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aintegated peripherals integated外围设备 [translate] 
a请问这附近有小吃店吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a和赛车一样的赛车 With vehicle race same vehicle race [translate] 
ai hurried to school doern't lunch 我赶紧了对学校doern't午餐 [translate] 
a大部分填充物 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahaha, it appears that you still love him, why do you want to leave? he got another one to hurt you? haha,看起来您仍然爱他,为什么您想要离开? 他得到另一个伤害您? [translate] 
a那些从未拥有过的人将永远不会忘记 ! These have never had the human never will be able to forget! [translate] 
a她怎么上班 How does she go to work [translate] 
a想认识他 Wants to know him [translate] 
athe findings show that contraction of the brain begins sooner in people in the country than in the towns 脑子收缩快在人在国家开始比在镇的研究结果展示 [translate] 
a环境法律 Environment law [translate] 
a也就是进入大学之后,我知道了想念的滋味 Also after is enters the university, I had known thought of taste [translate] 
a睡在飞机上 Rests on the airplane [translate] 
aChildren have a natnral curivnosit abot the world around them 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a它们是什么牌子? 它们是什么牌子? [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!NO matter. if i'm feeling uP or doWn.I miSs you for no reason and that'S my Secret NO matter. if i'm feeling uP or doWn.I miSs you for no reason and that'S my Secret [translate] 
aToday,I want to tell you how to keep healthy.It is very important for us 今天,我想要告诉您如何保持健康。它为我们是非常重要的 [translate] 
a明天早上九点钟以后 Tomorrow early morning after nine o'clock [translate] 
atime-varying Cartesian coordinates 时间变化的解析的座标 [translate] 
a是真的吗那我也很高兴的 Is really that I also very happy [translate] 
asometing happened to me 某事发生在我身上 [translate] 
aFriuli Venezia Giulia. Friuli威尼斯Julia。 [translate] 
a以“新尼德兰”命名 By “new netherlands” naming [translate] 
a幻变 Changes imaginary [translate] 
a你在考虑什么 You are considering any [translate] 
acongratulate sb on doing sth 祝贺sb在做sth [translate] 
athe ship hit a rock in the deep oceam 船在深刻的oceam撞了一个岩石 [translate] 
a分销战略 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe plot centers around a courageous young Elkin named Ocean, who is born with the ability to sense the forces of evil that attack the forest 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a邮局怎么走 How does the post office walk [translate] 
aWhat we count in the end? 我们计数什么在最后? [translate] 
a在上海的街头我们总能看到一些外来的没有正当职业的人,但在我家乡是不会出现这种情况的。我认为这种现象会对城市的安全造成威胁 We always can see in Shanghai's street corner some external does not have the right occupation person, but cannot have this kind of situation in my hometown.I thought this kind of phenomenon can pose the threat to the city security [translate] 
a例如组词造句语法 For example the group word creates sentences the grammar [translate] 
atakethe fifth takethe第五 [translate] 
aRight there beside me [translate] 
a因此有许多游客来参观 Therefore has many tourists to visit [translate] 
a怎样才能做当这些 How can do works as these [translate] 
a但它们刚才还在那里 But they a moment ago also in there [translate] 
ahe is surprised to see that there is a dog lying on the road but not 他惊奇看有说谎在路的狗,但没有 [translate] 
aThe pattern of leptomeningeal collaterals on CT angiography is a strong predictor of long-term functional outcome in stroke patients with large vessel intracranial occlusion. Stroke, 2010, 41: 2316-2322 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a睡觉 大睡特睡 Sleeping Rests greatly rests especially [translate] 
aFull Page Script 全页的剧本 [translate] 
a耗费体力 Consumption physical strength [translate] 
aNow I am a college student, everything is different from the senior, For instance, we must learn how to deal with the personal relationship, in my views, if you want to do well in personal relationship, the first thing you have to deal with is the dormitory relationship, build a harmonious environment in dormitory, let 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他们学得更好 They study well [translate] 
ainhalt 内容 [translate] 
a特殊的种类 Special type [translate] 
a城市污水及垃圾处理现状不仅与城镇的性质不相符,也不符合国家的可持续性发展的政策 Not only the city sewage and the garbage disposal present situation does not tally with the cities nature, also does not conform to the national sustainable development policy [translate] 
aThe banking sector in Laos is dominated by the state-owned Commercial Bank, which 银行部门在老挝由国有商业银行控制, [translate] 
aDon't worry,I'll tell you the story in detail right now. 不要担心,我将详细讲您故事现在。 [translate] 
aburdens and provide them with capital support (Table 3). [translate] 
aSumming the above equation over i, we find that the aggregate demand satisfies 求和上述等式i,我们发现增长的需求满意 [translate] 
aMrs Ball thought it was a cute trick. ball夫人认为它是一个逗人喜爱的把戏。 [translate] 
ahandpicked, and individually curated properties 精选,和单独地curated物产 [translate] 
a1888年4月13号阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔看到了一篇报道,报道说他已经逝世了,由于诺贝尔研究和售卖炸药,所以人们觉得他是用死亡做交易的人.然而对于世人这种怀念他的方式,诺贝尔感到很难过.因为他是致力于世界和平的人,他创造炸药是用来拯救生活的,所以他希望让人们评价他为维护世界和平的人.诺贝尔是在一个很正确的时间里发明了炸药,为什么这么说呢,因为当时很多国家需要这种既安全又威力大的炸药.我觉得在那个年代,人们也许是不希望有战争的.诺贝尔担心世人说他是用生命做交易的,所以他希望在他逝世后人们可以好好利用他的钱财,最后,他决定创立一个奖项,是颁发给在科学、文学、和平等方面做出贡献的人的奖项。就这样诺贝尔奖出现了,它包括物理学奖、化学奖、医药奖、 In April, 1888 13 Ahl Fred · Nobel saw a report, had reported said he had already passed away, because Nobel studies and sells the blasting explosive, therefore the people thought he was the human who makes the transaction with the death. However fondly remembers his way regarding common people this [translate] 
a所有选手在比赛中的表现都很出色 All contestant's very is all splendid in competition performance [translate] 
aWould you let me love you let me love you long time 会您让我爱您让我爱您很长时间 [translate]