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Very easy to meet, as long as you come to China as we can meet each other, or you write to me, I send photos to your mailbox to relieve the pain of Acacia






It is quite easy, as long as you want to meet you to come to China as far as we can see each other again. Or you wrote to me, and I have used email the picture to give you the pangs


Inferred the surface is very easy, so long as you came Chinese us to be possible to meet. Or you send a letter give me, me use the mailbox to send the picture to you pain of by the solution lovesickness
a我们约定好 We agree [translate] 
ahe showed discernment in judging my general ability 他在判断显示了法眼我的一般能力 [translate] 
a来自巴黎 Comes from Paris [translate] 
a他紧张的一句话也说不出来 A his tense speech also cannot say [translate] 
aWith the knowledge of the ideal solution of the robust design problem, the designer needs to specify a preference structure by assigning weights w and w representing the relative importance of the two objectives. Using CP, namely, the weighted-Tchebycheff method, the BORD problem can be formulated using the foll 以健壮设计问题的理想的解答的知识,设计师需要通过分配重量指定特选结构w和w 代表二个宗旨的相对重要性。 使用CP,即,被衡量Tchebycheff的方法, BORD问题可以使用以下形式被公式化: [translate] 
aHeat No. 加热没有。 [translate] 
aWe have industry leading processes and procedures to ensure nothing but the most 我们有产业主导的过程和规程保证多数 [translate] 
a电信传输研究所副院长、院长 Telecommunication transmission research institute vice-president, chief [translate] 
aPlease follow the steps below to set up Popular Screensavers for Instant Messaging and Email: 请跟随步如下设定普遍的屏幕保护程序为立即传讯和发电子邮件: [translate] 
adriver files 驱动文件 [translate] 
a人们热爱并怀念这位伟大的演员,因为他鼓舞人们并增加他们的信心 The people deeply love and fondly remember this great actor, because he inspires the people and strengthens their belief [translate] 
aot sure which one cause it bundles them all together lol ot一起因它一起肯定包他们全部lol [translate] 
a但总的来看,毛姆是一个现实主义作家。 But generally speaking, Maugham is a realism writer. [translate] 
a我的大孩子比较听话,而小的那个非常倔强 My big kid compares is obedient, but small that extremely stubborn [translate] 
aWhat is the matter with you??? 什么是 问题 与 您?执行 [translate] 
a十六烷基 Hexadecyl [translate] 
aI control for the possibility that this effect varies across industries by allowing the coefficient on X to differ between A and B 我为这个作用横跨产业在X变化通过允许系数不同在A和B之间的可能性控制 [translate] 
adevelopment and safety是什么意思 development and safety is any meaning [translate] 
aX Y 旋转机构 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a已经把测试的要求告知工厂的主管,没有通过测试就不能出货。 Already manager who informs the test request the factory, has not been able to produce goods through the test. [translate] 
aIf it is a matter of right answers , as it may be in mathematics or science , 如果它是正确答案事情,因为它也许在数学或科学, [translate] 
afast project 快速的项目 [translate] 
a由于中国经济的快速发展 As a result of Chinese economy fast development [translate] 
aThere are many things more important than money 比金钱有许多事重要 [translate] 
a四川省交通运输厅英语 Sichuan transportation hall English [translate] 
awere going on this trip to relax 继续这次旅行放松 [translate] 
a浙江斯坦利通信技术有限公司 Zhejiang Stanley communication limited company [translate] 
a看来语言不通还是为我们带来了麻烦. [translate] 
aalthough these data spanned several years and included a variety of institutional protocols. 虽然这数据跨过了几年并且包括各种各样的协会协议。 [translate] 
asalad tongs 中文 salad tongs Chinese [translate] 
aI see your personalized signature is encountered unhappy do you want! 我看见您的个人化的署名是遇到的怏怏不乐的您要! [translate] 
aGARLIC SAUSAGE 大蒜香肠 [translate] 
a开始我们的合作 Starts our cooperation [translate] 
awe also handle various analysis and evaluation processes,leveraging our rich 我们也处理各种各样的分析和评估过程,支持我们的富有 [translate] 
a汇款项下融资业务 Under the remittance item finances the service [translate] 
aCarbon steel rotor construction. [translate] 
a飞轮壳 Fly wheel housing [translate] 
a人寿保险单 Life insurance list [translate] 
ainsaued hard drives or hard drive contrllers. insaued硬盘或硬盘contrllers。 [translate] 
aso they need promote their own building and highlight their own school characteristics 如此他们需要促进他们自己的大厦和突出他们自己的学校特征 [translate] 
acover any problem 报道所有问题 [translate] 
aThis green-listing has to be achieved under category GC030 of this regulation or else the export is prohibited 这个绿色目录必须达到在类别这个章程GC030之下或者出口被禁止 [translate] 
a这是大学生可以走的另外一条路 This is other road which the university student may walk [translate] 
aich habe seit wann 我从什么时候有 [translate] 
ayour time zone is faster one hour than ours 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHysteresis of the switching action 开关行动的滞后作用 [translate] 
a经济生活水平 Economic life level [translate] 
aj价格仅供参考 英文怎么说 How does the j price only supply the reference English to say [translate] 
a请见谅 翻译 Invites the excuse me translation [translate] 
abrake lining wear 刹车摩擦片穿戴 [translate] 
a在工作学习中 In work study [translate] 
abeneficiary should issue a certificate of origin by chamber of commerce in accordance with applicant 受益人应该由商会发行出身证明与申请人符合 [translate] 
a素质拓展学分 Quality development school grades [translate] 
a把什么称做什么 怎么翻译 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a新的窝新的飞翔 New nest new soaring [translate] 
a想见面很容易,只要你来中国就我们可以相见了.或者你发信给我,我用邮箱发照片给你以解相思之苦 Inferred the surface is very easy, so long as you came Chinese us to be possible to meet. Or you send a letter give me, me use the mailbox to send the picture to you pain of by the solution lovesickness [translate]