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A pair of jeans a matter between the four girls together.


A pair of jeans a matter between the four girls together.


A pair of jeans thing associated with the four girls between.


A pair of jeans between the four girls of things together.


athe students come to his study every day. 学生每天来到他的研究。 [translate] 
a笛是中国最具特色的吹奏乐器之一 The flute is one of Chinese most characterful wind instruments [translate] 
aheusuallygoestoschoolatseventwenty heusuallygoestoschoolatseventwenty [translate] 
aresults described in the published article through the reader’s own desk top 在被发表的文章描述的结果通过读者的自己的桌面 [translate] 
ariver south,i hope you can be come my destination 河南,我希望您可以来我的目的地 [translate] 
a老三却想用砖瓦砌一座房子,于是它夜以继日地干了起来。哥哥们早就住进新房子了,它还在不辞辛苦地砌墙、粉刷。 [translate] 
aNO I Don't want to 没有我不要 [translate] 
a这里没有很多高楼大厦,每家的院子都很大 Here very many tall buildings, each courtyard all very has not been big [translate] 
a美国语言诗特色与现状探析 The American language poem characteristic and the present situation search analyze [translate] 
a如今迈克尔•杰克逊走了,却没有带走和削弱任何美式文化的强势与霸道,相反却引发更为广泛的关注,变形金刚2也正在全球大显身手开展着圈钱运动。为什么就一个迈克尔•杰克逊和一堆铁器,就能在全球范围财源广进,把美式文化润物细无声地洒向全世界,对于急于寻求文化输出,建立文化大国的中国来说,可从中借鉴到很多狠多 Now Michael•Jackson walked, has not carried off and weakens any American cultural actually the strong trend and overbearing, on the contrary initiates a more widespread attention actually, distorts the Jin'gang 2 also whole world to give full play is developing the circle money movement.Why on a Mic [translate] 
ablow strongly 强吹动 [translate] 
a谢谢你愿意听我说这些。 Thanks you to be willing to listen to me to say these. [translate] 
aThere is an assignment to a dummy symbol with the explicit INTENT(IN) attribute 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMost of the people are a person alive 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI've got to go... [translate] 
aFinally,Jim decided to quit smoking and he went to his doctor for examine.The doctor knew that Jim was a compulsive person and suggested a quite unusual method."Befor went to sleep tonight,take one of your cigarettes,unwrap it and put it completely into your butt.Then remove it and put it back into the box with other c 终于,吉姆决定放弃抽烟,并且他去他的医生为审查。医生知道吉姆是一个强迫性人并且建议了相当异常的方法。“Befor去今晚睡觉,采取你的一根香烟,解开它和完全地放它入您的靶垛。然后去除它并且投入它回到箱子与其他cigaretts。混合他们,以便您不可能告诉哪些是那个。因而您赢取了不是胆敢抽烟任何一个”。 “声音好。 [translate] 
ais illegal 是非法的 [translate] 
a通过会计从业资格考试并获得会计从业资格证书 Is employed the qualifications through accountant to take a test and to obtain accountant to be employed the credentials [translate] 
a我们给地震的幸存者提供衣食以及住宿 We give the earthquake the survivor provides the food and clothing as well as the lodgings [translate] 
awhen you came back, how did you find the street after the storm 当您回来了,怎么您在风暴以后发现了街道 [translate] 
a&hllip&hllip &hllip&hllip [translate] 
ato prevent this from happening again,John Snow suggestes that the source of all the water supplies be examined 防止此再发生,约翰所有供水的来源被审查的雪suggestes [translate] 
a《小妇人》是一本带有自传性质的家庭小说,作者是美国的奥尔科特。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLoin des yeux, loin du cœur. Loin des yeux, loin du cœur. 离眼睛很远的地方,心脏。 离眼睛很远的地方,心脏。 [translate] 
aI want out! 我要! [translate] 
asober 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a希捷报告领取处 Hopes Czechoslovakia to report receives place [translate] 
adaesongsan daesongsan [translate] 
a我和旅行团走散了 I and the touring party dispersed [translate] 
aPratt & Whitney 普拉特&惠特尼 [translate] 
a四件行李 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abe held up to 被阻止 [translate] 
athere is a piece cubic wood . 有片断立方体木头。 [translate] 
a身份证在Sally房间的书桌上 ID card in on Sally room desk [translate] 
a10月19日 21:48回复 [translate] 
aEnables working with assemblies and subsequently unfolding automatically creating your corresponding part structure in Lantek (list of materials). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aabout jinba motor if it is DONGFENG brand light truck?right? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athoroughly be who you are that your partner still indulge in. 周到地是谁您是您的伙伴仍然沉溺in。 [translate] 
a那是在地震后帮助我们很多的男士吗 That is helps we very many gentlemen after the earthquake [translate] 
aBaby, come here to me [translate] 
a你昨天没扫地.去哪儿了? You yesterday have not swept the floor. Where went to? [translate] 
asome songs 有些歌曲 [translate] 
aThis category is concerned with the choices which the teacher has to make when assessing learning 这个类别与选择有关哪些老师必须做,当估计学会时 [translate] 
a她多久去次商店 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aanladım genelde herkes beğenir I意识到大家是通常象 [translate] 
athe army logistics of United Statse and counterparts proved to be more than the German army could handle 被证明是的团结的Statse和相对物军队后勤学更多比德国军队能处理 [translate] 
a这是你的姑妈吗?不,她不是。 是的她是 This is your aunt? No, she is not. Is she is [translate] 
a他们有一个网球拍 They have a tennis racket [translate] 
aone finger cannot lift a smaii stone 一个手指不可能举smaii石头 [translate] 
a行李架脏 Luggage rack internal organs [translate] 
aTo kbow oneself is true progress 对kbow是真实的进展 [translate] 
a日常发布与转发,使网友将官方微博当做了解宏碁SMB品牌的平台,通过发布话题、发起活动等形式吸引渠道商关注此阵地并与该微博取得更加紧密的关联。日常话题策划围绕产品、行业展开,加以生活热点,不断吸引受众。经过规划,初步确定代表四个方向的微博话题 The daily issue and the repeater, will make the net friend the official micro abundant regard to understand the great 碁 SMB brand the platform, through the issue topic, will initiate form attraction channel business and so on the activity to pay attention to this position and with this micro seeks a [translate] 
alooked him over 看了他 [translate] 
aTranslate the following sentence into Chinese.Her question was not related 翻译以下句子成Chinese.Her问题不是相关的 [translate] 
aThis book should be made full use of. 应该制作这本书充分的用途。 [translate] 
aIt is evident that his theory of relativity revolutionized science. 它是显然的他的相对论革命化了科学。 [translate] 
a一条牛仔裤把四个女孩儿之间的事情联系在一起。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]