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Parking lot sales at the door, about 15 parking spaces, parking garages in the back is a separate




Sales car park in front, have about 15 parking, service is in separate car park behind


Sales of the car park at the front door, and there are 15 parking spaces and services around the car park is separate from the back


The sales parking lot in the entrance, about some 15 berth, the service parking lot in behind is separated
a企业年检 Enterprise annual inspection [translate] 
a这个单词由几个字母组成 This word is composed by several letters [translate] 
a今天的天气蛮好的 I did not know is where [translate] 
aDownload the installer by clicking the link below. [translate] 
a写一封短信向Miss Morgan请假 Writes a short note to ask for leave to Miss Morgan [translate] 
aAnd in the end The greatest thief of all is Time... 并且在最后全部的最了不起的窃贼是时间… [translate] 
aduly noted from my side 交付地从我的边注意 [translate] 
aΣυναισθήματα απώλειας. . Στην πραγματικότητα, η καρδιά μου είναι τροφή. Νοστ 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a对快餐疯狂 Is crazy to the fast-food [translate] 
aYi has 4 times of cameras as jia 伊有照相机的4时间作为jia [translate] 
a南宁永凯实业集团 Nanning will forever be triumphant the industry group [translate] 
atry to offer flowers to visitors that can feel your enthusiasm 设法为能感觉您的热情的访客提供花 [translate] 
aThe tips of the legs will fit within a 41”(1040mm)diameter circle [translate] 
ayes,they,re is 是,他们,关于是 [translate] 
a112554 conformation sheet 100pcs, actual arrival 200pcs [translate] 
a检修分部 翻译 Overhaul branch translation [translate] 
a水资源得到破坏,人口的大量增加,社会生产对水资源需求大。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我比较有激情 I compare have the fervor [translate] 
aSputter deposition is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) method of depositing thin films by sputtering, that is ejecting, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a它把秧鸡吃绝了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a麻雀爱雪的原因 The house sparrow loves the snow the reason [translate] 
a清醒地意识到自己的责任 Realizes own soberly responsibility [translate] 
a我家住在广东省汕头市三河中学,那里环境优美。 My family lives in the Guangdong Province Shantou three river middle schools, there environment is exquisite. [translate] 
a: china has strict rules...is it right??? : 瓷有严密的规则…是它正确?执行 [translate] 
aI II miss you I II错过您 [translate] 
a没有这个风俗吗 在尼泊尔 Does not have this custom in Nepal [translate] 
aYour warranty is the same whether or not you register. 您的保单是相同是否您登记。 [translate] 
apistil 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ain an attempt to 用法 in an attempt to usage [translate] 
a我想如果我们能订婚而不急于结婚,下次出来我就申请的理由是看未婚夫签证,到那时我们再结婚的话,我的申请理由与我在美国所做就一致,移民局就不会认为我不诚信. [translate] 
a我们有能力得到所需*.xls格式文件,但是我们更需要一个自动进行数据整理的程序。 We have ability to obtain need the *.xls form document, but we need one to carry on the data ordering automatically the procedure. [translate] 
a过度运动对身体有伤害 Excessively the movement has the injury to the body [translate] 
aI want someone who's fraid of losing me . 我想要是fraid失去我的人。 [translate] 
a如果我赚了五百万元,我会帮助贫穷的人翻译 If I have gained 5,000,000 Yuan, I can help the poor human translation [translate] 
a第一引导设备 First guides the equipment [translate] 
aIt is an american custom to show guests around the house,but they do not expect you to touch everything you see.If you are interested in something you see,you should ask for permission to touch it. 它是显示客人的美国风俗在房子附近,但他们不期望您接触您看见的一切。如果您是对某事感兴趣您看见,您应该请求允许接触它。 [translate] 
awe have detected that your video card 我们查出了您的显示卡 [translate] 
aLicking ass movies 舔驴子电影 [translate] 
aMy hurt. no one knows! 我的创伤。 没人知道! [translate] 
athat you want to speak to us today 您想要与我们今天谈话 [translate] 
alf you ar fhe way lf您ar fhe方式 [translate] 
a西班牙语 加油,永不放弃 Spanish refuels, never gives up [translate] 
a猎人们打猎时总是先将野兽围拢在一起 The hunters go hunting when always first surrounds the wild animal in the same place [translate] 
a像表面不平整、出坑 Likely surface not smooth, pit [translate] 
acollision deductible 碰撞可扣除 [translate] 
a有时他们周末开车去郊外。 Sometimes they weekend drive the suburb. [translate] 
aAt this moment of global economic meltdown, when the whole world is gripped by severe financial recession (much of it caused by rapacious greed, fiscal malfeasance, and corporate arrogance), when groups around the globe are in migration from one kind of tyranny or another, when the gap between rich and poor seems insur 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aplease enter your cd key which can found printde on your cd jewel case 请进入在您CD的首饰盒可能发现printde的您CD的钥匙 [translate] 
aOrders not come easily, it pays-----it is destiny 没容易地来临的命令,它支付-----它是命运 [translate] 
a向英国各大酒协提供产品赞助 Provides the product support to the English each big liquor association [translate] 
aDesired comprehensive deductible 期望全面可扣除 [translate] 
a目前,公司占地面积12万平方米,现代制药厂房11.2万平方米,是国内规模最大、设备最先进、以天然药物为主要原料的集科研、生产、经营为一体的综合性制药企业之一。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a美国人的游戏时间 American's game time [translate] 
a哈代小时候所接受的教育主要来自于他的母亲和当地的一所普通中学,他还修了希腊文并接受了达尔文的进化论思想,成为宗教上的怀疑论者 Hardy accepted in childhood the education mainly came from his mother and a local general-studies middle school, he also repaired Greece Wen Bing to accept Darwin's theory of evolution thought, became in the religion scepticism [translate] 
aTwinkling of an eye, we grew up to 90 people, some perhaps Novel University may have found their own work, perhaps, have found the other half of life. However, we have similarly unforgettable childhood innocence. I in ninety's childhood memories as the theme, I made a book named" ninety's childhood" booklet. I use a va [translate] 
a销售的停车场在门口,有15个车位左右,服务的停车场在后面是分开的 The sales parking lot in the entrance, about some 15 berth, the service parking lot in behind is separated [translate]