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He hit a man riding a bicycle


He hit a man riding a bicycle


He rode his bicycle hit a man


he crashed into the person riding a bicycle


He rode the bicycle to hit the human
a9873453 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a无真心,别加 Does not have the sincerity, do not add [translate] 
aand I knew when I was a kid that I'd like to live there 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他的死 His death [translate] 
a在上个世纪末,汉语已成为一门国际语言 In a on century's end, Chinese has become an international language [translate] 
aEveryday in everyway 每天在everyway [translate] 
a所收外币需完整、无破损、无裂纹、不可以有涂写、胶带或纸带粘帖的痕迹,谢谢您的合作! Receives the foreign currency to need the integrity, not to have the breakage, does not have the crack, may not have spreads writes, the adhesive tape or the paper tape sticks the placard the trace, thanks your cooperation! [translate] 
awhich the bus ride was 哪些公共汽车乘驾是 [translate] 
a“felixsalmon: "I’ve spent a week with an iPhone 4S loaned to me from Apple, and I got hooked on Siri quickly." ” 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a才艺大赛 翻译 Talent and skill big game translation [translate] 
aa lways make my purchase in pure white lways 做我的购买在纯净的白色 [translate] 
a要比你幸福 我才平衡 我想我可以 是的 Must be happier than I you only then to balance me to think I may be [translate] 
a它们在互相嬉戏打闹着 They are playing mutually are creating a disturbance [translate] 
aThis Sheer Sexy Secretaries Skirt {Bridal Ivory Mesh & Lace} is available from House of Fraser {UK}, La Coquetterie {Italy}, Underwear {Belgium} and Made by Niki Online 这条纯粹性感的秘书裙子{新娘象牙滤网&鞋带}是可得到从Fraser {英国}, La Coquetterie {意大利},内衣{比利时}议院和由Niki ・ Online做 [translate] 
aI'll take a shit。 我将采取粪。 [translate] 
a比赛期间 Competition period [translate] 
aCosterà %d per elevati il cannon a %ls, continuare? Coûtera %d pour élevé la cannon à %ls, continuer ? [translate] 
a用心爱就会给人感动 With beloved can be affected to the human [translate] 
aHoney. Time does not permit, I will treat you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a多学习一门语言对我们有好处 Studies a language to have the advantage to us [translate] 
a祝贺自己最好的礼物! Congratulates the oneself best gift! [translate] 
a在暑假期间,我希望能忘记所有烦恼。 In summer vacation period, I hoped can forget all worries. [translate] 
aThe result of the project planning calculation: [translate] 
a不要把废水倒进河里 Do not pour into the waste water in the river [translate] 
a搞好防火 Does well the fire protection [translate] 
a成为一名职业选手是我曾经想做的唯一的一件事 Becomes an only matter which a professional contestant was I once wanted to do [translate] 
awhy not start now 为什么现在不是开始 [translate] 
avoltage range 电压范围 [translate] 
a我将把自己的爱好放在以后 After I will place own hobby [translate] 
a有些人不能忍受这种行为,但他们没有勇气去表达自己的不满,因此他们互相打架,实在是让人恼火,住在这样的环境! Some people cannot endure this behavior, but they do not have the courage to express own disaffection, therefore they fight mutually, really is lets the human be annoyed, lives in such environment! [translate] 
a有时,我可以从电影中受到一些启发。 Sometimes, I may receive some inspirations from the movie. [translate] 
a康康去叫出租车,简来照顾迈克尔 Kang Kang is called the rental car, Jan to look after Michael [translate] 
a每票一人,逾期作废,售出门票,概不退还。 An each ticket person, exceeds the time limit becomes invalid, sells the admission ticket, does not return generally. [translate] 
a在家乡,公司通常很小 In the hometown, the company very is usually small [translate] 
a成功的改编就是成功的诠释,是以今人的情感走进名著,靠近经典,以一颗敬畏与感恩的心对原著的精神内质和生命气场进行一次更深的沉潜和更新的体悟,看见前人之未看见,读出前人之未读出 The success reorganization is the successful annotation, is enters the famous work by people of our time's emotion, the nearness classics, by an awe with the heart which feels grateful to the original works energetic endosarc and the life was mad the field carries on realizing from experience which [translate] 
a人是可以被自己认知的,而且也应该认识自己,认识可以指导实践。 The human is may by oneself cognition, moreover also should know oneself, knew may instruct the practice. [translate] 
aTherefore, for any 所以,为其中任一 [translate] 
a我们会尽我们所能帮你赶制和安排发货时间 We can we be able to help you to produce in a hurry with the arrangement consignment time [translate] 
a前美国国务卿康多莉扎•赖斯曾是一名非常努力的钢琴学徒, Former U.S. Secretary of State Kang Duo Li grips•Rice once was an extremely diligently piano apprentice, [translate] 
aWisconsin's State Stewardship Award 威斯康辛的状态管理工作奖 [translate] 
a广州不仅历史悠久,还是中国古代“海上丝绸之路”的发祥地。 Not only Guangzhou the history is glorious, Chinese ancient times “marine Silk Road” birthplace. [translate] 
a他下定决心提前完成工作 He sets firm resolve to finish ahead of schedule the work [translate] 
a可以设置2000-2099 May establish 2000-2099 [translate] 
a事业是美国人的第一使命,所以美国是世界上最强盛的国家 The enterprise is American's first mission, therefore US is in the world the most powerful country [translate] 
a室外湿润炎热空气 屋外の湿った非常に熱い熱気 [translate] 
a2.1. Daubechies Wavelet 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe som 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aall  ∈ , it suffices to enumerate all of the intersection 所有 ∈ ,它足够了列举所有交叉点 [translate] 
a我只知道 他死的很惨 I only knew he dies very miserably [translate] 
ayes or no. 是或否。 [translate] 
aum.does not mean anything to me. um.does不卑鄙任何對我。 [translate] 
a网络教育已成为非常受欢迎,这也被称为所谓的网络教育 The network education has become receives extremely welcome, this is also called the so-called network education [translate] 
a你现在正忙着干什么呢? What now are you busy doing? [translate] 
a社会科学文献出版社 Social sciences literature publishing house [translate] 
a虽然如此,我还是会和大家共同努力去适应这种生活,享受这种学习方式 For all that, I can joint effort with everybody adapt this kind of life, enjoys this study way [translate] 
a他骑自行车撞到了人 He rode the bicycle to hit the human [translate]