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People can be their own knowledge, but also should be aware of their own, understanding can guide practice.


People can be their own knowledge, but also should be aware of their own, understanding can guide practice.


People can be their own cognitive, but also to know themselves, understanding can guide practice.


People who can be their own cognitive, but also should be aware of their own, recognizing that can guide practice.


The human is may by oneself cognition, moreover also should know oneself, knew may instruct the practice.
atear the price tag into half using 2 fingers at the same time. 同时撕毁价牌入一半使用2个手指。 [translate] 
aShe studies at Angle School in America 她在美国学习在角度学校 [translate] 
a祖国啊,我为你自豪! The motherland, I am you am proud! [translate] 
a我希望我的计划能提高我的成绩 I hoped my plan can enhance my result [translate] 
ain charge of other people 负责其他人 [translate] 
ato c u tomorrow ok? it's too late today 到c明天u ok ? 今天太晚 [translate] 
a在刚退休的那几个月里 In just retired that several months [translate] 
atake similar 作为相似 [translate] 
a我们进行的这次考试实在是太难了! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请不要拍照 翻译 Please do not have to photograph the translation [translate] 
a辅导供应商 Counsels the supplier [translate] 
a我是真的错了 I was am really wrong [translate] 
a我們能看到一些在書本上看到的美麗風景 We can see some beautiful scenery which sees in the books [translate] 
a    四、营销策略 [translate] 
aLearn about the tools from ETS that can help you prepare for the TOEFL test. 得知工具从可能帮助您为TOEFL测试做准备的ETS。 [translate] 
a舅舅全家都好 Uncle entire family is all good [translate] 
a教师的做用 The teacher does uses
a并且可以在事业上取得更大的成功 And may obtain a bigger success at the enterprise [translate] 
aThis document is being made publicly available prior to Board consideration. This does not imply a presumed outcome. This document may be updated following Board consideration and the updated document will be made publicly available in accordance with the Bank’s policy on Access to Information. 本文公开地使可利用在委员会考虑之前。 这不暗示一个被假定的结果。 本文也许是更新跟随的委员会考虑,并且更新文件在对信息的通入将公开地使可利用与银行的政策符合。 [translate] 
a面积1米 Area 1 meter [translate] 
arents signature 租赁署名 [translate] 
a老师说的话 Teacher said speech [translate] 
a调动大家积极性 Arouses everybody enthusiasm [translate] 
a他为学校设计了一款MP3播放机。之后,很多业内公司都向他抛来了橄榄枝,包括微软公司。但是扎克伯格却拒绝了年薪95万美元的工作机会,而选择去哈佛大学上学。在哈佛,主修心理学的他仍然痴迷电脑。 在上哈佛的第二年,他侵入了学校的一个数据库,将学生的照片拿来用在自己设计的网站上,供同班同学评估彼此的吸引力。[1] He has designed a section MP3 broadcast machine for the school.Afterwards, very many industry in companies all threw the olive branch to him, including Microsoft Corporation.But Zach Bergh has actually rejected the yearly salary 950,000 US dollar work opportunities, but chooses Harvard University to [translate] 
a病人信息服务平台 Patient information service platform [translate] 
a从水族馆步行20分钟到海边游泳,一起拍照 Walks 20 minutes from the aquarium to the seashore swimming, photographs together [translate] 
a除了歌剧,莫扎特写了什么? Except the opera, what has Mozart written? [translate] 
a星期六到星期天才执行 Saturday to week talent execution [translate] 
awe can go later,but first i have to find the way 我们可以以后去,但我必须首先发现方式 [translate] 
a每票一人,逾期作废,售出门票,概不退还。 An each ticket person, exceeds the time limit becomes invalid, sells the admission ticket, does not return generally. [translate] 
a来到这里的游客可以为你们提供免费的特产作为纪念 Arrives here tourist to be possible to provide the free special product for you to take the commemoration [translate] 
aTherefore, for any 所以,为其中任一 [translate] 
a康康去叫出租车,简来照顾迈克尔 Kang Kang is called the rental car, Jan to look after Michael [translate] 
a他骑自行车撞到了人 He rode the bicycle to hit the human [translate] 
aThe first paragraph is in fact a summary (梗概) of the news item 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a前美国国务卿康多莉扎•赖斯曾是一名非常努力的钢琴学徒, Former U.S. Secretary of State Kang Duo Li grips•Rice once was an extremely diligently piano apprentice, [translate] 
a在家乡,公司通常很小 In the hometown, the company very is usually small [translate] 
a我们会尽我们所能帮你赶制和安排发货时间 We can we be able to help you to produce in a hurry with the arrangement consignment time [translate] 
ashe has studied English two years ago 她学习了英语二年前 [translate] 
a塞纳左岸特色圣代 Sener left bank characteristic saint generation [translate] 
a在公园玩滑板 Plays the slide in the park [translate] 
aHow far are we from civilization? 多远是我们从文明? [translate] 
a另人感到恶心。哦,真是令人难以置信的!有些人不能忍受这种行为,但他们没有勇气去表达自己的不满,因此他们互相打架,实在是让人恼火,住在这样的环境! The another person feels disgusting.Oh, really is incredible! Some people cannot endure this behavior, but they do not have the courage to express own disaffection, therefore they fight mutually, really is lets the human be annoyed, lives in such environment! [translate] 
ayou have greatat understanding of the meaning 您有对意思的greatat理解 [translate] 
aa boy colled tom 男孩colled汤姆 [translate] 
a4,The next day the young boy was dry when he came home from school ! 当他来自在家学校, 4,次日年轻男孩是干燥的! [translate] 
a在老师和同学的帮助下取得了很大进步 Obtained in teacher and under schoolmate's help has been very greatly progressive [translate] 
a我不知道该如何取得学习和玩耍之间的平衡 I between did not know how should obtain studies and plays the balance [translate] 
a课后经常与我们唱歌跳舞 After the class sings frequently with us dances [translate] 
a我不知道该如何描述,但我敢肯定 他死了 I did not know how should describe, but I dare to affirm he died [translate] 
a优质课 High quality class [translate] 
a那倒不是 That but actually [translate] 
aJavanese 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou have greatet understanding of the meaning 您有对意思的greatet理解 [translate] 
a广州博物馆 Guangzhou Museum [translate] 
a人是可以被自己认知的,而且也应该认识自己,认识可以指导实践。 The human is may by oneself cognition, moreover also should know oneself, knew may instruct the practice. [translate]