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a这有助于她扩大视野 This is helpful in her expands the field of vision [translate] 
aGS1 is an international not-for-profit association with Member Organisations in over 100 countries. GS1是一个国际非营利的协会以成员组织完全成功100个国家。 [translate] 
a在。。。开始的时候 In.。。Starts time [translate] 
aInformation on IMEI 012703008886744 信息关于IMEI 012703008886744 [translate] 
a全国健美操大众锻炼一级标准证书 The national body-building exercises populace exercise the level standard certificate [translate] 
a在获得甲方同意的前提下,乙方有权以甲方指定的统一格式,在蔡澜美食城的指示牌(如有)上展示乙方的名称。 In obtains under the premise which the party of the first part agreed, the second party is authorized the unified form which assigns by the party of the first part, (for example has) in the Cai billows good food city index plate on demonstrates second party's name. [translate] 
a排针 Removing the acupuncture needle [translate] 
anice sleep 好的睡眠 [translate] 
a学会放弃,学会舍得 The academic society gives up, the academic society gives up [translate] 
a据我所知 ,从来没有人打破他在百米赛跑中的记录。 As far as I know, no person breaks him in hundred meter race records. [translate] 
adenotes the wave amplitude 表示波浪高度 [translate] 
aEnter the key that you should have received at the email account you registe 进入您应该接受了在电子邮件您registe的钥匙 [translate] 
aride everywhere 到处乘驾 [translate] 
a我们通过此项目将建立一个研究平台,用于中药的基础研究和应用研究 We will build a research platform through this project, will use in the Chinese native medicine the basic research and the applied research [translate] 
aas we know,water is the origin of the life 我们知道,水是生活的起源 [translate] 
aOne of the biggest sporting events in the world is the Olympic Games 其中一个最大的体育事件在世界是奥林匹克运动会 [translate] 
aThe woolen coat is cheap enough. 羊毛外套是足够便宜的。 [translate] 
a这周你能读完那本书吗? This week you can read off that book? [translate] 
aplease choose a language 请选择语言 [translate] 
athe working team 工作的队 [translate] 
abevelled edge for direct mounting of mirror 二面对切的边缘为镜子直接架置 [translate] 
aHTML elements HTML elements [translate] 
a火会烧毁建筑物。火会烧掉,火会夺取很多人的生命 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a平等互利 合作双赢 The equality and mutual benefit cooperation is win-win [translate] 
a我们应该尊敬父母 避免冲突 不能过和爸爸妈妈吵架 应该达成和解 多和父母交流 做力所能及的家务事 和爸爸妈妈成为好朋友 We should respect the parents to avoid conflicting cannot and father and mother quarrel should achieve reconcile many and the parents exchange make in one's power housework and father and mother become the friend [translate] 
a本次截污干管及远期污水处理厂建成后每年可有效减少向下游排放污水:CODcr 2790吨,BOD5 5150吨,SS 2790吨,TN 429吨,TP 42.9吨。 After this truncation dirty collecting main and the forward sewage treatment plant completes every year to be possible to reduce effectively to the downstream emissions sewage: CODcr 2790 tons, BOD5 5150 tons, SS 2790 tons, TN 429 tons, TP 42.9 tons. [translate] 
ai have a round face and small eyes 我有一只圆的面孔和小眼睛 [translate] 
aIT企业参与人才培养的热情不高, The IT enterprise participates in the personnel training the enthusiasm not being high, [translate] 
a把书和杂志带出阅读室 Carry over the reading room the book and the magazine [translate] 
aEenter your speech here Eenter这里您的讲话 [translate] 
a我认为大家应该爱护环境, I thought everybody should cherish the environment, [translate] 
a许多市民认为最重要的还是良好的居民修养,没有修养怎能创建一个魅力城市,一个好的城市也需要市民去维护 Many residents thought most important is the good inhabitant tutelage, how hasn't cultivated self discipline can found a charm city, a good city also needs the resident to maintain [translate] 
a学生在国家和省、市、区级各类技能大赛中力拔头筹 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahandmoisturiser 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe woman is our english teacher.you talked to her just now 妇女是与她刚才谈话的我们的英国teacher.you [translate] 
a领奖牌 Gets the medal [translate] 
aYeah she caught my eyes. As she walked on by. She could see from my face. T... hat I was. Fucking high 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a主修一个专业 Majors in a specialty [translate] 
ai am from yiwu 我是从yiwu [translate] 
aoutsiders. 局外人。 [translate] 
a把照片给人看 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aafter yesterday's fighting on the border 在战斗在边界的昨天的以后 [translate] 
aput feelings 投入感觉 [translate] 
a我们今天清仓大甩卖 We take warehouse inventory today the big markdown sale [translate] 
athere may be a degree of independence,in which case different kinds of coping may be associated with the regulation of positive and negative affect. 在不同的种类应付也许同正面和消极影响的章程联系在一起情况下,也许有程度独立。 [translate] 
a希望下次校运会中也能得到好成绩 The hope next time the school will transport can hit also can obtain the good result [translate] 
a讲述的是一场战争 Narrates is a war [translate] 
a这工作可以提供合理的薪水 This work may provide the reasonable wage [translate] 
a谈女朋友 Discusses the girlfriend [translate] 
aTranslation is slow 翻译是慢的 [translate] 
athe witness is testimony is not consistent with what he said earlier 证人是证词与什么不是一致的他及早说 [translate] 
a1. When using the subsystem clock oscillator, wiring in the area enclosed with the dotted line should 1. 当曾经子系统时钟振荡器,架线在区域附寄虚线应该 [translate] 
a我理想的房间是这样的 My ideal room is such [translate] 
a这世界变得越来越好了,但是有些地方的人们得不到幸福的日子,因为这地震,洪水,战争等等,他们变成了无家可归的人,没有食物,衣服,这些孩子们不得不去当童工来供养他们的家庭,残忍的战争让他们失去自己的亲人,失去生命。我希望有更多的人去帮助他们,他们能有温暖的房子,能享受到社会的服务,得到好的教育,有一个开心的生活。 This world became more and more good, but some place people could not obtain the happy day, because of this earthquake, the flood, war and so on, they turned the homeless person, did not have food, clothes, these children could not but go when the child laborer provided for their family, the cruel w [translate] 
aKSY I love you! You are I only, you are I complete! I love your entire life, until forever! KSY我爱你! 您是仅I,您是I完全! 我爱您的整个生活,直到永远! [translate] 
a深圳市南山区华侨城旁 Nearby Shenzhen Mt. Na area Huaqiao Cheng [translate] 
a时间预测 Time forecast [translate]