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adata and control commands need to be routed through different networks of objects 数据和控制命令需要通过不同的网络对象寻址 [translate] 
a日常生活中,男性多用强感叹词语( strong expletives),有时甚至是咒骂词语。如shit, hell, damn 等,而女性多用弱感叹词语(weak expletives),如goodness, dear me, my god 等,很少使用咒骂词语。除此之外,女性语言中还常常带有丰富的颜色词;女性还常用重叠音节词,而这些词男性一般是不用的。 [translate] 
a然后我和哥哥去打篮球了。 Then I and elder brother played the basketball. [translate] 
a就有我照片 Has my picture [translate] 
athermal stable current 热量稳定的潮流 [translate] 
aMerlion Merlion [translate] 
a若所以我决定减肥 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aFINDINGS, PLAN AND IMPLEMENTATION 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPC interface software for X-SEL. [translate] 
aThe most common form of public transportation 公共交通的最共同的形式 [translate] 
await for one Playe 等待一Playe [translate] 
aluckily ,it swam away .but my leg was badly hurt .I had go to the hospital 幸运地,它游泳我的腿非常损害的去.but。我有去医院 [translate] 
a刮皮刀 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a深圳市一道科技有限公司 Shenzhen together science and technology limited company [translate] 
aHow much is one? 一是多少? [translate] 
a我会握住你的手,永远不放... I can grip your hand, never puts… [translate] 
a瞧!他正在放风筝 Look! He is flying a kite [translate] 
a下乡机英文怎么说 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amany more photos 许多相片 [translate] 
a还没有提单 英语 Does not have the bill of lading English [translate] 
aOprah has used her popularity to start many meaningful projects.She started Oprah's Book Club in 1996,intending to get the country excited about literature again.Oprah's Angel Network was started in 1997,encouraging people to open their hearts to those in need.This includes a project to collect small change to send stu Oprah使用她的大众化开始许多意味深长的项目。1996年她开始了Oprah的读书俱乐部,意欲得到国家再被激发关于文学。1997年Oprah的天使网络开始,令人鼓舞人民对那些打开他们的心脏在需要。这包括一个项目收集零钱派遣学生到学院 [translate] 
a1. 我国农村养老保险制度变迁 1. Our country countryside old-age insurance system vicissitude [translate] 
astartdoc configure startdoc配置 [translate] 
aKathy是你的好朋友,近几年她变化很大。请根据 Kathy is your good friend, in recent years she changes very in a big way.Please act according to [translate] 
a英译:如果你坚持下去 England translates: If you persisted gets down [translate] 
apompe filtre cuve tampon 泵浦过滤器发酵插座 [translate] 
a随着人口增长和工业发展 Along with population growth and industrial development [translate] 
a我很努力了用英语怎么说 How did my earnest efforts say with English [translate] 
aFidelity 网申 Expected or attained Fidelity net Shanghai Expected or attained [translate] 
a应用翻译 Using translation [translate] 
a为何对他们那么严格 So is why strict to them [translate] 
a他坐飞机去那里 His take plane goes to there [translate] 
aunity og purpose over conflict and discord 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt is true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it is also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. 它是真实的我们不知道什么我们有,直到我们丢失它,但它也是真实的我们不知道什么我们是缺掉的,直到它到达。 [translate] 
ain the fifties last century many,new 在五十年代上个世纪许多,新 [translate] 
atools factor 用工具加工因素 [translate] 
aNo money , no power~ 没有金钱,没有power~ [translate] 
aI enjoyed my 20-day winter holiday at home in Hong Kong.My flight from New York to Hong Kong was 15 hours long. I remember that my first 15-hour flight to New York seemed unbearable : sitting in a cramped area with no fresh air next to a stranger was no fun. However, by now I've gotten used to it and especially love t 我在家享受我的20天寒假在香港。我的从纽约的飞行向香港是15个小时久。 我记得我的第一次15小时飞行向纽约似乎不堪忍受: 坐在一个局促区域没有新鲜空气在陌生人旁边是没有乐趣。 然而,我现在习惯于它和特别是爱飞行向香港,因为我知道我得到离家较近每秒钟我在飞机上度过每个小时的每分钟。 [translate] 
aTo activate, setup or manage your products, click the product name under "My Products" below. If you just purchased a product and do not see it listed, click here to refresh your account. 要激活,设定或处理您的产品,下面点击产品名称在“我的产品之下”。 如果您就是购买了产品,并且没看见它列出了,这里点击刷新您的帐户。 [translate] 
aHappines is something that comes into our lives through doors we don't even remember leaving open Happines是通过门进入我们的生活我们甚而不记得留给开放的事 [translate] 
a西华门西向,与东华门遥相对应 West the Xihua gate to, corresponds with east Hua Menyao [translate] 
athat who造句 that who creates sentences [translate] 
a藜蒿是鄱阳湖内的一种野生植物,每年阳春三月,南昌人特别偏爱用藜蒿炒腊肉,俗话说:“鄱阳湖里的草,南昌城里的宝”。腊肉金黄,藜蒿青绿,混合炒制后有一股特别的清香味道。食后有开胃理气、神清气爽的功效。 The chenopodium album wormwood is in Poyang Lake's one kind of wild plant, spring March, the Nanchang person specially is partial every year with the chenopodium album wormwood fries the cured meat, the slang said: “In Poyang Lake's grass, in Nanchang city treasure”.Cured meat golden yellow, chenopo [translate] 
aIN THE CURRENCY OF THE VALUE INCLUDUNG 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asharedouyou什么意思 sharedouyou any meaning [translate] 
aPostremission therapy typically consists of up to 4 courses of consolidative single-agent cytarabine, Postremission疗法典型地包括consolidative唯一代理cytarabine 4条路线, [translate] 
a她去了广州没有回来 She went to Guangzhou not to come back [translate] 
a“他是一个大学毕业生”的英文 “He is a university graduate” English [translate] 
a绘文字的英文 Draws the writing English [translate] 
a缩写i would leave the world fore i leave u Condenses i would leave the world fore i leave u [translate] 
a富有同情心 Deeply believes the fact unmistakable English [translate] 
afriend" and that's how I think of you. 朋友"并且那是怎么我认为您。 [translate] 
a他们通过公路运输邮件英语翻译) They through highway transportation mail English translation) [translate] 
aover a maximum 在最大值 [translate] 
a得其利 Its advantage [translate] 
anewly-born phenomenon. 新出生现象。 [translate] 
a学术交流会 Academic meeting [translate]