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couldnˊt 参加了




a你们共同的兴趣爱好是什么? What is your common interest hobby? [translate] 
a我已经深刻认识到此事的重要性,于是我一再告诉自己要把老师交待的作业当成头等大事来抓,不能辜负老师对我们的一片苦心。 [translate] 
a我们可以一直在一起吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI want to be a policewoman, because she is so great. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这些学生常犯语法错误 These student habitual criminal grammatical error [translate] 
a给定变化 Assigns the change [translate] 
a时间不会允许永垂不朽 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a因导致的质量问 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afind the next item on the way to the attic. 发现下个项目在途中对顶楼。 [translate] 
a有的人喜欢独自旅行,有的人喜欢与别人结伴旅行。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aprior to painting,final assembly or closing openings,equipment and piping shall be ensured to be free from grit,shot or sand of blasting,dust,spatter,chip,unintentional loose part,grease,oil or any other foreign substances remained inside 在绘画之前,定形结构或closing开头、设备和管道系统将被保证是自由从沙粒,射击或炸开,尘土、飞溅声、芯片、有意无意的宽松部分、油膏、油或者所有其他外来物质沙子保持里面 [translate] 
aLook at the t shirts. 看T恤杉。 [translate] 
a鍾乳石 Clock milk-stone [translate] 
a开始自己的征途吧 Starts own battle path [translate] 
aI want someone who's fraid of losing me . 我想要是fraid失去我的人。 [translate] 
a2Happy Feet comes courtesy of Warner Brothers, and tells the story of Mumble, a young Emperor Penguin with the inability to sing, something detrimental to his development within the penguin community. Instead, Mumble is blessed with talent of dancing, something the other penguins look down upon. The key to finding a ma [translate] 
acapture rang 捕获列 [translate] 
aeighty-five eighty-five [translate] 
a因为大学太无聊了 Because the university too was bored [translate] 
a职业性眼病 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMeCN at 298 K. (b) The computer simulation spectrum. [translate] 
aDo not do that anymore, we should restrain ourselves, to struggle! [translate] 
a她是不是我的我不知道,重要的是我爱她--满萍 나 그녀는 나 몰랐다 저것을, 더 중요하게 나 사랑한다 그녀를 이다--남자 핑 [translate] 
aInspections includes cutting quality & Hole locations as well as the use of manufacturing Aids such as gauging, fixtures, 检查包括切口质量&孔地点并且对制造援助的用途例如测量,装置, [translate] 
a也许你太优秀了,我已配不上你了 You too have been perhaps outstanding, I could not be joined to you [translate] 
aRevestimiento 涂层 [translate] 
aIt is less of aproblem to be poor than tobe dishonest 它比tobe是无足轻重aproblem穷的不诚实 [translate] 
a请提供最小包装数量 Please provide the smallest packing quantity [translate] 
a许多书可读 Many books may read [translate] 
a你的信息来的非常及时 Your information comes extremely promptly [translate] 
afuture doctors and lawyers must study 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a112554 conformation sheet 100pcs, actual arrival 200pcs [translate] 
aSimilarly, there are also many proverbs in Chinese. 同样,也有许多谚语用中文。 [translate] 
aliquid (the pressure is greater than the saturation pressure [translate] 
aIt’s time to say goodbye It' s time to say goodbye [translate] 
aTo dance, as if nobody around was watching. 跳舞,好象没人观看。 [translate] 
a中午去食堂觉得饭菜还可以,没想象中的那么差 Noon goes to the cafeteria to think the meal is alright, in the imagination that not to miss [translate] 
a其次是作家人生经历的影响。 Next is the writer life experience influence. [translate] 
a双方以下单独成“一方”,合称“双方” Below both sides alone becomes “a side”, gathers calls “both sides” [translate] 
a【摘要】随着我国社会经济市场化,农村工业化和城市化进程的发展,农村农业税全面取消,大量的农民工进城务工,使得农村经济社会文化生活发生了深刻变化,作为我国最基层的政权,乡镇行政管理体制改革成功与否,关系到我国新农村建设能否取得最后的胜利。本文通过对我国乡镇行政体制改革进行分析,探索乡镇深化改革的目标。文章首先分析了我国当前乡镇行政管理体制改革背景,接着分析了现行体制存在的弊端, 然后纵观我国乡镇行政管理体制的总体演变,针对我国乡镇行政管理体制改革出现的问题,总结出基本的经验和教训, 在此基础上文章提出了我国乡镇行政管理体制改革的总体思路。 [translate] 
aneednˊt have attended needn ˊ t have attended [translate] 
a你是一个理解力很强的现代女性。 You are a comprehension faculty very strong modern female. [translate] 
a当你离开房间时,你应该随手关灯 When you leave the room, you should turn off the lamp conveniently [translate] 
a原来我认为大学生活应该是轻松享受的 Originally I thought the university life should be with ease enjoys [translate] 
a生产适合不同年龄阶层的产品 The production suits the disparity in age social stratum the product [translate] 
a请星期日上午8点半在香山公园门口集合 Invites Sunday morning 8 and half o'clock in the Xiangshan park entrance set [translate] 
aPlease read the following License Agreement.\nYou must accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement to continue use 请读以下使用协定。\ nYou必须接受这个协议的期限和条件继续用途 [translate] 
aThe failure of either party, in any one or more instances, to enforce any of the terms of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of future enforcement of that or any other term. 任一个团体的疏忽,在任何一个或更多事例,强制执行其中任一个这个协议的期限不会被解释作为那或其他期限的未来执行放弃。 [translate] 
aHuman beings, and the features of our species that we most prize, are radically contingent. 人和我们多数奖,是根本地意外的我们的种类的特点。 [translate] 
a有针对的进行练习 Has in view of carries on the practice [translate] 
a人生的色彩是什么呢 The life color is any [translate] 
a好像回到过去 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a担任天津市高三数理化家教 Holds the post of the Tianjin high three math family education [translate] 
a全面开展,拓展素质教育模式,繁荣校园文化品牌,促进学生阳光素质提高。 The comprehensive development, the development education for all-around development pattern, the prosperous campus culture brand, promotes the student sunlight quality enhancement. [translate] 
acouldnˊt have attended 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]