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He used his actions tell us how strong and how grateful


Action tells us how he uses his strong Thanksgiving


He used his actual actions tell us how strong how Thanksgiving


Does he use his practical action to tell us to be how strong how feels grateful
a大多数学校存在着少数学生考试作弊现象。原因大多是学校考试偏多或者偏难,学生不努力学习,在学习上懒惰。而用作弊的方法让自己的高分是为了让老师和父母高兴。 The majority schools have the minority student to take a test cheat the phenomenon.The reason mostly is the school test are many or difficult, the student studies not diligently, in study lazy.But with the method which cheats lets own high score is in order to let teacher and the parents is happy. [translate] 
a我和我爸爸一样外项 [translate] 
ait just is my own wishful thinking 它是我自己的异想天开 [translate] 
a锻炼有益键康 Exercises beneficial key Kang [translate] 
afuckin prefer fuckin更喜欢 [translate] 
a我爱这个小城市 I love this small city [translate] 
aunder the control of 受的控制 [translate] 
aLeaving you is so easy in other breath 留下您是很容易在其他呼吸 [translate] 
aall your money 所有您的金钱 [translate] 
a野牛镍币历史 Reactionary nickel history [translate] 
apresent academic position 当前学术位置 [translate] 
abandpass filter 带通滤波器 [translate] 
a每个人都是一千 Each people all are 1000 [translate] 
a私の 爱し若叶士だつた 我它做和年轻人它是Kanai忠诚的保留它是的爱 [translate] 
aI just want to be looked at you always and forever......Will we still think the same when we grow up? I just want to be looked at you always and forever ......Will we still think the same when we grow up? [translate] 
a在中世纪,庄园并非理想的经济方式,其经济形态十分封闭,人们生活水平程度只供维持生存,且是进步缓慢的生产单位。而农奴和领主是其中两个重要的组成部分。 In the middle ages, the manor ideal economical way, its economic form ten enfeoffs by no means shuts, the people living standard degree only supplies the maintenance survival, is precisely the progress slow production unit.But the serf and the feudal lord are two important constituents. [translate] 
a经过艰苦的战斗, 곤란한 전투 후에, [translate] 
aSHOHEIさん SHOHEI [translate] 
a的标志 Symbol [translate] 
a因为他骑自行车上学 Because he rides the bicycle to go to school [translate] 
a我们将要在下个星期五的晚上举行英语晚会 We are going to hold English party on the next Friday evening
ai was waching documentary film 我waching纪录片 [translate] 
a从壁架上捡回那张纸 Picks that paper from the ledge [translate] 
a机器人会被广泛使用 The robot can widely use [translate] 
aordering of the values hj=vjwj −  依然是恒定 [translate] 
aWe are now high school students, we are now the main task is to learn, we should be more books! To see more we can learn some useful books. We should do the following four-point "to read more, write more, see more, listen more." We should not now be useful for us to talk about some things, such as: comparisons among st 我们现在是高中学生,我们是现在主要任务将学会,我们应该是更多书! 要看更多我们可以学会一些有用的书。 我们应该做以下四点“读更多,写更多,看见更多,更听”。 我们不应该现在是有用为了我们能谈论有些事,例如: 比较在学生之中; 去学校看业余书; 那里类戏剧手机。 这些是我们的初中学生不应该做! [translate] 
a芥茉 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ab. were having; received b. 有; 接受 [translate] 
a以李教授为首的专家们将会很快解决农民的难题 As the head experts can solve farmer's difficult problem very quickly take Li Jiaoshou [translate] 
a你应该考虑父母的感受 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a作文题目叫 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aapply to get your passport tomorrow for japan 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a实施贸易保护 Implementation trade protection [translate] 
a我喜欢的女孩 J'aime la fille [translate] 
aequivalent variation increased 1.88 percent, which means that the welfare of Laos will [translate] 
atranslate apiexception 翻译apiexception [translate] 
aWe found that, under reasonable assumptions, this model [translate] 
afourth-class 四类 [translate] 
a我们会在一起到永远 We can arrive together forever [translate] 
a运动会使我更加健康和强壮 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a流行歌 Popular song [translate] 
a微博互动-Efva来京 Micro abundant interaction - Efva comes Beijing [translate] 
aambiguity and uncertainty(Folkman&Lazarus,1985; 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a李文红 Li Wen is red [translate] 
ain order to do sth. 为了做sth。 [translate] 
aComputers will be much smaller and more useful 计算机将是更小和更加有用的 [translate] 
a在自然界,磁性现象无处不在。宏观上包含银河系和河外星系,微观下又包括单个的原子,无不包含着磁性。磁性又包含有N极与S极,同种磁极相互排斥,异种磁极相互吸引,它们之间的力,与它们之间距离的平方成反比,与它们单位面积的平方成正比。由于它们在宏观与微观世界的排列呈各向异性,在每个地方出现排斥力与吸引力的机会一样多。因此总的来说两者基本上是相互抵消,自然界才在我们面前呈现一个呈中性的宇宙。磁性的产生与原子核的结构有着密切的联系,并且与原子核的敛集率有着决定性的关系。从微观上看,原子核包含着中子与质子,每个中子与质子又是一个微小的磁体。在没有外界干扰的情况下,它们的排列呈各向异性,因此它们对外不呈磁性,呈中性。就象我们将要在下面的探讨中谈到的 [translate] 
a有那么多工作要做,我不能和你去看电影了 Has that many work to have to do, I could not watch the movie with you [translate] 
a扶起某人 Helps up somebody [translate] 
a我们推测,通过 我们推测,通过 [translate] 
aWho is your father? And Mr Smith is my father. 谁是您的父亲? 并且史密斯先生是我的父亲。 [translate] 
a为了减缓全球变暖 In order to slow down the whole world to change warm [translate] 
a她多久去学习一次钢琴? How long does she study a piano? [translate] 
athe thst results thst结果 [translate] 
a我公司在刚刚结束的建设部2007年全国工程质量监督执法检查 Our company just was finishing ministry of construction in 2007 national project quality surveillance law enforcement inspection [translate] 
awhom I is necessary [translate] 
a他用他的实际行动告诉我们怎样坚强怎样感恩 Does he use his practical action to tell us to be how strong how feels grateful [translate]