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The allocation of tendons


The allocation of tendons


And for allocating tendon
aYou seemed so smart, talented and beautiful. I was really impressed! ;) I really admire a person who chooses nursing as their profession. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aInternational commercial simulation negotiations laboratory 国际商业模仿交涉实验室 [translate] 
a使大学生活更有意义 Enable the university life to have the significance [translate] 
a掌握在我手中 Grasping in my hand [translate] 
aThat's great!Now you must look after your pet and make him happy! 那是伟大的! 现在您必须照看您的宠物和使他愉快! [translate] 
ahave you ever been to american before? 您以前是对美国人? [translate] 
aIn the rain, our hand, umbrella, walking together. 在雨中,我们的手,伞,一起走。 [translate] 
a幸福,就是找一个温暖的人过一辈子! 행복한, 찾는다 일생을 위한 온난한 사람을 이다! [translate] 
a他没有回家这件事让他父母很担心 He has not gone home this matter to let his parents worry very much [translate] 
aLife in the Malay village, although in separate households, relies on communal lifestyles and social interactions. The concepts of sharing and cooperation are fundamental to the Malay culture as occasions such as weddings become a village affair rather than a household celebration.87 Within the structures of these trad [translate] 
aConfused my choices, obviously not the kind of feeling, but still do not know how to tell, you can slowly fade out of sight! 混淆了我的选择,明显地不是种类感觉,但仍然不会告诉,您能视线之外慢慢地退色! [translate] 
atypical food 典型的食物 [translate] 
a她的钥匙在抽屉里吗 她的钥匙在抽屉里吗 [translate] 
aMaybe jeff could help you 可能杰夫可能帮助您 [translate] 
a本文将运用描述性研究法和文献研究法 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amike goes to bed at 21:00 on weekdays. 话筒在周日上床在21:00。 [translate] 
a从复一边 From duplicate one side [translate] 
asoft cushion 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我最近去参加了糖酒会,你呢,最近好吗。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aare you sure i'm handsome? 您是否是肯定的i'm英俊? [translate] 
a平衡外国学者与我国公民之间的收入差距 Between balanced foreign scholar and our country citizen's income differential [translate] 
a意教母video+pic Italian godmother video+pic [translate] 
acvv2码 cvv2 code [translate] 
a业务原型 Service prototype [translate] 
aPlease check your value entered that only the number is provided. For example, "508" and not "UL 508", "103" and not "S103" [translate] 
a我先去吃午饭了 I had the lunch first [translate] 
aPathumthani Pathumthani [translate] 
aProfessional Website statistics in real time. 专业网站统计在真正的时间。 [translate] 
a是中华民族进入农业社会后创造的一种虚拟动物,属于水物,它的产生与农业对水的需求有关。 After is the Chinese nation enters one kind of hypothesized animal which the agricultural society creates, belongs to the water, its production and the agricultural adding water demand concerns.《 [translate] 
ataxi costis more expensive than subway cost 出租汽车costis昂贵比地铁费用 [translate] 
aTing Feng Du electronic Broche is the most satisfactory procedure which i made 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awiner winter, chicken dinner winer冬天,鸡晚餐 [translate] 
aVery good clarity [translate] 
a第二课堂学分 Second classroom school grades [translate] 
athe same box 同一个箱子 [translate] 
a这种做法推进了农业现代化进程 This procedure advanced the agriculture modernization advancement [translate] 
a协助建立绩效方案 Assists to establish the achievements plan [translate] 
aPart I. NatiCol® Key benefits 第i.部分。 NatiCol®关键利益 [translate] 
alimits phy 限制phy [translate] 
aCan you also find and quote the TPE yoga mat? For reference you can see them on the information that I sent. I know these are higher end and more expensive but it will be good to show our potential client so they can have different options and compare apples to apples. 您也发现和能否引述TPE瑜伽席子? 作为参考您能看他们在我送的信息。 我知道这些是更高末端和更加昂贵的,但显示我们的潜在客户将是好,因此他们可以有不同的选择和与苹果比较苹果。 [translate] 
a中国文化象征词典是你最好的选择 The Chinese culture symbol dictionary is you should better choice [translate] 
a法语 数据结构 怎么翻译 How does French construction of data translate [translate] 
anightlies nightlies [translate] 
a请见谅 翻译 Invites the excuse me translation [translate] 
ayou mean what is the time here? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abrake lining wear 刹车摩擦片穿戴 [translate] 
a 记者获悉,Aukoala雪地靴在被《星尚》频道推荐之后,还与《星尚》联手推出夏季团购活动。现在登陆星尚团团购网站,就能在醒目位置看到团购活动页面,或者通过搜索雪地靴品牌“Aukoala”参与团购。此举也是该品牌让更多中国消费者能体验到澳洲羊皮毛一体雪地靴品牌的无尚享受。 Reporter learned, Aukoala snowy area boots after by "Star Still" channel recommendation, but also "Still collaborated with Star" to promote the summer group to buy the activity.Now landed the star still all round to buy the website, could see in the striking position the group bought moves the page, [translate] 
aHysteresis of the switching action 开关行动的滞后作用 [translate] 
aThis green-listing has to be achieved under category GC030 of this regulation or else the export is prohibited 这个绿色目录必须达到在类别这个章程GC030之下或者出口被禁止 [translate] 
aThe American girl does not takes shower every day. 美国女孩每天不作为阵雨。 [translate] 
a白场下,获取图像,目测全画面不允许有可见异物存在 Under the white field, the gain image, measures with the eye the entire picture not to allow to have the obvious foreign matter existence [translate] 
aich habe seit wann 我从什么时候有 [translate] 
a任然活着 No matter what however is living [translate] 
a遵守交通规则 翻译 Observes the traffic regulations translation [translate] 
ais no more than 是没有比 [translate] 
a汽车给我们带来了很多便利,同时也增加了许多烦恼。比如说,大学校园允许车辆进入吗?这个话题很多学校都有不同的看法,有些大学禁止车辆进入,原因可能是会影响学校正常秩序,存在安全隐患,但是这又引起很多学生的不满,但有些大学车可以自由出入。 The automobile has brought very many inconvenience to us, simultaneously also increased many worries.For instance said that, the university campus permission vehicles enter? This topic very many schools all have the different view, some university prohibition vehicles enter, the reason possibly is c [translate] 
a、拨筋 Dials the muscle [translate]