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Now, using computers at work than ever before and more


Now, using computers at work than ever before and more




Now, the use of computers in their work, more than ever before, many


Now, the human who used the computer in the work formerly any time were all more than
a患癌症 Developing cancer [translate] 
aadapters. [translate] 
a这里是消费区 Here is expends the area [translate] 
a首先,是什么使你认为这项规划会促进改革?其次,你怎么知道这些改革会让全县得到好处? First, what is causes you to think this plan can promote the reform? Next, how did you know these reforms can let obtain the advantage county-wide? [translate] 
a中国传媒大学出版社 Chinese Media University Publishing house [translate] 
a没心没肺 Mindless [translate] 
a是一个历史名城 Is a historical famous city [translate] 
a你应该在离开教室以前关好窗户 You should leave the classroom before turned off the window [translate] 
a实际发生数额 Actual has the amount [translate] 
a我很擅长于掩饰内心的紧张 I excel very much in conceal the innermost feelings anxiety [translate] 
a单指标分析 Single target analysis [translate] 
aOnce, I thought you again and again. But I will make we can't even be friends.爆爱林峰 、王心凌 的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aposes problems, including the diffi culty of obtaining [translate] 
aThis device can perform faster. 这个设备可能快速地执行。 [translate] 
a驾驶的性能按自己的要求调节 Driving performance according to own request adjustment [translate] 
a通过这一年的接触,我对她有了非常全面的了解,我认为该生是一名优秀的申请者,特在此向贵校推荐。 Through this year contact, I had the extremely comprehensive understanding to her, I thought should live is an outstanding applicant, especially in this to your school recommendation. [translate] 
a2011年8月到10月 在天津市高级人民法院实习两个月 In August, 2011 practises to October in Tianjin Higher People's Court for two months [translate] 
a锑以及锑化合物 アンチモンの混合物と同様、Stibium [translate] 
a乾贞治 Does governs loyally [translate] 
a“你好!认识你很高兴。”这句话英・文怎说? “Hello! Knew you are very happy.” How did this speech England article say? [translate] 
a制造产品需要的技术都是已经存在的 The manufacture product needs the technology all was already exists [translate] 
ajim is english .I Like playing with him 吉姆英语。我喜欢演奏与他 [translate] 
a你有没有想过在中国安家 Do you have had thought settles down in China [translate] 
adirecting and motivating controlling 指挥和刺激控制 [translate] 
awe'd fade into someone at least one time in linf, 我们在linf会退色入某人至少一次, [translate] 
acheap shot 便宜的射击 [translate] 
aAnerican的意思是? The Anerican meaning is? [translate] 
a提供一些实质性的宝贵建议 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afour one 四一 [translate] 
a原子经济性是绿色化学的核心内容,这一概念最早是1991年美国Stanford大学的著名有机化学家Trost(为此他曾获得了1998年度的“总统绿色化学挑战奖”的学术奖)提出的,即原料分子中究竟有百分之几的原子转化成了产物。理想的原子经济反应是原料分子中的原子百分之百地转变成产物,不产生副产物或废物,实现废物的“零排放”。他用原子利用率衡量反应的原子经济性,认为高效的有机合成应最大限度地利用原料分子的每一个原子,使之结合到目标分子中。绿色化学的原子经济性的反应有两个显著优点:一是最大限度地利用了原料,二是最大限度地减少了废物的排放。 [translate] 
adid he do any other thing to you? 他其他事对做您? [translate] 
a在 期间有效翻译 In period effective translation [translate] 
asystem start booting......Version 1.30 系统起动孕穗......版本1.30 [translate] 
aThe operation Check file system needs exclusive access to the volume C: and 操作检查文件系统需要对容量C的专属通入: 并且 [translate] 
a增加电视频道数量 Increase television channel quantity [translate] 
a第四排:张桂龙 梁俊杰 白海森 董宣佑 邹佳成 陆鹏 李旺 王翔 周伟 王涛 蒋红 刘佳果 Fourth row: Zhang Guilong Liang Junjie Bai Haisen Dong Xuanyou Zou Jiacheng Lu Pengli prosperous Wang Xiangzhou great Wang Tao Jiang red Liu Jia fruit [translate] 
a吸食之后玩一晚上都不累。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acoming down 下来 [translate] 
a经济发展先于环境保护 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI dont have a car,I have to depend on the buses 我没有一辆汽车,我必须依靠公共汽车 [translate] 
acloselyand closelyand [translate] 
a我们不后退,我们从没有后退过,将来也决不后退英语翻译 We do not retrocede, we from have not retroceded, future also in no way will retrocede English translation [translate] 
a王红跳和唱歌整个下午 Wang Hongtiao and sings entire afternoon [translate] 
aI'llgo to Shanghai with my cousin. I'llgo向上海与我的表兄弟。 [translate] 
a我不是把钥匙丢在桌子上了,就是放在抽屉里了(either...or...) I was not lose the key on the table, was places in the drawer (either…or…) [translate] 
aCross-boundary communities 十字架界限社区 [translate] 
a科学技术的两面性 Science and technology dual character [translate] 
aThe office of Director shall be vacated if the Director is removed from office pursuant to these Articles 如果主任从办公室被去除寻求这些文章,主任办公室将被空出 [translate] 
agot me 得到我 [translate] 
aThat tall man is Grandfather Bill. 那个高人是祖父比尔。 [translate] 
a整个夜晚 Entire night [translate] 
aFree call forward 释放电话向前 [translate] 
a本地客户租车手续:您要找一位北京市城八区户口和您是非直系亲属关系的担保人,两位提供身份证,户口本,您本人的驾驶证。租金提前支付,押金5000-15000,及1000元的违章待查金,两位同时到场签合同。 The local customer rents a car the procedure: You must look for the guarantor who Beijing city eight area registered permanent addresses and your right and wrong directly-related family member relate, two provide the ID card, the household register, your driver license.The rent pays ahead of time, t [translate] 
a他平日的工作不是很辛苦 He ordinary day the work is not very laborious [translate] 
a对于工作问题您不用担心 You do not use the worry regarding the work question [translate] 
aI never thought of losing you, How to make you love me again 我未曾认为失去您,如何使您再爱我 [translate] 
a现在,在工作中使用电脑的人比以往任何时候都多 Now, the human who used the computer in the work formerly any time were all more than [translate]