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I can not wait to go to the zoo to see pandas


I can't wait to go to the Zoo to see pandas


I could hardly wait to go to the zoo giant pandas


I impatient go to the zoo to look at the panda
a我是一名电影放映员 I am a movie projectionist [translate] 
a实物的照片 Picture in kind [translate] 
a娃哈哈集团实验室从事质量控制及管理 The baby ha ha group laboratory is engaged in the quality control and the management [translate] 
atarso.gato@hotmail.com tarso.gato@hotmail.com [translate] 
a朗读比赛 Reads aloud the competition [translate] 
aPassword length should be 6-20 characters long. Alphanumeric and extended text are allowed. 密码长度应该长期是6-20个字符。 字母数字和延长的文本允许。 [translate] 
a我看了一个电影叫海洋天堂,电影讲述的事一位伟大的父亲照顾一个有自闭症的儿子,但是,他的了胃癌,将不久与人世,他得儿子没有人照顾。 I watched a movie to call the sea heaven, a matter great father who the movie narrated to look after one to have the zi4bi4 syndrome son, but, he stomach cancer, soon with world, his son nobody attendance. [translate] 
aHe tied Tod and put it in a small boat.he rowed theboat to the middle of a big river 他栓了Tod,并且投入它在小boat.he荡桨了theboat对一条大河的中部 [translate] 
a你能把这封信译成英语吗? You can translate into this letter English? [translate] 
a小鸟待在树上有一段时间了。 The bird treated on the tree has period of time. [translate] 
a虽然是迟来的祝福,但我还是很开心。 Although is the blessing which late comes, but I am very happy. [translate] 
amsc chain of custody certificate msc监护网证明 [translate] 
a重一建材 Heavy building materials [translate] 
a写过去分词 Wrote the past participle [translate] 
aOffshore Saltpond (Central) basin 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a餐饮市场 Dining market [translate] 
aproduct,place,promotion and price 产品、地方、促进和价格 [translate] 
anoted & will keep the quotation in record! 着名&在纪录将保留引文! [translate] 
a全世界只有你可以看到我在线,而你却舍不得和我多说一句话... The world only then you may see me online, but you do not give up actually with me speak a speech… [translate] 
a我们做的特销活动(迎接圣诞) We do sell the activity especially (welcome Christmas) [translate] 
a不然大自然会报复我们 Otherwise the nature can retaliate us [translate] 
afrom work from work [translate] 
aAnd, finally, if a plummeting dollar leads to a rise in interest rates, the stock market rally could stall. 并且,终于,如果一笔直落下的美元在利率导致上升,证券市场回涨可能失去作用。 [translate] 
aDiovan Diovan [translate] 
athey have round faces. do you have big eyes. she has long hair. 他们有围绕面孔。 您有大眼睛。 她有长的头发。 [translate] 
a大学生自主创新金工实习作品竞赛荣获“二等奖” 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a部门名称:SWD [translate] 
a对不起。。我很累想睡觉 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在我们班有70%的同学乘飞机去海南,有30%的同学想乘火车去海南 Has 70% schoolmate in our class to go by plane Hainan, some 30% schoolmate want to go by train Hainan [translate] 
a看电视和上网占用很多时间 Looked the television and the surfer takes the very much time [translate] 
a每天,会让一些同学在上课的时候把上课不守记律的同学的名字记录下 Every day, can let some schoolmates the time which attends class attends class schoolmate's name which does not defend records the law to record [translate] 
a父母唠叨 The parents talk incessantly [translate] 
aScientia Silvae Sinicae Scientia森林区Sinicae [translate] 
ahe got 6points in the first game 他在第一场比赛得到了6points [translate] 
ashoots peas forward and backwards 落后射击豌豆今后和 [translate] 
a她坐在我右边。 She sits right side me. [translate] 
a下周他们去旅行 Next week they travel [translate] 
a复合词的重音往往在第一个词上 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aimportant because of possible danger 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a复合词的重音往往在第一个成分上red-skin印第安人 而词组第二个red-skin 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a《白蛇传说》 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI stay by the river but catch only an old shoe. 我停留在河旁边,但捉住仅一双老鞋子。 [translate] 
a可可奶茶 Cocoa tea with milk [translate] 
aHas she does five photos? 有她做五张相片? [translate] 
a对符合本办法规定的黄金制品进出口申请人,审批机关应依法为其办理黄金制品进出口准许证。申请人凭黄金制品进出口准许证到海关办理进出口手续,此证有效期为十五个工作日。 To conforms to this means stipulation gold product import and export applicant, the examination and approval institution should legally handle the gold product import and export approval card for it.The applicant depends on the gold product import and export approval card to go through the import an [translate] 
a如果你为考试做了很好的准备,你就不会失败了。 If you have made the very good preparation for the test, you could not be defeated. [translate] 
aEnglish Royal Guards 英国皇家卫兵 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!count and circie the correct answer 计数和circie正确应答 [translate] 
aOANDA Asia Pacific is introducing two-factor authentication to comply with new regulations introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a完成干某事 Completes does something [translate] 
a不是其它航空公司 Is not other airline [translate] 
aconclude talk 结束谈话 [translate] 
a我有一个好朋友。她的名字叫周移星。她有一个黑色的小眼睛,红色的小嘴巴,黑头发,小鼻子和小耳朵。她穿一件红色衣服,但是现在穿蓝色的大衣,那是我们的校服。她的电话号码是 。她的QQ号码是 。虽然我们长得不一样,但是我们是好朋友。 I have a good friend.Her name is called Zhou Yixing.She has a black small eye, red small mouth, black hair, small nose and small ear.She puts on red clothes, but the present puts on the blue color the coat, that is our school uniform.Her telephone number is .Her QQ number is .Although we [translate] 
aThis work involves spatial analyses of cemeteries,plotting the distribution of graves,and quantitative and qualitative analysis of grave goods-the variability of which may permit hypotheses about economy,ethnicity,gender,age,and social status. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou will not can not do anything 您不会将不可能做什么 [translate] 
a5、 投诉处理及质量改进 5th, Suit processing and quality improvement [translate] 
a我迫不及待的去动物园看熊猫 I impatient go to the zoo to look at the panda [translate]