,表现了笔者的生活习性女性主义思惟,抒发了他对天然和女性的两重存眷 Not only "German Uncle Family's Liver moss Silk" has compared notes the qualification principle industry civilization and natural, male with the feminine connection, simultaneously about natural with feminine connection, has displayed author's life habit feminine principle meditation, expressed him [translate] 
aThe boy is jumping ___ the branch. 男孩跳___分支。 [translate] 
a你住在宾馆里面吗 You live inside the guesthouse [translate] 
aWhat specific term is used to describe process whereby his memories came flooding back? 什么具体规定用于描述过程,藉以他的记忆来了充斥? [translate] 
aBaby you belong to me belong when 小您属于我属于,当 [translate] 
a公布答案 Announcement answer [translate]