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respectively, take and bring the


respectively, take and bring the




take the difference and bring


take and bring distinction
aFour months after each sowing, the maize is ready for harvesting by the women. 四个月在每播种以后,玉米准备好收获由妇女。 [translate] 
a巴黎时装,你知道吗 The Paris fashionable clothing, you know [translate] 
a因受惩罚 Because is punished [translate] 
a住在农村,我们的人文关系更好 Lives in the countryside, our humanities relations is better [translate] 
a时间让人失去了天真,得到了真实,感受到了现实~ The time let the human lose naively, obtained really, felt reality ~ [translate] 
aやさし 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThank you for being so nice to me 谢谢是很好的对我 [translate] 
aintellegent intellegent [translate] 
a短期内对一部分产品采取打折促销和赠品促销而且买一定的商品可以享受免费办理会员卡 In the short-term adopts to part of products puts crease in it the promotion and the complimentary gift promotion moreover buys certain commodity to be possible to enjoy free handles the membership card [translate] 
aboring to have fun 获得不耐烦乐趣 [translate] 
a5.1. The goods shall be appropriately packed. Containers shall ensure safety of the goods and prevent any damage during carriage of various modes of transport. The packed goods shall be labelled as follows: [translate] 
a那时她在夜总会唱歌为主 Her sang at that time in the nightclub primarily [translate] 
aLooks so ugly, not study hard! [translate] 
a负责公司固定资产的登记及管理 Is responsible for the company fixed asset the registration and the management [translate] 
adorsey dorsey [translate] 
a中平能化医疗集团的英文翻译 Even can melt the medical group English translation [translate] 
a根据调查表显示 According to examination table demonstration [translate] 
aNo Matter what you are selling - Hit-Booster 不管您卖-击中助推器 [translate] 
aWhere are gou going this afternoon Where are gou going this afternoon [translate] 
a你认为我们这种中国封建思想是可笑的吗? You thought our this kind of China feudalistic thinking is laughable? [translate] 
a他进来时我正在睡懒觉 He comes in when I am having a long lazy sleep [translate] 
a在中国,同性恋的存在就是个敏感话题。但这件事,不仅仅是两个同性恋的存在,还做出写有违常理的事,并导致了一系列后果。着实具有新闻价值 In China, the homosexuality existence is a sensitive topic.But this matter, is not merely two homosexuality existences, but also makes writes has disobeys the common sense the matter, and has caused a series of consequences.Really has the newsworthy [translate] 
a加热到沸腾 Heats up the ebullition [translate] 
a你的眼睛在哪里 Your eye in where [translate] 
a校报告厅 School report hall [translate] 
afinish doing sth是神魔意思 finish doing sth is the god evil spirit meaning [translate] 
a尽管老师让他不要犯错误,他还是走了极端。 Although teacher lets his important criminal not be wrong, he carried too far. [translate] 
a黄山路与泰山路交叉口 Yellow mountain road and peaceful mountain road road intersection [translate] 
a这是我的时代 因为我相信未来 [translate] 
a上海人容易听懂苏州话 The Shanghainese easy to understand the Suzhou speech [translate] 
a一件建筑物是否值得保存由这个委员会来评定 Whether a building is worth preserving evaluates by this committee [translate] 
a当他开心难过 翻译 When his happy sad translation [translate] 
ahealth officials and consumers are increasingly concerned about dangers of obesity and poor diet, some companies start to develop natural and organic snacks to make them healthier 卫生官员和消费者是越来越关心的关于肥胖病和贫寒饮食,有些公司开始的危险开发使他们更加健康的自然和有机快餐 [translate] 
a海边城市 英语 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhich results in a high refractive index, 2.51 at 550 nm, close to the maximum values 哪些结果在一个高折射率, 2.51在550毫微米,紧挨最大价值 [translate] 
a我会准时参加这次会议 I can attend this conference punctually [translate] 
a第六排:魏志华 谭云波 刘通 (班长)夏富强 熊文龙 (徒弟:袁明杨 袁刚 白海林 糖果 )魏将 Sixth row: Wei Zhihua Tan Yunbo Liu Tong (class leader) summer prosperous and powerful Xiong Wenlong (apprentice: Yuan Ming Yang Yuan Gangbai Hailin candy) Wei [translate] 
a我特别痛苦,一直到遇到你之前,我依然每天写信给他 I am specially painful, arrives continuously runs into in front of you, I still every day write a letter for him [translate] 
a来访请登记 英文 The visit please register English [translate] 
a烟台二中翻译 Yantai in two translates [translate] 
a在桌子周围 Around table [translate] 
a所有的韩美的朋友 All North Korea and US's friends [translate] 
a不知道你们你现在过的还好吗 Does not know your you now fortunately [translate] 
aI want to go home right now 我想要现在回家 [translate] 
a“清除原来数据再导入”表示系统在导入Excel文件之前,先将系统里面原来的卡片信息全部清除掉,再进行数据导入操作。 “The elimination original data inducts the expression system again” in inducts in front of the Excel document, first system inside original card information full scale clearance, then carries on the data to induct the operation. [translate] 
aan overwhelming proportion of 绝对多数 [translate] 
aindirect reasoning 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aROMPaq for HP Notebook System BIOS (68GPI) - FreeDOS Bootable Media 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他是一个大学毕业生 He is a university graduate [translate] 
aconferenceacrynom_authorslastname.pdf翻译 conferenceacrynom_authorslastname.pdf翻译 [translate] 
abaobab 猴面包树 [translate] 
aI didn't quite hear what you said 我没相当听见了什么您说 [translate] 
aWhy is running 为什么跑 [translate] 
aForget you , just a kind of excuses 忘记您,种类借口 [translate] 
aOver the years ,we've seen musical groups with pre tty strange names come and go . Few have stranger names than this band .As the name suggests ,the band has lots of energy .And they play the lind of music that I love to hear . Every song is really loud and you often can't understand the words ,but this is okay because 多年来,我们看乐团以前tty奇怪的名字来来往往。 少数比这条带有更加奇怪的名字。当名字建议,带有许多能量。并且他们播放我爱听见音乐的lind。 每首歌曲是真正地大声的,并且您不可能经常了解词,但是这是okay,因为抒情诗不是非常好。然而,这些是%E [translate] 
atake和bring的分别 take and bring distinction [translate]