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abeolsik beolsik [translate] 
awhy are you practicing today? 为什么您今天实践? [translate] 
a和辐射力反馈会舒服就不会把几乎覅环境大佛国际 With the radiating power feedback can comfortable not be able nearly 覅 environment Buddha international [translate] 
a课前预习 上课要认真听讲 In front of the class prepares a lesson Attends class must listen earnestly [translate] 
a균일 부착량 제어 기술 一致的词缀数量控制技术 [translate] 
aMy English teacher asked me to write an English essay I introduce my students saw and heard in the UK My English teacher asked me to write an English essay I introduce my students saw and heard in the UK [translate] 
a虽然我们只认识了大约两个月 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你怎样拼写它 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a深受全球消费者信赖 Is trusted deeply the global consumer [translate] 
aEverything will start again 一切再将开始 [translate] 
adevin is staying at home devin在家停留 [translate] 
aYou Can Now Watch Live Girls In Full Screen High Def. 您在整个银幕的高Def能现在观看活女孩。 [translate] 
a对你们的工作有影响吗 To your work influential [translate] 
a胡主席最近在视察部队时强调,科学发展观是我们推动经济社会发展必须长期坚持的重要指导思想,也是新世纪新阶段加强国防和军队建设的重要指导原则,是时代发展的必然要求和军队建设的迫切需要。各级领导机关和领导干部要进一步端正工作指导思想和工作作风,坚决克服形式主义、官僚主义。要坚持把工作重心放在基层,认真贯彻《军队基层建设纲要》,抓紧抓好经常性、基础性工作的落实,建立健全抓基层建设工作的科学机制,充分考虑基层的实际,心系基层,情系官兵,满腔热情地为基层办实事、解难题、做好事。因此,用科学发展观指导基层建设,是学习贯彻《纲要》的重要举措,也是真正落实《纲要》的必然要求。 [translate] 
amultiple night stand 多个夜立场 [translate] 
asacrificial 牺牲 [translate] 
ashall by too when dull low , doll car low 由太将,当愚钝的低落,玩偶汽车低 [translate] 
aif you can't laugh at yourself ,life 如果您不可能嘲笑自己,生活 [translate] 
a在他有钱之后 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a渴望能够早一点自己挣钱养活自己。 The hope can own make money early supports oneself. [translate] 
alntensive zellregenerieierende pflege lntensive zellregenerieierende pflege [translate] 
a如果你开始谈论一个无聊的题目,你会开始对它感兴趣 If you start to discuss a bored topic, you can start to it to be interested [translate] 
aHow often do you do your homework 您多频繁做您的家庭作业 [translate] 
a爱人和亲人 Spouse and family member [translate] 
ayou know you are my babe mama so dont say we are friends ok 您知道您是我的宝贝mama,因此不说我们是朋友好 [translate] 
a我们对上述事项真实性负责 We are responsible for the above item authenticity [translate] 
agrand theft auto vc cennot find enough available video memory 偷窃汽车vc cennot发现足够可利用的视频存储器 [translate] 
aNo matter what I do , my efforts to do sth. always end in failure 不管我,我的努力做sth。 总末端在失败 [translate] 
aThank you for things that I'd never say [translate] 
aa good brain 好脑子 [translate] 
a我今天刚从无锡回来 My just came back today from Wuxi [translate] 
a这是梵蒂冈的教堂远观图,它非常美丽。 This is Vatican's church far view chart, it is extremely beautiful. [translate] 
afoot fetish culture 脚迷信文化 [translate] 
aWhen she flew the kite,she held the line very steady to it in the same place because of a strong wind. 当她飞行了风筝,她非常稳当拿着线对它在原处由于一阵强风。 [translate] 
a行李架脏 Luggage rack internal organs [translate] 
athe previous performance of overclocking 早先表现overclocking [translate] 
aa small piece of paper which you lick and stick on an envelope or package before you post it to pay for the cost of the postage 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a又名“九转金丹”,济南名菜, 此菜为鲁菜传统保留菜品之一,不仅在山东,而且在京津、东北都很受欢迎。九转大肠,为清光绪年间济南城里县东巷“九华楼”首创。九华楼店主姓杜,是济南富商,在济南开的店铺很多,所开店铺,均习俗“九”字冠其名。“九华楼”以猪下货见长,其“烧大肠”下料很,用料全。精烧之后,大肠红润光亮,肥而不腻。上面再撒上香菜段,清香扑鼻,食之回味无穷。一次宴客上了此菜后,一位客人即席赠名“九转大肠”。其意一是迎合店主的喜“九”之癖,二是称赞厨师技艺高超,如道家烧九转仙丹。此名深受店主和来客好评,于是,“九转大肠”便逐渐声名远播了。 Other name “nine transmutations of gold and cinnabar”, Jinan famous cuisine, this vegetable one of for Shandong cuisine tradition retention vegetables, not only in Shandong, moreover in Beijing and Tianjin, northeast all very much receives welcome.Nine revolution of large intestines, aid in Nancheng [translate] 
a请把蛋糕给我拿来 Please bring the cake to me [translate] 
aif you won a lottery and a lot of money what would you do 如果您赢取了抽奖和很多金钱什么您将做 [translate] 
awhat is most important to you in your job. 什么是最重要对您在您的工作。 [translate] 
a我认为应该反对网上交友 I thought should oppose on the net makes friends [translate] 
a老婆爱你 The wife loves you [translate] 
aneither a wise man 不一个圣人 [translate] 
a如果累了,我可以休息吗 If has been tired, I may rest [translate] 
aAre those big boys brothers? 那些大男孩是否是兄弟? [translate] 
ahowsoever arising 升起 [translate] 
aI wanted to discuss my plans with my father 我想与我的父亲谈论我的计划 [translate] 
aEnables working with assemblies and subsequently unfolding automatically creating your corresponding part structure in Lantek (list of materials). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a中间对折一下再展开。 Middle rebates launches again. [translate] 
a大部分美人 Majority of beautiful women [translate] 
a我可以信任他吗? I may trust him? [translate] 
aa close or careful study to find facts or information 找到事实或信息的一项周密或仔细的研究 [translate] 
a依法订立合同 Works out the contract legally [translate] 
a我班进行了奖学金的评定 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aShe should take aspirns to reduce the temperature,but she dose't need to take other medicine. 她应该采取aspirns减少温度,但她dose't需要采取其他医学。 [translate] 
awalerful skin walerful皮肤 [translate]