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Guilin weather is rainy and foggy


Guilin weather is rainy and foggy


Guilin weather, rain and fog


Guilin in the rain and fog weather is the


Guilin's weather is rains and the bad fog
a不论将来会怎么样,我都要和你在一起。 How no matter the future will be able, I all to have with you in the same place. [translate] 
aWe have stock in house, but need your order. Also, for 2011 version, our price is higher than 2012 version. [translate] 
a每种成分的LED只会发出固定波长的光线,使用OLED可以制作出类似FL的三波长光谱。 各原料LEDは同じようなFL 3の波長スペクトルを製造して可能であるのにライト、使用するOLEDを固定波長だけを送り出すことができる。 [translate] 
a我草 哥来也说几句英语 My grass elder brother also spoke several English [translate] 
aPlease stfu 请stfu [translate] 
a一袋米20元。一瓶牛奶10元。那就是总共30元。 Bag of rice 20 Yuan.Bottle of milk 10 Yuan.That is the altogether 30 Yuan. [translate] 
athey are common in Australia,New Zealand and some parts of China 他们是共同的在澳洲、新西兰和中国的有些部分 [translate] 
a汽车之家 Family of the automobile [translate] 
a精讲,多练,细查 The essence says, practices, minutely examines [translate] 
a他们为什么不去酒吧喝水呢 Why don't they go to the bar to drink water [translate] 
aHe is old and not very well these days. 他不很好是老和那些日子。 [translate] 
aVous donnez amour est réel 您给爱是真正的 [translate] 
a高层决策者 고도 정책 입안자 [translate] 
a梦醒时 The dream awakes when [translate] 
aNEWARK,NJ 纽瓦克, NJ [translate] 
aProtecting the native animal and plant profile and preserving biological diversity is an other important goal , and the suitability of the area as a potential habitat is therefore represented here (Ill. 3.4), based on a range of indicator species. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a由于内隔板过窄,变压器摆放过于紧密,没有足够的空间,相互挤压,导致变压器相互粘连。 Because in the partition board excessively is narrow, the transformer place too is close, does not have the enough space, extrudes mutually, causes the transformer mutual adhesion. [translate] 
ai _quite _ you(hear) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aEither you have no internet connection or apirate version of this app. Try again, when you have connection 二者之一您没有这app的互联网连接或apirate版本。 再试一次,当您有连接 [translate] 
aC. HDLC [translate] 
aUtility suites combine several programs into one package. Computer viruses are dangerous programs. One Button Checkup integrates several Norton utilities. 公共随员结合几个节目入一个包裹。 计算机病毒是危险节目。 一按钮核对集成几项Norton公共事业。 [translate] 
a核武器属于大规模杀伤性武器,因此,核安全便成为关乎世界和平与安全的大问题。近几年,国际核裁军、防止核扩散及和平利用核能的进程不断受挫。目前,朝鲜核问题、伊朗核问题、美俄进一步削减核武器谈判等已成为令世人关注的限核及裁核的主要问题。所有这一切发生的同时,我们又期望发展民用核方案。因此我们需要一个更有效的国际保障。 核武器属于大规模杀伤性武器,因此,核安全便成为关乎世界和平与安全的大问题。近几年,国际核裁军、防止核扩散及和平利用核能的进程不断受挫。目前,朝鲜核问题、伊朗核问题、美俄进 [translate] 
a由于我不是茶艺专业出身 Because I am not the tea skill specialized family background [translate] 
apallor 苍白 [translate] 
a,Little Red Riding Hood reached the house. she looked at the wolf ang said, Granny,whan big eyes you have!All the better to see you with!said the wolf. 小红骑兜帽到达了房子。 她看ang认为的狼,老婆婆,您有的whan大眼睛! 所有好看您与! 狼说。 [translate] 
asuch as silk, woolen knitwear, cotton piece goods, and garments. 例如丝绸、羊毛针织品、棉花开片衣料和服装。 [translate] 
amy favourite hobby is palying chess 我的喜爱爱好palying棋 [translate] 
a在校期间我担任过社联宣传部副部长,在课余时间在各种私营小餐馆打工,学会了与人沟通交流,增加了生活经历! [translate] 
a与...相互作用 With…Affects mutually [translate] 
a也可以和朋友去图书馆 Also may go to the library with the friend [translate] 
a得知单丹妮同学要出国留学,我感到很欣慰。我曾作为访问学者到美国北卡罗来纳州立大学进修,美国的学习经历为我今后的人生道路铺垫了坚实的基础。 Results in invitation circular Dan ni schoolmate to have to go abroad to study, I feel very gratified.I will once take the visiting scholar to the American North Carolina State University further education, US's study experience for my next life path upholstery solid foundation. [translate] 
aWe must be able to compose sentences that 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThough surprised to see us, 虽则惊奇看我们, [translate] 
ashin food avocado rich emulsion 走路食物鲕梨富有乳化液 [translate] 
aconsisting of a single 包括唯一 [translate] 
ashows two absorption bands derived from the asymmetric and the symmetric stretching of Si–O–Si pairs in SiO2 layer 展示二吸收带宽从不对称和相称舒展Si OSi对在SiO2层数获得了 [translate] 
a他家庭富裕,有车 His family is wealthy, has the vehicle [translate] 
a对我国的经济稳步发展起了重要作用 Developed the vital role with steady steps to our country's economy [translate] 
aMaclean's Maclean的 [translate] 
aas seen 如被看见 [translate] 
a37. This road is in very bad condition. It should have been repaired a long time ago. 37. 这条路在非常坏情况。 应该修理了它很长时间前。 [translate] 
aIt is impractical for the thrift shop clerks to go on doing business with their mental calculation when their computerized cash register failed 当他们计算机化的收款机发生了故障,继续做生意以他们的精神演算旧货店干事是不切实际的 [translate] 
a在校园里穿行 Goes through in the campus [translate] 
athat is annl and that is paul 那是annl,并且那是保罗 [translate] 
a生日派对什么时间开始? When does the birthday party start? [translate] 
a他工作没有我晚 He does not work I late [translate] 
a我们可以把学到的英语语法和词汇用到你写的英语作文中去 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们在探求真理的路上。 We in seek truth on road. [translate] 
a我遇见他数次了 I met him several times [translate] 
acan move the wall 能移动墙壁 [translate] 
a阿巴迪·埃弗亚 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这个星期过得很充实 This week passes very much substantially
awake on PCI device 苏醒在PCI设备 [translate] 
aABORT:Ceritcate authentication failed,please re 放弃:Ceritcate认证无法,喜欢关于 [translate] 
alt is hard to pleas all lt是坚硬的对请求全部 [translate] 
a桂林的天气是下雨的和大雾的 Guilin's weather is rains and the bad fog [translate]