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They learn better
aMy grandfather got little pay for his workv and could hardly support the family. 我的祖父得到了一点薪水为他的workv,并且可能几乎不支持家庭。 [translate] 
aI could be everything you need say what you wanna hear 我可能是您需要言的一切什么您想要听见 [translate] 
a“if you want to see a thing well,reach out ang touch it!”This __seem a strange thing to say,But__thing can help you to “如果您想要很好看事物,提供援助ang接触它! ”这__seem一件奇怪的事说的, But__thing可能帮助您 [translate] 
ai will happy 我意志愉快 [translate] 
aget into the school team 进入学校队 [translate] 
aloves 。 [translate] 
awhat something I want 什么某事我想要 [translate] 
a欢迎到ailina成衣店,许多美丽服装在香港出售.你需要服装? 我们美丽的服装在一个好的价格250元。 我们T恤只要$40.有很多美丽的服装以十分吸引的价格在ailina成衣店 Welcome to the ailina tailoring firm, many beautiful clothings sell in Hong Kong. You need the clothing? Our beautiful clothing in good price 250 Yuan. So long as our T-shirt $40. has very many beautiful clothings by the price which attracts extremely in the ailina tailoring firm [translate] 
aPeter邀请老师们去参加慈善演出 Peter invites teachers to participate in the charitable performance [translate] 
a万事红钢结构 All things red steel structure [translate] 
a3. 在香港,主力推廣自動噴灑系統之型號,以此貨品作為試點。(其後便會推銷至復康機構,公共場所等等) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aNetwork name 网络名 [translate] 
a我们成长中的歌声 We grow the singing sound [translate] 
apearl gloss cases with crocodile case 珍珠光泽案件以鳄鱼事例 [translate] 
ait'S ON THE FAN 它在风扇 [translate] 
aall in all,i 总之, i [translate] 
a你必须保持卧室干净整洁 You must maintain the bedroom cleanly neat [translate] 
aI want to hold your hand, gjanice 我想要握您的手, gjanice [translate] 
a中国女孩在宾馆开房办事视频 The Chinese girls open the room in the guesthouse to make love the video frequency [translate] 
aCultural shock presents itself in everything from increased aggression towards the people to lack of appetite. 文化震动提出自己在一切从增加的侵略往人民对缺乏胃口。 [translate] 
aand that's exactly what happened at Virgin 并且那确切地是什么发生了在维京 [translate] 
atrousers for riding astride 长裤为乘坐跨着 [translate] 
athe profit of all facilities will increase by 10% 所有设施赢利增加将10% [translate] 
amale here and u 这里男性和u [translate] 
apicturesetc.net picturesetc.net [translate] 
aFun facts about Smurfs Smurfs are three apples high 关于Smurfs Smurfs的趣事是三个苹果高 [translate] 
a我要成功,我要让我爱的人过得更好,加油 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe smurfs plush toys soft dolls christmas gifts 28-75cm 100cm 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aToday is a gift 今天是礼物 [translate] 
aA risk assessment program and annual plan for the facility 一个风险评估节目和每年计划为设施 [translate] 
a时钟设定菜单如下图 Clock hypothesis menu following chart [translate] 
aDisaggregating Total IT Capital into IT Asset Classes Most empirical examinations of IT business value consider IT as an aggregate, uniform asset (Bharadwaj et al. 1999), divide IT investments into capital and labor stock (Bynjolfsson and Hitt 1996, Hitt and Brynjolffson 1996, Bharadwaj 2000), or examine particular tec [translate] 
a工作原理分析 Principle of work analysis [translate] 
a我认为我们应该帮父母做家务 I thought we should help the parents to do the housework [translate] 
a我父亲年事已高,但视力很好 My father is old, but the vision is very good [translate] 
aSafety reviews and audits are conducted by industrial safety divisions within the company or by safety committees to ensure that unsafe conditions in the plant are corrected and that employees are following the work rules specified in manuals and instructions.Lessons learned from accidents are incorporated into design 安全回顾和审计在公司内举办由工业安全分裂或由安全委员会保证在植物中改正不安全的条件,并且雇员跟随在指南和指示指定的工作规则。从事故学到的教训被合并到设计标准里,并且许多重点在新的植物和工作规则设计在实施这些标准。Ofen、政府throuhgh职业性安全卫生立法强制执行标准。 [translate] 
a漂亮的彩虹 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a应城兄弟,怀恋过去的日子 Yingcheng brothers, remember fondly day [translate] 
a我将把自己的爱好放在以后 After I will place own hobby [translate] 
aIn the following, * will denote a generic constant, not necessarily the same in each instance. 在以下, *不必要将表示一个普通常数,同样在每个事例。 [translate] 
aNow I am a college student, everything is different from the senior, For instance, we must learn how to deal with the personal relationship, in my views, if you want to do well in personal relationship, the first thing you have to deal with is the dormitory relationship, build a harmonious environment in dormitory, let 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a睡觉 大睡特睡 Sleeping Rests greatly rests especially [translate] 
a城市污水及垃圾处理现状不仅与城镇的性质不相符,也不符合国家的可持续性发展的政策 Not only the city sewage and the garbage disposal present situation does not tally with the cities nature, also does not conform to the national sustainable development policy [translate] 
a骑自行车可以锻炼身体,对身体有好处 Rides the bicycle to be possible to exercise the body, has the advantage to the body [translate] 
aWould you let me love you let me love you long time 会您让我爱您让我爱您很长时间 [translate] 
a耗费体力 Consumption physical strength [translate] 
aThe banking sector in Laos is dominated by the state-owned Commercial Bank, which 银行部门在老挝由国有商业银行控制, [translate] 
a因为与父母沟通能让自己更加了解自己 Because communicates with the parents can let oneself even more understand oneself [translate] 
a特殊的种类 Special type [translate] 
aWhat can we tell the teacher?one of the girls said.He'll be a 我们可以告诉什么老师?其中一个女孩认为。他将是a [translate] 
a聚焦后的温度 After focusing temperature [translate] 
awavelet regularities 小波规律性 [translate] 
athe englishman is a quiet ,shy,reserved person who is fully relaxed only among people he knows well 英国人是在人之中充分地仅放松他很好知道的一个安静,害羞,后备的人 [translate] 
asome of them were children 有些是孩子 [translate] 
a我认为地球已经 I thought the Earth already [translate] 
a他们学得更好 They study well [translate]