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ainterleare interleare [translate] 
a想念是呼吸的痛 Thought of is the breath pain [translate] 
a的语言 Language [translate] 
akick off meeting 踢见面 [translate] 
ahow to look after a pet day 如何照看一宠物天 [translate] 
aconvicted of a criminal offense 判罪一个刑事罪 [translate] 
a和他父母,所以这件衣服是迈瑞的 With his parents, therefore this clothes step Switzerland [translate] 
a电信传输研究所 Telecommunication transmission research institute [translate] 
aluck was not with him and scarcely had he bought 1,000 shares of that company when its price began to fall. 运气不是以他和缺乏地没有他买了那家公司1,000个份额,当它的价格开始下落。 [translate] 
a我他妈是人,懂? My his mother is the human, understands? [translate] 
a陪我一起2的人 Accompanies I together 2 people [translate] 
a是开拓新的经济增长领域、促进经济转 型、扩大就业的重要选择。 Is develops the new economical growth domain, promotion economy reforming, the expanded employment important choice. [translate] 
a加快城市建设 Speeds up the urban construction [translate] 
aNon-disclosure of discussions 讨论不暴露 [translate] 
aDay Ports of Call Arrival Departure [translate] 
aI have two sisters,Tina and Rita.They're twins.They look the same 我有二个姐妹, Tina,并且Rita.They是孪生。他们看同样 [translate] 
a味方 Friend [translate] 
a我的狗建立自己的帐篷,而不敢叫或咬 My dog establishes own tent, but does not dare to call or to nip [translate] 
awindows is veritying files and folders 窗口veritying文件和文件夹 [translate] 
a校级英语演讲比赛 Field grade English oratorical contest [translate] 
aQS-QH-JX-0005 is not a valid integer value 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a美克美家广告营销副总裁Ron Rossi先生表示:“企业公民是这个社会的重要组成部分,作为一个具有社会责任感的企业,美克美家愿意承担起应尽的责任与义务,尽我们所能去帮助需要帮助的人们,努力让中国充满关爱,充满温暖,充满笑脸。同时,美克美家希望呼吁更多社会人士加入到慈善事业中来,一起为中国的慈善事业做出不懈努力。” Beautiful gram beautiful family advertisement marketing vice-president Mr. Ron Rossi indicated that,“The enterprise citizens are this society's important constituents, took has the social sense of responsibility enterprise, the beautiful gram beautiful family is willing to undertake should the compl [translate] 
a北京市海淀区长春街11号万柳亿城大厦 Beijing Haidian District Changchun street 11 ten thousand willow tree hundred million city buildings [translate] 
a交通状况翻译 Transportation condition translation [translate] 
a大学英语竞赛 翻译 University English competition translation [translate] 
a很久没有听到你的声音 用英语怎么讲 How very long hasn't heard your sound to say with English [translate] 
aflatter myself 奉承者 [translate] 
aon aime encore la 2CV, certains proprietaires 2CV,某些所有者仍然被喜欢 [translate] 
aTell us everything from contradictions need and reality. 告诉我们一切从矛盾需要和现实。 [translate] 
aInstitutional trading and momentum 协会贸易和动量 [translate] 
a电子楼书是我制作的最令人满意的程序 Electron Lou Shu is the most satisfying procedure which I manufacture [translate] 
aThis is the mail system at host mail.chinaduo.com. 这是邮件系统在主人mail.chinaduo.com。 [translate] 
aPlease kindly approve the strike off for above order 为上述命令亲切地请批准罢工 [translate] 
a汇款项下融资业务 Under the remittance item finances the service [translate] 
a开始我们的合作 Starts our cooperation [translate] 
ainsaued hard drives or hard drive contrllers. insaued硬盘或硬盘contrllers。 [translate] 
a职务:______法定代表人________________ [translate] 
a想见面很容易,只要你来中国就我们可以相见了.或者你发信给我,我用邮箱发照片给你以解相思之苦 Inferred the surface is very easy, so long as you came Chinese us to be possible to meet. Or you send a letter give me, me use the mailbox to send the picture to you pain of by the solution lovesickness [translate] 
awe also handle various analysis and evaluation processes,leveraging our rich 我们也处理各种各样的分析和评估过程,支持我们的富有 [translate] 
aso they need promote their own building and highlight their own school characteristics 如此他们需要促进他们自己的大厦和突出他们自己的学校特征 [translate] 
a海关放行 The customs allow to pass [translate] 
a人寿保险单 Life insurance list [translate] 
a我们的货物是厂家直接拿的 Our cargo is the factory takes directly [translate] 
a實測值 Actual value [translate] 
a孔底沉渣又何规定 Hole bottom slime what stipulation [translate] 
a慕名而来,满意而归 Comes to see a famous person with admiration, satisfaction turns over to [translate] 
aHave a care, is far far appreciate. 有关心,是远的赞赏。 [translate] 
a磨果浆 Frotte le jus de fruit [translate] 
a我要去电影院。 I must go to the movie theater. [translate] 
a雪地靴品牌除了ugg australia外,今年最受媒体和潮人追捧的就是国际知名品牌Aukoala(澳考拉)了。该雪地靴品牌于今年6月份正式登陆中国市场以来,凭借其深厚的国际知名品牌底蕴,频频在《瑞丽》、海报网、米娜、太平洋女性等各大时尚媒体曝光。今夏,雪地靴品牌Aukoala独家推出名为“艾莉丝”的夏款雪地靴,由于脚脖部分也植入纯羊毛,所以时尚界都称其“带毛”的凉鞋。且该款凉鞋目前已经成为雪地靴品牌界夏日时尚的风向标,并且于2011年7月26日荣登上海星尚传媒电视频道,强力席卷Channel Young生活时尚栏目。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou it in Weihai 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI do nothing,how to make you crazy? 我什么都不做,如何使您疯狂? [translate] 
a你那里现在是什么时间呀? When is your there present? [translate] 
ahold high cash balances, 拿着高现金余额, [translate] 
a那位老师和许多学生被邀请参加聚会。翻译 That teacher and many students is invited to participate the meeting.Translation [translate] 
aCould you tell me which day We have to discussion for our meeting? 您可能告诉我哪天我们必须讨论为我们的会议? [translate] 
aCarbon steel rotor construction. [translate]