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Some students in the classroom, others in the playground.




Some students in the classroom, and others on the playground.


Some of the students in a classroom, some in the playground.


Some students in classroom, in addition some in drill ground.
aShe pretended having not seen me when I passed by 她假装了没被看见我,当我通过了由 [translate] 
aThey try to find the patterns and the rules for themselves instead of waiting for the teacher to explain everything. 他们设法发现样式和规则为他们自己而不是等待老师解释一切。 [translate] 
a在课堂是老师把新来的学生描述为一个害羞的女孩 In the classroom is teacher the student description which comes newly is a shy girl [translate] 
aclass made great efforts to train. At last our effort paid pff and we won the first prize. 类做了伟大的努力训练。 在为时我们的努力支付了pff,并且我们赢取了一等奖。 [translate] 
aDuring project preparation, the Project Team will provide guidance to the PMC on how to establish procedures and guiding principles to ensure its efficacy and longevity. 在项目准备期间,项目小组提供教导给PMC关于怎样建立规程和指导原则保证它的效力和长寿。 [translate] 
a明天是美好的 Tomorrow will be happy [translate] 
a她是个和蔼的老人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aplease plug-in an AC adapter 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天是九月二十二号, 是小寨沟过会 ,今天上午我去了苗晓倩家吃午饭,他妈妈给我们做了很多好吃的,吃过饭 ,我们一起去会上玩了会,就去学校了, 我们怕上课,被老师说 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这就是真正的 This is genuine you [translate] 
ano applicationg dedubed yet drop something here applicationg没有dedubed,下落这里某事 [translate] 
aI CONTACTED WITH AIR COMPANY. 我与空气公司接触了。 [translate] 
a只要大家齐心协力 So long as everybody works as one [translate] 
a因为我给你讲过,我们如果发生关系,我就不会和你联系了。 Because I have said to you, if we have the relations, I could not relate with you. [translate] 
a: hru?? : 比赛? [translate] 
a事实上,我们接到你地区的另一供货商的报盘,比你方价格低10% In fact, we receive your area another supplier's offering price, compared to your price low 10% [translate] 
aShow Command Panel Toggle 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a胎儿结构异常的中孕期超声筛查 The embryo structure unusual gestation period supersonic sieves looks up [translate] 
a能 一些 Can Some [translate] 
a广东省江门市建设二路龙海苑1栋之二九楼    The Guangdong Province Jiangmen constructs two group Longhai park 1 29 buildings    [translate] 
acreate new player to start new game 创造新的球员开始新的比赛 [translate] 
a注定颓废一辈子 Is doomed dispiritedly for a lifetime [translate] 
a人生最大的幸福莫过于在对的时间遇见对的人,然后互相珍惜彼此 Life biggest happy nothing better than in to the time meets to the human, then treasures each other mutually [translate] 
aSwithout me you'll be fine, right Swithout我您将是罚款,权利 [translate] 
a城市品位 City personal status [translate] 
a但是,现在,奢侈品拉动内需,促进经济 But, now, in luxury goods drawing needs, promotion economy [translate] 
astrike a deal 定下交易 [translate] 
a从芭比娃娃的诞生过程中,我们很明显的了解到美国人对日常生活的细心观察的一面。他们善于从中发现商机并不断创新,从而取得新成功。 From the banana plant compared to in baby's birth process, we very obvious understanding American one side which observes carefully to the daily life.They are good at discovering the opportunity and innovates unceasingly, thus obtains the new success. [translate] 
alenguaje 语言 [translate] 
a我得为周四的化学考试复习了 I had to review for Thursday chemistry test [translate] 
a你可以自己骑车来 You may own ride a bicycle [translate] 
aThe handsome! Do not envy 英俊! 不要嫉妒 [translate] 
apassions. 通过。 [translate] 
a冬眠不仅仅是一种睡,它是一种沉睡 The hibernation is not merely one kind rests, it is one kind of deep sleep [translate] 
awere used to pull trucks along rails with a chain or rope. 使用拉扯卡车沿路轨与链子或绳索。 [translate] 
alaughter can be as sport and physical exercise 笑声可以是作为体育和体育运动 [translate] 
awith a smile on his face 以微笑在他的面孔 [translate] 
aThis past Thursday ,on a clear Texas afternoon, an Army psychiatrist walked into the Soldier Readiness Processing Center,and began shooting his fellow soldiers 这过去星期四,在一个清楚的得克萨斯下午,军队精神病医生走了入处理中心的战士准备,并且开始射击他的战士 [translate] 
a运营管理模式 Operation management pattern [translate] 
aC. the feelings of an American college president C. 美国学院院长的感觉 [translate] 
a外贸、统计、海关、财会、 Foreign trade, statistics, customs, finance and accounting, [translate] 
aSpeed Measuring Instruments [translate] 
a50以前你生活在哪里? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aResistance Meters [translate] 
aI got onto my knees and started moving across the sands on all fours. 我在所有fours得到了我的膝盖并且开始移动横跨沙子。 [translate] 
awilling to learn and take pressure 愿学会和采取压力 [translate] 
a我们不应该去干其他的事 We should not go to do other matters [translate] 
a那是个正规宴会,我照我妈妈说的那样穿着礼服去了 That is a regular banquet, I said according to my mother such put on the formal clothes to go [translate] 
a我在学生会工作过两年 I have worked for two years in the student association [translate] 
a文件名不要超过20个字符 The filename do not have to surpass 20 characters [translate] 
a新娘身穿华丽的婚纱 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBOICOT SM. THAT’S ALL WE NEED TO FUCKING DO BOICOT SM。 那是我们需要与交往做的所有 [translate] 
a我不在的时候照顾好你的弟弟 I not at time looks after you the younger brother [translate] 
aInternal controls involve the processes by which a business operates 内部控制介入事务经营的过程 [translate] 
aknown to increase substantially the risk of upper [translate] 
ahe thinks it is boring 他认为它烦人 [translate] 
a一些学生在教室里,另一些在操场上。 Some students in classroom, in addition some in drill ground. [translate]