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We have to do in learning life saving energy, greening the campus, to protect plants


We have to do in learning life saving energy, greening the campus, to protect plants


In life, they do energy conservation, green school, protection of plants




Everybody achieves in the study life saves the energy, afforests the campus, the protection plant
a这个词怎么读 How does this word read [translate] 
a人们走出家门,四处察看 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWhere do you work. 那里您工作。 [translate] 
a爸爸,请相信我。 The daddy, please believe me. [translate] 
aHi, Tom! 喂,汤姆! [translate] 
aSent: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 13:25:25 +0800 Sent: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 13:25: 25 +0800 [translate] 
a我认为你是最佳人选 I thought you are the optiman [translate] 
a你都不知道? You all did not know? [translate] 
aIf the appendix 5 human of passports, our have already made the debarkation in your country immigration office, after whether do you give the confirmation, in order to we make the visa the application. 如果护照的附录5人,我们在您的国家移民局已经做了上岸,以后您是否给确认,为了我们提出签证申请。 [translate] 
adictionarys dictionarys [translate] 
acan't install 不能安装 [translate] 
aToday's Colour 今天颜色 [translate] 
aQuattro barile, danni enormi [translate] 
a丰富的食物替代了单调的米饭和面条 Rich food has substituted the monotonous rice and the noodles [translate] 
a我只知道 他死的很惨 I only knew he dies very miserably [translate] 
a一进门是个衣柜,里面放满了衣服。衣柜旁边是电脑,电脑桌上有书,光盘,笔,水杯。电脑桌挨着窗户,窗台上有娃娃,书,化妆品,糖果。电脑桌的对面是写字台,写字台上堆满了东西,有许多好吃的,好玩的。离写字台不远是我的小床,床上放满了玩具。小床边上还有个小柜子,柜子也全部被塞满了。 As soon as enters the gate is a closet, inside put has filled clothes.Nearby the closet is the computer, on the computer table has the book, the compact disc, the pen, the drinking glass.The computer table suffers the window, on the window is having the baby, the book, the cosmetics, the candy.The c [translate] 
a我在2003年获全校英语演讲比赛第一名 I attained entire school English oratorical contest first in 2003 [translate] 
a2008~2010年蚌埠地区无偿献血者血液检测结果分析 2008~2010 year Bengfu area free blood donor blood examination result analysis [translate] 
a我建议人们多种树,对砍树的人做严重的处罚 I suggested the people plant trees, makes the serious punishment to felling's person [translate] 
anational scholarship or scholarship sponsored 全国奖学金或奖学金主办了 [translate] 
a会计初级职称课程 Accountant primary title curriculum [translate] 
a这个话题离我们很近,很现实 This topic leaves us to be very near, very realistic [translate] 
a空头支票 Bounced check [translate] 
a没有一个人会跳舞 A person has not been able to dance [translate] 
aI do not have a sister or brother. 我没有一个姐妹或兄弟。 [translate] 
a听起来像是审问 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我最近还可以 你呢 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBecause I knew once twisted the fact to slander me the person, was I works together, also was my friend 由于我知道曾经扭转事实诽谤我人,是I,也是我的朋友 [translate] 
aCasc is coming home.APSENAL'S famous soccer player Casc Faberegas moved 巴塞罗那 Club this month.This is big news in the soccer world this summer.The 24-year-old was born in 巴塞罗那,Spain.He became a young soccer superstar there.His fans in Spain are happy to see his return Casc是来临home.APSENAL著名足球运动员Casc Faberegas被移动的巴塞罗那俱乐部这个月。这是头条新闻在足球世界这个夏天。24年老出生在巴塞罗那, Spain.He适合一个年轻足球超级明星那里。他的风扇在西班牙是愉快看他的回归 [translate] 
aAre you Mr Wang? 您是否是Wang先生? [translate] 
aEnglish bad headache 英国剧烈的头痛 [translate] 
a发表声明 Publishes stated [translate] 
a迅猛发展的公司 Swift and violent development company [translate] 
aGet critical software updates and exclusive offers for Corel customers only 得到重要软件更新和独家新闻提议为只有Corel顾客 [translate] 
athat's good.....have a lot of fun...enjoy your day 那是好.....获得很多乐趣…享受您的天 [translate] 
ayou shoulder too much 您担负太多 [translate] 
a遗失证明 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aShe and i from China 她和i 从中国 [translate] 
apleasure comes through toil 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou can say you understand the point 您能说您了解点 [translate] 
aThe Miliband brothers were born to political parents. Their father, Ralph, was a Marxist scholar. He came to Britain from Belgium in 1940, fleeing the Nazis. Ralph Miliband was buried beside Karl Marx in London’s Highgate Cemetery. His wife Marion, the brothers’ mother, remains an active party member at 76. [translate] 
a俗话说,一天一个苹果医生远离你 The slang said that, a day apple doctor is far away you [translate] 
aknow age will not be a barrier to our relationship, what i need is your 知道年龄不会是障碍到我们的关系,什么我需要是您 [translate] 
a在二零零八年五月十二日十四时二十八分 In May 12, 2008 14 o'clock 28 minutes [translate] 
aI ask what the road here to go to the square 我问什么去的这里路正方形 [translate] 
aIn fact, not everyone is happy they are happy happy happy that we will have panic 实际上,不是大家是愉快的他们是愉快愉快愉快的我们将有恐慌 [translate] 
a管理员回复 Manager reply [translate] 
a生物化工 Biological chemical industry [translate] 
a比赛期间 Competition period [translate] 
a其实不是每个人都是幸福的 他们幸福也痛快 我们狼狈也会有幸福 Actually is not each people all is happy They happy are also happy we distressedly also to be able to have happiness [translate] 
a双方当事人各执一份 The both parties hold one respectively [translate] 
a甜蜜的伤口 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a如果我是校长,我应该首先解决学习问题.上课必须要认真,不上课谁觉.课室保持干净.学生不能留长头发,这会影响到他们的学习. If I am a principal, I should first solve the study problem. Attends class must have to be earnest, who doesn't attend class sense. The classroom maintenance is clean. The student cannot let grow long the hair, this can affect theirs study. [translate] 
aThis message is not a reply 这则消息不是回复 [translate] 
aOld Chevy Nova drives 正在翻译,请等待... 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a看到了一片丰收景象 Saw a piece of abundant harvest picture [translate] 
a大家在学习生活中都做到节约能源、绿化校园、保护植物 Everybody achieves in the study life saves the energy, afforests the campus, the protection plant [translate]