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You are not comfortable?


You are not comfortable?


Do you not feeling well?


You are not comfortable?


You uncomfortable?
aAUTHOR BIOGRAPHIES 作者传记 [translate] 
anew approach 新的方法 [translate] 
a航哥娱乐 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aan excellent confection in itself it is apt to pall when taken for breakfast 一个优秀混合药剂本身它是易于的对pall,当采取早餐时 [translate] 
aa white dress 一件白色礼服 [translate] 
aadd a beach chair or beach blanket 增加一条海滩睡椅或海滩毯子 [translate] 
aMEBLEX [translate] 
a为了照顾生病的妻子,他放弃了出国留学的机会 In order to look after the wife who falls ill, he gave up the opportunity which goes abroad to study [translate] 
aHere. Mr Leo. 这里。 leo先生。 [translate] 
a结构胶 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a好好欣赏这动人的秋景 Appreciates this moving fall scenery well [translate] 
a口译 和平和发展仍是当今时代的主题。世界多极化和经济全球化在曲折中 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBeijing has rich tourism resources 北京有富有的旅游业资源 [translate] 
a4、 提议召开临时股东会; [translate] 
aThe Catalyst Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. 催化剂中心不由您的使能图形适配器的司机版本支持。 [translate] 
aLands' End, Inc. 1 Lands' End Lane lands的End, Inc. 1条土地的末端车道 [translate] 
a因此,要加强对话教学的理论研究,提供充足的对话资源,落实教师培训,真正地提高教学实效、实现教学相长。 Therefore, must strengthen the dialogue teaching the fundamental research, provides the sufficient dialogue resources, carries out the teacher to train, enhances the teaching actual effect, the realization one learns by teaching truly. [translate] 
a我们曾经获得很多荣誉证书 We once obtained the very many honor certificate [translate] 
a低成本运输在我国开始 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他经常和他爸爸种花 He frequently and his daddy plants flowers [translate] 
aExpect the salary should be a positive integer, please re-insert 期望薪金应该是一个正面整数,请再插入 [translate] 
a我吃美味的饺子 I eat the delicacy the stuffed dumpling [translate] 
aCan you see me on the webcam? The Chat thing seems to work well? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThank you for downloading and installing our FREE anti-virus software. 谢谢下载和安装我们的自由抗病毒软件。 [translate] 
aThe status of corrective action implementation is regularly reviewed by site management and is included in 惩治行为实施的状况由站点管理通常回顾和包括 [translate] 
aTv news shows try to be as up-to-date as possible but they are not up dated as quickly as the Interner 电视是新闻展览尝试一样最新尽可能,而是他们一样迅速没有被更新象Interner [translate] 
aEqually, it is hardly surprising that all respondents were confident that the primary statutory provision was the main weapon of attack against allegedly unfair pre-insolvency transactions and that common law principles are rarely relied on. Some respondents mentioned the possibility of creditors being able to bring th 相等地,它几乎不惊奇所有应答者确信主要法律供应是攻击主要武器反对涉嫌不合理的前不能溶解交易,并且普通法原则很少被依靠。 有些应答者提及了债权人的可能性能带来自己在法定要求之内的期限,但整体印象是各自法律政权一般是好的为专门制作集会情况品种,提升重新穿上的不合理性。 [translate] 
a我想我想死 I thought I want to die [translate] 
a我只爱他. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe read it alound to me 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
avifa audio produkte gmbh 产品vifa音频GmbH [translate] 
aThe manipulation of digital capital 数字式资本的操作 [translate] 
aFormer Lover是什么意思 Former Lover is any meaning [translate] 
aHow long have you coming back, and now tell me. 多久有您回来,和现在告诉我。 [translate] 
azhi'y第一次尝试会比较敏感比较痛, The first attempt can the quite sensitive comparison pain, [translate] 
aMarket research should first be carried out to see if an opportunity does in fact exist and whether this opportunity is sustainable. In this regard, EU SMEs should not only look at the business environment in which they will operate, but should also consider whether their competencies and resources within this context [translate] 
aGeneral Instructions for Use. 一般使用说明书。 [translate] 
a你妹妹是不是阿尔及利亚人? Is your younger sister the Algerian? [translate] 
a如果时间适合我们会通知你 If the time suits us to be able to inform you [translate] 
acan you do it again 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a比如,读书,学习,工作,生活,名人,新闻,时事,衣服,逛街,周围的人,未来的计划和打算,生活经历,圣湖中遇到的趣事 For instance, studies, the study, the work, the life, the celebrity, the news, the current event, clothes, window-shops, the periphery person, the future plan and the plan, the life experience, in the sacred lake will meet amusing thing [translate] 
a两头 Two heads [translate] 
aMarket failure is overcome in a way. 市场失败在某一方面被克服。 [translate] 
a懒洋洋地拖着脚步走 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a比如,读书,学习,工作,生活,名人,新闻,时事,衣服,逛街,周围的人,未来的计划和打算,生活经历,生活中遇到的趣事 For instance, studies, the study, the work, the life, the celebrity, the news, the current event, clothes, window-shops, the periphery person, the future plan and the plan, the life experience, in the life will meet amusing thing [translate] 
aMj Final Floor Level 1(1 out of 2500) [translate] 
aEnglish uses one set of building blocks,but other languages will use different-shaped building blocks that thke some creativity to put together at first. 英语使用一套积木,但其他语言将使用不同形状的积木那thke一些创造性起初汇集。 [translate] 
aKey Rookies: Key Rookies: [translate] 
aIs the great revolution of traditional learning 是传统学会的了不起的革命 [translate] 
a上海逸馨庭休闲娱乐有限公司是一家集SPA养生美容、餐饮娱乐于一体的综合性休闲娱乐公司。旗下的分店分别地处上海徐汇区黄金地段的淮海路和衡山路上,经过多年的发展,客户群集中在中高档以上海内外人士。 The Shanghai leisurely xin courtyard leisure entertainment limited company is a fair SPA keeping in good health improves looks, the dining entertainment in a body comprehensive leisure entertainment company.Serves under somebody's banner the branch store is situated at the Shanghai Xuhui area gold l [translate] 
ahence the statistical term ‘bell curve’ to describe a normal 因此’描述法线的统计期限`响铃曲线 [translate] 
a一点也不会英语 Also cannot English [translate] 
a共青团直属学生组织大学生创业实践中心年度“优秀个人” Communist Youth League subordinates the student to organize the university students' innovative undertaking practice center year “outstanding individual” [translate] 
aGreen a.live 绿色a.live [translate] 
aProvided that it will not have adverse guarantees effect on the CONTRACTOR, COMPANY may at his sole discretion request CONTRACTOR to perform MODIFICATIONS to the WORKS through utilization of the CHANGE ORDER mechanism as described in ARTICLE15. 在它在CONTRACTOR条件下, COMPANY不会有有害保证作用在ARTICLE15可以在他的进行对工作的修改的单一谨慎请求承包商通过更改单机制的运用如所描述。 [translate] 
a您可以通过网站了解 You may through the website understanding [translate] 
a你不舒服吗? You uncomfortable? [translate]