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a我出生在临安 I am born in Linan [translate] 
a骑车上班 Rides a bicycle to go to work [translate] 
ayou do not need to understand anything . please believe me that i can take care of myself . 您不需要了解什么。 请相信我我可以照顾我自己。 [translate] 
a公交 Public transportation [translate] 
aby the end of the month. Dose that sound realistic? 月底以前。 药量那声音现实? [translate] 
a但是在大多数学校,已经的得到广泛支持的情况下,采取了校服制度. But in the majority schools, already obtained in the widespread support situation, has adopted the school uniform system. [translate] 
a岩土文物 Ground cultural relic [translate] 
a在这里我念了小学中学 Read the elementary school middle school in here me [translate] 
a空调外机 空调外机 [translate] 
a口译 和平和发展仍是当今时代的主题。世界多极化和经济全球化在曲折中 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHere. Mr Leo. 这里。 leo先生。 [translate] 
aLands' End, Inc. 1 Lands' End Lane lands的End, Inc. 1条土地的末端车道 [translate] 
atruncate 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你不舒服吗? You uncomfortable? [translate] 
a好好欣赏这动人的秋景 Appreciates this moving fall scenery well [translate] 
a因此,要加强对话教学的理论研究,提供充足的对话资源,落实教师培训,真正地提高教学实效、实现教学相长。 Therefore, must strengthen the dialogue teaching the fundamental research, provides the sufficient dialogue resources, carries out the teacher to train, enhances the teaching actual effect, the realization one learns by teaching truly. [translate] 
a不好意思 在游戏 Embarrassed is playing [translate] 
aThe Catalyst Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. 催化剂中心不由您的使能图形适配器的司机版本支持。 [translate] 
aSafety reviews and audits are conducted by industrial safety divisions within the company or by safety committees to ensure that unsafe conditions in the plant are corrected and that employees are following the work rules specified in manuals and instructions.Lessons learned from accidents are incorporated into design 安全回顾和审计在公司内举办由工业安全分裂或由安全委员会保证在植物中改正不安全的条件,并且雇员跟随在指南和指示指定的工作规则。从事故学到的教训被合并到设计标准里,并且许多重点在新的植物和工作规则设计在实施这些标准。Ofen、政府throuhgh职业性安全卫生立法强制执行标准。 [translate] 
a我对参加比赛很犹豫 I to attend the competition to hesitate very much [translate] 
aMath book? Where's your math book? 算术书? 在哪里是您的算术书? [translate] 
aHow are you get to school 怎么是您到学校 [translate] 
a能够承担实践教学任务的校外基地数量偏少,企业接收IT类学生半年以上顶岗实践仍有难度 Can undertake the practice teaching duty extracurricular base quantity to be few, the enterprise received above the IT kind of student for half year to go on duty for somebody else the practice still to have the difficulty [translate] 
a中国有句俗话 China has a slang [translate] 
aminimum memory requirement is 256 MB 极小的内存要求是256 MB [translate] 
aMove down, along the Z axis, to the target connection point. This step is skipped if the tool is already at the target point after the second step. 沿Z轴移动下来,向目标连接点。 如果工具已经在目标点在第二步以后,这步跳。 [translate] 
adhandsOz 18:03:19 dhandsOz 18:03 : 19 [translate] 
a過了一會兒、幾個朋友來找我 Crossed a while, several friends has looked for me [translate] 
aThey can see it from different angles, [translate] 
a你教我英语可以吗? You teach me English to be possible? [translate] 
athere's too much 有太多 [translate] 
aI want to go to pop section 我想要去流行 部分 [translate] 
a你欠我们的钱什么时候给 Когда вы задолжаете нашей деньг к податливости [translate] 
aAztec goddess 阿兹台克人女神 [translate] 
aget up steam 起来蒸汽 [translate] 
a一年四季,最美的是秋天,大地呈现出一片金黄色。秋天,一个代表静谧的季节,一个代表思恋的季节,一个代表收获的季节。 Throughout the year, most beautiful is the autumn, the earth presents a flake gold yellow.Autumn, represents the quiet season, the season which represents thinks of fondly, represents the harvest the season. [translate] 
aLoginForgot Password?Free SignupGirlsGuysShemales LoginForgot密码?自由SignupGirlsGuysShemales [translate] 
aCultural shock presents itself in everything from increased aggression towards the people to lack of appetite. 文化震动提出自己在一切从增加的侵略往人民对缺乏胃口。 [translate] 
abbiribbom bbiribbom [translate] 
a禁止吸烟! No smoking! [translate] 
a如果他从前对事情不那么严格苛刻的话,他女儿就不会这么年轻就离家出走了 If he formerly to matter not that strict harsh, his daughter could not such young leave home to leave in a hurry [translate] 
a你吃水果吗 You eat the fruit [translate] 
a心已死,全是梦 The heart has died, all is the dream [translate] 
a滚动字幕的制作 Trundle captions manufacture [translate] 
a努力开发有市场需求的新技术、新工艺和新产品;鼓励增产适销对路产品,特别是名优产品。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a只要你努力工作,就一定能成功 So long as you work diligently, certainly can succeed [translate] 
ayou are not bothering me at all... 您不根本打扰我… [translate] 
a谢谢您的祝福!祝愿您事事顺意!希望今后有机会一个工作 Thanks your blessing! Wishes your everything to one's liking! Hoped from now on will have an opportunity work [translate] 
a再低就没办法做了 Again accepted a lower status does not have the means to do [translate] 
awhy did you pick this major 为什么您选了这个少校 [translate] 
a南通公交视觉识别手册 Nantong public transportation vision recognition handbook [translate] 
a: Rétrospective des décors et costumes, Machinerie et Illusion, : 装饰的追溯和服装、机械和幻觉, [translate] 
a无论是买家、卖家,最好还是支持使用支付宝,对大家都有保障。 Regardless of is the buyer, the seller, best supports the use payment treasure, all has the safeguard to everybody. [translate] 
a41. Katy left school _______ months ago. A. nine B. eight C. eighteen D. nineteen 42. The family of Nepal has taken Katy to many _______. A. countries B. parties C. schools D. classes 43. All the classes are in _______. A. Chinese B. Indian C. English D. Nepalese 44. Which lesson isn’t taught by Katy? A. Writing. B. G 41. Katy左学校_______几个月前。 A. 九B。 八C。 十八D。 十九 42. 尼泊尔的家庭采取了Katy对许多_______。 A. 国家B。 党C。 学校D。 类43。 所有类在_______。 A. 中国B。 印第安C。 英国D。 Nepalese 44。 哪个教训没有教的是否是由Katy ? A. 文字。 B. 语法。 C. 艺术。 D. P. E. 45. Katy在尼泊尔附近将旅行与_______。 A. 朋友B。 表兄弟C。 同学 [translate] 
a我们应该怎么做呢 How should we do [translate] 
a对不起,我不爱你 Sorry, I do not love you [translate] 
aBeijing has rich tourism resources 北京有富有的旅游业资源 [translate]