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a武汉地质矿产研究所 Wuhan Geology Minerals Research institute [translate] 
aThe tongue-twister effect in reading Chinese. 舌头扭转者作用在读中文。 [translate] 
aWhat are the characters of the Westlife? What are the characters of the Westlife? [translate] 
a本文采用了对典型案例进行分析的方法,通过对天津港东疆港区配套服务区商业项目建设过程的剖解,对BIM模型在商业项目的全生命周期中的控制和应用进行了详细分析,提出了东疆港区商业项目开发建设中存在的主要障碍及基于BIM模型的解决方式,从而大大的缩减了项目的实施周期,有效地控制了造价及质量,并使该项目获得了最大的利益。 This article used has carried on the analysis to the illustrative case the method, through to the Tianjin Port east the boundary port area necessary service area commercial project construction process dissection, has carried on the multianalysis to the BIM model in the commercial project entire lif [translate] 
ayes you can , come and we can be happy together 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请稍候,正在下载专家名单 Please slightly wait, is downloading the expert name list [translate] 
aThe essence of education is the teaching of facts and reasoning skills to our children, so that they learn to think. 教育精华是事实和推理技能教学对我们的孩子,因此他们学会认为。 [translate] 
a否则我很难理解 Otherwise I very difficult to understand [translate] 
a每当学生在学习语言时遇到困难,老师就会用熟能生巧这句话鼓励他们 Whenever student when study language encounters the difficulty, teacher can use practice makes perfect this speech to encourage them [translate] 
aI thought these subscriptions were for 3 months, then they would be cancelled. 我认为这些捐款是3个月,然后他们将被取消。 [translate] 
awe complain that we are out of love 我们抱怨我们是出于爱 [translate] 
a我在想办法 I am trying to find solution [translate] 
ahe wakes up with a start 他醒以开始 [translate] 
a, the Texas Biomedical Research Institute partners with hundreds of researchers and institutions around the world, targeting advances in heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension, psychiatric disorders, diseases of the premature newborn, AIDS, hepatitis, malaria, parasitic infections and a host of other in 得克萨斯生物医学的研究所与数百研究员和机关在心脏病成为伙伴在世界范围内,瞄准前进,糖尿病、肥胖病、癌症、高血压、精神混乱、疾病过早新出生,爱滋病、肝炎、疟疾、寄生传染和许多其他传染病。 [translate] 
ais' in a building in front of the offics。 是在一个大厦在offics前面。 [translate] 
a郭嘉欣 Guo Jiaは嬉しい [translate] 
athwart 反对 [translate] 
aI wish a happy healthy baby is always 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a地球的气候正在受到破坏 Earth's climate is receiving the destruction [translate] 
a岸边的柳条掉光了叶 The shore wicker has fallen out or off entirely the leaf [translate] 
a2010年,民政部功能公布了两个季度全国民政事业统计数据,数据显示,前两个季度,全国办理离婚登记的夫妻达到84.8万对。 In 2010, the Bureau of Civil Administration function announced two quarter nation civil administration enterprise statistical data, the data display, the first two quarters, the nation handles the divorce registration the husbands and wives achieve rightly 848,000. [translate] 
aFine,wait 好,等待 [translate] 
a必备技能 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a练习一个星期两次 Practices one week two times [translate] 
a我自己倔强 I am stubborn [translate] 
ajonnenan jonnenan [translate] 
aAs long as 陈红 is on this list she can't see anything of yours except the posts and profile info you choose to make public. As long as Chen Hong is on this list she can't see anything of yours except the posts and profile info you choose to make public. [translate] 
a我国利率互换市场 Our country interest rate exchanges the market [translate] 
a我设计的口语练习形式单一,时间久了学生厌烦了。 I design the spoken language practice form is unitary, the time long student has been sick of. [translate] 
aproximition 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aconvenience package 便利包裹 [translate] 
a这世界人太冷漠 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aEnsure enforcement of high standards of hygiene and food safet 保证卫生学和食物safet高标准的执行 [translate] 
aField Integration 领域综合化 [translate] 
acomplexities 复杂 [translate] 
a我能制作一些程序。 I can manufacture some procedures. [translate] 
a当我在外地上学后,我就知道,让我感觉最舒适的地方就是淮南.或许它没有那些大城市发达,但是它会让你感到温暖.交通也很方便.但是,也有不好的地方.要知道,既然要发电,就必然有煤,而这时,随之而来的就是尘土.所以,有的地方会让你觉得灰蒙蒙的 After I goes to school in the outside areas, I knew that, lets me feel the most comfortable place is Huai Nan. Perhaps it does not have these big cities to be developed, but it can let you feel warm. The transportation very is also convenient. But, also has not the good place. Must know, since must [translate] 
aAny governmen,which is blind to this point,may pay a heavy price. 其中任一governmen,是瞎的对这点,也许支付沉重的代价。
athe neighboring nations of egypt, jordan, stria, iraq and lebanon invaded, touching off a religious and political conflict that endures today, 被侵略的埃及、乔丹,条纹,伊拉克和黎巴嫩的邻居国家,接触今天忍受的一种宗教和政治冲突, [translate] 
a不要去挖我的秘密 Do not go to dig my secret [translate] 
aContact Strategy Construct - TA selection, Campaign funnel, calendar, workflow definition 联络战略修建-作为选择,竞选漏斗,日历,工作流定义 [translate] 
a关心她,就在她身边陪着她,迟早有一天她会感动,加油 Cares about her, is accompanying her in her side, sooner or later one day she can be moved, refuels
aI think you are not only a good teacher in the class, but also a good friend after class 我认为您是不仅一位好老师在类,而且一个好朋友在类以后 [translate] 
aD. Running is a cause for improved thinking [translate] 
a我找检查残损箱子的那位值班副 I look for the inspection damaging box that on-duty [translate] 
aPronunciation emphasized words 发音强调了词 [translate] 
a品质帮 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你他妈真色 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adid not find shared comm client list in registry at: 在登记没有发现共有的comm客户名单在: [translate] 
apaver's hammers 摊铺机的锤子 [translate] 
a我找检查残损箱子的值班副 I look for the inspection damaging box on-duty [translate] 
a一个弟弟在江西上学、一个在广州上学 A younger brother goes to school, in Jiangxi goes to school in Guangzhou [translate] 
a设置主要用于设置车场信息,系统可以同时管理多个车场, Establishes mainly uses in establishing the cart yard information, the system may simultaneously manage many cart yards, [translate] 
awhile dad had been gentle with me,mom had been severe with me 当爸爸是柔和的与我时,妈妈是严厉的与我 [translate] 
aone part of two equal parts one part of two equal parts [translate] 
aParasites 寄生生物 [translate] 
abe careful about the last quesiton 小心关于最后quesiton [translate]