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aSimilarly, if you know you want a reference to the page layout, use IMxDocument::PageLayout instead 同样,如果您知道您想要在页面设计的参考,使用IMxDocument : :PageLayout改为 [translate] 
ahis sister is not so tall as his monther 他的姐妹不是那么高的作为他的monther [translate] 
a学好英语能使我们更好的为祖国服务 Learns English to be able to cause us to serve well for the motherland [translate] 
a薄款 薄款 [translate] 
a尽情品尝 Tastes heartily [translate] 
a负责部分合作厂商的供货和进货事务 Is responsible for the partial cooperation manufacturer the goods supply and inventory business [translate] 
a这条河流贯穿整个城市 This rivers penetration entire city [translate] 
a双重困难家庭 Dual difficult families [translate] 
a我可以答应你我们成为最好的朋友。 I may promise your us to become the best friend. [translate] 
a请把美好留在今天 Please happily remain today [translate] 
a他连声谢谢都不说就扭头走回办公室 He thanks repeatedly all did not say turns head to turn back the office [translate] 
a噪音是一种影响人体健康的声音 The noise is one kind of influence human body health sound [translate] 
a额外的空运费成本 额外的空运费成本 [translate] 
aselect accept to continue 选择受理继续 [translate] 
aLearning English atmosphere gradually thick 逐渐学会英国大气厚实 [translate] 
aThe dropping prices of firm’s output effects also unequal situation between suppliers and customers 公司的产品作用也不同等的情况的降价在供应商和顾客之间 [translate] 
a许多书可读 Many books may read [translate] 
aA: Thank you for inviting me.Oh, so slowly? A : 谢谢邀请我。噢,那么慢慢地? [translate] 
aweak praise 微弱的称赞 [translate] 
a阴户展示 Vaginal orifice demonstration [translate] 
aIm in love Im在爱 [translate] 
a舒婷用英语怎么说 How Shu did Ting say with English [translate] 
a奥特曼monster Ottmann monster [translate] 
a什么什么之行 怎么翻译 How any any does the line translate [translate] 
afailed to download manifest.check internet connection 没下载manifest.check互联网连接 [translate] 
aLife gave us lemons, we didn't make lemonade 生活给了我们柠檬,我们没有做柠檬水 [translate] 
akeep our rooms clean and the air fresh all the time 一直保持我们的房间干净和空气新鲜 [translate] 
akiss is not a kiss without your sigh 亲吻不是亲吻没有您的叹气 [translate] 
acapture rang 捕获列 [translate] 
a当遇到瓶颈的时候 When meets the bottleneck the time [translate] 
a注册成立‘英文翻译 The registration establishes the `English translation [translate] 
apayg internet是什么意思 payg internet is any meaning [translate] 
a他累得实在走不动了 He really was tired cannot take a walk [translate] 
a• 筹办研究生院第一次“全国创业挑战杯比赛” • 筹办研究生院第一次“全国创业挑战杯比赛” [translate] 
a求助于老师和同学来组建团队 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a流脑疫苗英文 翻译 Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine English translation [translate] 
ayes,the dinner was finished 是,完成了晚餐 [translate] 
ai stood in the doorway 我在门道入口站立了 [translate] 
a也许连朋友都做不成 Perhaps links the friends not to be able to make [translate] 
a我最大的困难在于没有很多的生活费用,班上如果有什么活动需要出钱的话,我会很犹豫是否要参加。最后我通过多做兼职来解决了 I most major difficulty does not lie in the very many living expense, in the class if has any activity needs to disburse money, I can hesitate very much whether has to participate.Finally I through made the concurrent job to solve [translate] 
a外地客户入会手续:非本市居民需提供本人在北京的工作证明,住所证明(房产证明或暂住证),身份证,一张照片,驾驶证。找一位北京城八区您非直系亲属关系的担保人,提供身份证,户口本,一张照片。工作证明。两位同时到场,填写会员申请表,380元会费,7个工作日审核期。 The outside areas customer joins a society the procedure: The non-this city inhabitant must provide myself to prove in Beijing's work that, the residence proved (real estate proved or temporarily resides card), ID card, a picture, driver license.Looks for guarantor who Beijing eight areas you the no [translate] 
aWhen Charles Strattion was five,he stopped growing 当查尔斯Strattion是五,他停止生长 [translate] 
aIn most parts of the worl,enviornmental awareness does not exist.The great majority of nations concern themselves with economic development,regardless of its effect on the global ecology. 在worl的大部分,环境意识不存在。大多数国家与经济发展有关自己,不管它的作用对全球性生态。 [translate] 
aspy2wc spy2wc [translate] 
a他严格但很和蔼 But he strict very kind [translate] 
a告诉我,何时才不是嘴上功夫,总是看不到实际行动,如果你做不到,为何总是找借口承诺一次又一次,算什么,失望万分。 Tells me, only then isn't when on the mouth the time, always blind practical action, if you cannot achieve, why always looks for the excuse pledge time and time again, calculates any, disappointed extremely. [translate] 
a那位男士走在一群女士的面前以便们为她们开门 That gentleman walks in a group of woman's front in order to opens the door for them [translate] 
a在我们的日常生活中的示例中,走路,做公交巴士,乘飞机,骑自行车,的士,获得地铁上,有很多不同模式的交通工具,并等等,在一些地方,人们会去工作和学校坐船,比乘公共汽车更有趣的是。我们可以选择的交通工具,要去的地方,我们要去学校和家庭,因为那是非常靠近学校,我经常步行,约 10 分钟。上周末,当我完成作业,会有一些自由时间,它将帮助妈妈做家务,一些和剩下的时间,我会聆听音乐、 绘画、 阅读、 散步、 看电视,或玩电脑把业余时间花。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a佛山市南海区黄岐一五金城 Foshan South China Sea area yellow qi 15 Jin Cheng [translate] 
a平均水深三米左右 About hydraulic mean depth three meters
a我对我们的口语课具有浓厚的兴趣 I have the strong interest to our spoken language class [translate] 
awhat are we going to do on saturday morning是什么意思 what are we going to do on saturday morning is any meaning [translate] 
a挂点滴英文 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a听完了我的介绍,我想大家肯定想去那游玩一番了 Listened to my introduction, I thought everybody definitely wanted to go to that to play [translate] 
a房子每天都被工人们修 The house is repaired every day by the workers [translate] 
alisten english song 听英国歌曲 [translate]