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aI want to keep your month I want to keep your month [translate] 
aSupplier will respond in a timely manner to inquiries from governmental authorities concerning any Certificates of Origin issued and assist CommScope in resolving any related issues concerning any Product’s eligibility for Preferential Trade Agreement qualification. 供应商在解决任何相关问题及时地将反应询问从政府当局关于被发行的所有出身证明并且协助CommScope关于所有产品的合格为优先贸易协定资格。 [translate] 
a发振箱 Sends inspires the box [translate] 
adirectional indicator 定向显示 [translate] 
a你就是个叛逆青年,总有一天你会后悔的! You are the rebel youth, you can regret one day! [translate] 
a在她们的印象中 In them impression [translate] 
athen press ok 然后按得好 [translate] 
a他们因种种原因而迟到。 They are late because of all sorts of reasons. [translate] 
aluigi nono ;i don't want to quar rel with you not because you are always my good sister luigi第九; 没有,因为您对总是我的好姐妹,不要想要quar rel与您 [translate] 
aHow can you find my number 怎么能您看到我的数字 [translate] 
a这时软件会先检查时间设置有没有以下错误 By now the software could inspect the time establishment to have following mistake first [translate] 
a第三世界的小孩一出生就注定他們貧苦和悲慘的命運,而且這不是單靠他們努力,就可以改善的。 A third world child birth is doomed they poor and the pitiful destiny, moreover this is not only depends on them diligently, may improve. [translate] 
aProvide provision patient care in maxillofacial surgery. 提供供应耐心beloveds在maxillofacial手术。 [translate] 
aproduction valid for 2 years 生产有效在2年内 [translate] 
a关闭搅拌马达 Closure agitation motor [translate] 
abe 的现在分词是什么 The be present participle is any [translate] 
a车内干洗 In the vehicle dry cleans [translate] 
a- Get free iPad and iPod engraving and signature gift wrapping for select Apple products. [translate] 
acan move the wall 能移动墙壁 [translate] 
a中国银行恩平沿江西路支行 Bank of China Enping along the river west road sub-branch [translate] 
a许多美国青少年通过暑假打工为自己赚很大一部分学费。 Many American young people work through the summer vacation for oneself gain the very great part of school expenses. [translate] 
aAndroid OS 2.0 and 机器人OS 2.0和 [translate] 
a求操作 Strives for the operation [translate] 
a初查 Zha Shan [translate] 
athe amount of time 时间 [translate] 
a倡导节能减排 The initiative energy conservation reduces the platoon [translate] 
a气温适宜 Temperature being suitable [translate] 
aIt should exhibit low electrode (tool) wear rates. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a3059平方公里 3059 square kilometers [translate] 
aMr and Mrs Turner live outside 先生和特纳夫人活外部 [translate] 
a食以安为先 Food by An Weixian [translate] 
aI am on your six 我是在您六 [translate] 
a这种止痛片的药效在几个钟头之内就会自然消失,但是它的好处是副作用小 This kind of analgetic piece drug efficacy within several hours can nature vanishing, but its advantage is the side effect is small [translate] 
aa mainland chinese has not won a Nobel Prize 大陆中国人没赢取一次诺贝尔奖 [translate] 
aI have the 40 B. changed to keep pace with the others on the team and they would tease me. 我有 40 B。 变成与其他在队和他们同步将戏弄我。 [translate] 
a崔的空降源自于沃尔玛持续增长的战略需求,因为正是增长需求催生了沃尔玛自办全球采购业务。早在20世纪80年代末就有人质疑巨无霸的沃尔玛是否能够继续增长。但是接下来的十年,沃尔玛每年都实现两位数的营业额增长,年均增长的绝对数在250亿美元以上。如果沃尔玛要在下一个十年里保持同样的持续增长势头,那么在全世界商品产量相对稳定的情况下,怎样才能保证采购到足够量的货品就成为沃尔玛的重大挑战。 [translate] 
a你需要开哪种账户 Which kind of account do you need to open
atony moly fresh aqua cooling 24 eyes stick 冷却24只眼睛棍子的时髦的moly新鲜的水色 [translate] 
aHS wants to have full financial accounts prepared for HS Co., each day, in order to understand the process and properly assess the progress of the test run. HS想要有为HS准备的充分的金融帐户Co.,每天,为了了解过程和适当地估计测验运行的进展。 [translate] 
a让我们一起创造美好的结局 Let us create the happy result together [translate] 
a夜景设计 Night scene design [translate] 
aLantek Flex3d 5x automatically generates the fixtures necessary for positioning the part correctly on the machine table. Lantek Flex3d 5x自动地引起装置必要为正确安置零件在机器桌。 [translate] 
ahousehold-debt 家庭债务 [translate] 
a亲爱的老师,我是你的学生,我叫张蕾 Dear teachers, I am your student, I call to open the flower bud [translate] 
acongratulations to your wedding 祝贺您的婚礼 [translate] 
aA. Identify the quantity of product that can be shipped without being tested. A. 辨认可以运输,不用被测试产品的数量。 [translate] 
a 二、严格质量管理,争创名牌工程  Second, the strict quality control, the struggle creates the name brand project [translate] 
a2. expected salary; [translate] 
aben's right,Mum.ben and l aremuch bigger now.My bedroom is the smallest and l need a biggerroom for my things,too 本的权利、Mum.ben和l aremuch更大现在。我的卧室是最小和l需要biggerroom对我的事,也是 [translate] 
aTgis App IS Incompatible With This iPad Tgis App与这iPad是不相容的 [translate] 
aEither you have no internet connection or apirate version of this app. Try again, when you have connection 二者之一您没有这app的互联网连接或apirate版本。 再试一次,当您有连接 [translate] 
a德意志银行 Deutsche Bank [translate] 
awhat is written 什么被写 [translate] 
abaiduinputlib baiduinputlib [translate] 
athe role of uncertainty in M&A activity 不确定性的角色在M&A活动 [translate] 
aWrite an essay with Cause & Effect method. 写一篇杂文以起因&作用方法。 [translate]