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Synthetic pressure calibration by the Bi, Ba, Tl of the pressure-induced phase transition point calibration curve obtained, the temperature measured by the K-type thermocouple




Synthetic pressure calibration by Bi, Ba, Tl pressure-induced phase transition point of calibration curves obtained by k-type thermocouple temperature measuring


Synthetic pressure, Ba , Tl Bi flagged by the pressure to change, and the temperature point calibration curves obtained by K type thermocouples measured


The synthesis pressure demarcation by Bi, Ba, the Tl pressure sends the phase tranformation point calibration curve to obtain, the temperature obtains by the K thermo-element
astay tuned to 稍候 [translate] 
aKitty常常把自己装扮成一个老师。 Kitty dresses up frequently oneself a teacher. [translate] 
aI taught XinWang in her postgraduate stage for 3 years. I am a professor in oil painting department in Tianjin academy of Fine arts. During the period of her graduate study, XinWang often exchanged artistic ideas with us ,therefore She left a deep impression on me. I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation fo 我教了XinWang进入她毕业后的阶段3年。 我是一位教授在油画部门在艺术的天津学院。 在她的毕业生研究的期间, XinWang在我经常交换了艺术性的想法与我们,因此她左一个深刻印象。 我高兴地写这份推荐书对她的。 [translate] 
a捌仟捌佰壹拾肆万伍仟伍佰捌拾捌元 88,145,588 Yuan [translate] 
aQualification Requirements 资格要求 [translate] 
a现在,我们的生活不能没有各种发明 Now, our life cannot not have each kind of invention [translate] 
ahoneycomb-patterned 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait is so annoying 它是很讨厌的 [translate] 
aIt's not unusual for snippets of cell phone calls to be picked up on other cell phone,baby monitors or other communications equipment. That's because the conversation travels on public ariwaves, just as TV or radio signals do. 它为手机电话小片不是异常的被拾起在其他手机、婴孩显示器或者其他通讯器材。 那是,因为交谈在公开ariwaves移动,正电视或无线电信号。 [translate] 
abut more important is the attitude from each of us. 但更加重要的是态度从每一我们。 [translate] 
awrite a newspaper article.tell how students get to your school.作文 写一张报纸article.tell怎么学生有您的学校作文 [translate] 
a蛙乐 The frog is happy [translate] 
aglad to write to yo 高兴给yo写 [translate] 
aLR CKIN LR CKIN [translate] 
a大庆第55中学 翻译 Daqing 55th middle school translation [translate] 
aif you have any ideawhere it maight be, 如果您安排任何ideawhere它maight是, [translate] 
aThis Android SDK requires Andro...date ADT to the latest version. 这机器人SDK需要Andro…日期ADT到最新的版本。 [translate] 
anot ...nor... 没有…亦不… [translate] 
aMy name is Li Hua. I have a dream about my future. After 20 years I wish I could become a police officer. This is my ideal job from my childhood. I would grow up tall and strong with short straight hair. I would settle in Beijing as it is my hometown. Then I would get married and have two children. During my spare time [translate] 
aeverything will be good 一切将是好 [translate] 
aFILTER * TIER 3 EXHAUST SILENCER 过滤器*第3层尾气遏声器 [translate] 
ayou must take as your model some form of native English pronunciation 您必须采取作为您的模型当地英国发音的某种形式 [translate] 
a3月16号!一个好日子! In March 16! An auspicious day! [translate] 
a随着国民经济的发展,各种法定假日的增多,旅行已经成为人们主要的休闲按娱乐方式之一. Along with the national economy development, each kind of legal holiday increase, the travel already became the people main leisure one of according to entertainment ways. [translate] 
aVery few people were coming to eat at the 非常很少人来临吃在 [translate] 
aSurvey method 勘测方法 [translate] 
a2 pretty girls to show me around 显示我的2个俏丽的女孩 [translate] 
aSecondhand smoke comes from both the smoke that smokers breathe out and the smoke floating #飘浮# from the end of the cigarette. It may seem pretty harmless, but secondhand smoke actually contains thousands of harmful chemicals #化学物质#. Many of them have been proved to be poisonous and cause cancer #癌症#. In fact, secondha [translate] 
a这个学期她选修了英语,计算机和驾驶三门学科。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
arun sotup 跑sotup [translate] 
ai think it's stupid 我认为它是愚笨的 [translate] 
a听,有人在敲门。 Listens, some people are knocking on a door. [translate] 
aautagonistohiliac autagonistohiliac [translate] 
aSometimes feel really silly naive 有时感受真正地傻天真 [translate] 
aso lovely you are 很可爱您是 [translate] 
aPLEASE MAY HAVE I TEN SOFT TOYS 请有I十软的玩具 [translate] 
athansgiving is nearly here thansgiving几乎这里 [translate] 
athe annual universal enrance examination is around the corner,how i wish i could have a heart -tohea 每年普遍enrance考试是在附近,怎么我祝愿我可能有心脏- tohea [translate] 
a我们的城市有十多家学校 Our city has more than ten schools [translate] 
athank you to accompany 谢谢伴随 [translate] 
aThere’s also the possibility that wicked people will use robots for evil purposes. 也有可能性邪恶的人民为罪恶目的将使用机器人。 [translate] 
akomme zuruek 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a少用一次性餐具 Little uses the disposable tableware [translate] 
aAccess violation at address 004a306d in module' yfalbum.exe'. Write of addre 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI constantly think I'm not good enough.I'm imperfect, but I'm perfectly me 我经常认为我不是足够好。我是不完美的,但我完全是我 [translate] 
ashe is s with cold on a cold winter morning 她是s 以寒冷在一个冷的冬天早晨 [translate] 
aQuery Geometry is Within Target Geometry 询问几何在目标几何之内 [translate] 
a深入的研究 Thorough research [translate] 
ai am writing this letter is to want to tell you once again 我写着这封信将想要再次告诉您 [translate] 
aFrom now on, you and I become friends。 從現在起,您和我成為朋友。 [translate] 
aThe services make it fast and cheap to s 服务做它快速地和粗劣对s [translate] 
aOPEN PO 打开以后 [translate] 
ai me up the seventeen 我我十七 [translate] 
a大多数年轻人热衷于流行歌曲而不是民歌 But the majority young people crave in the popular song are not the folk songs [translate] 
aExperienced international executives and substantial budgets for foreign expansion will contribute to success, given the right opportunities. 老练的国际董事和坚固预算为外国扩展对成功将贡献,提供正确的机会。 [translate] 
a合成压力标定由Bi、Ba、Tl的压致相变点校正曲线获得,温度由K型热电偶测得 The synthesis pressure demarcation by Bi, Ba, the Tl pressure sends the phase tranformation point calibration curve to obtain, the temperature obtains by the K thermo-element [translate]