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Class to sleep, decreased attention, test scores is not ideal


Class to sleep, decreased attention, test scores is not ideal


Want to sleep in class, decline in attention, the exam results unsatisfactory


classes, and want to sleep, the focus of attention in examination results are not satisfactory


Attends class wants to sleep, the attention drops, the test result is not ideal
a原来你知道,这些只是想说给你听 Originally you knew that, these only are wants to say listens to you [translate] 
areading fun 读书乐趣 [translate] 
adeductions 扣除 [translate] 
aMother is stressed out ang easy to get angry 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhich number is wrong 哪个数字是错误的 [translate] 
aif you can hold something up and put it doun it is called weight lifting . if you can hold something up but can never put it down 如果您能举行事和投入它doun它叫举重。 如果您能举行某事,但不能投入它下来 [translate] 
aglobal headquarters in m 全球性总部 [translate] 
a在安全生产管理活动中,通过研究分析员工的心理,了解他们在各自岗位上的需求与愿望,预测他们的工作行为及动向,制定出切合实际、保护广大员工的安全管理措施和制度。建立员工安全心理模型,形成安全心理定势,提高安全心理容量,从而使员工在生产中能够根据客观情况的变化作出适应性的反应,用心理指导行为达到安全生产的目的。 In safety in production management, analyzes staff's psychology through the research, understood they on respective post demand and the desire, forecast their work behavior and the trend, formulate realistic, the protection general staff's safety control measure and the system.Establishes the staff [translate] 
a把所有的醒用于等你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a到了公园 To park [translate] 
a那你忙,不打扰了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a李斯特菌病 Liszt fungus sickness [translate] 
a引用消息 Quotation news [translate] 
a某人值得钦佩 Somebody is worth admiring [translate] 
a我记忆最深的考试是第一次模拟考 I remembered the deepest test is the first simulation tests [translate] 
a每次我出去吃饭,或都去厕所,我都有告诉同事,如果有人找我,请他一定要等我一会 Each time I exit to eat meal, or all goes to the restroom, I all have the telling colleague, if some people look for me, asks him certainly to have to wait for my meeting [translate] 
aBecause we all chinese want to see the development of our country, so I think we should study english well to get the highr technics of forein countries. This is the reson why we learn english. [translate] 
aworried that he couldn't answer other people'squestions correctly 担心他不可能正确地回答其他people'squestions [translate] 
ayou are not bothering me at all... 您不根本打扰我… [translate] 
a听父母的话,让他们开心 Listens to parents' speech, lets them be happy [translate] 
af x 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abefore her holiday break、 在她的假日、之前 [translate] 
a我爱秋天。 I love the autumn. [translate] 
a机器人为人们做困难的事 The machine artificial people make the difficult matter [translate] 
aexploration at the Sepon site, Vilaybouly district, Savannkhet province. Given the 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们只有这些 We only then these [translate] 
anextFrame 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在我的印象中,小时候经常见到的小动物,现在必须去动物园才能观看到 In mine impression, the micro-organism which frequently saw in childhood, now must go to the zoo to be able to watch [translate] 
askysonk skysonk [translate] 
aithink ican do that well ithink ican很好做那 [translate] 
a查询各种信息资料 Inquires each kind of information paper [translate] 
a我也希望在未来我可以成为一个出色的团队中的一员 I also hoped I might become in a splendid team in the future [translate] 
a学生票价于网上的票价一致吗 Student ticket price on net ticket price consistent [translate] 
a砍伐树木是不可避免的在如今的生活中 Felling trees are inevitable in the present life [translate] 
aFull Page Script 全页的剧本 [translate] 
a是因为不自信造成的 Is because creates not self-confidently [translate] 
a耗费体力 Consumption physical strength [translate] 
a借助英语可以更快更好地学习现代技术.学好英语,我们可以更好地为祖国服务 May well study the modern technology quickly with the aid of English. Learns English, we may serve well for the motherland
ahe is surprised to see that there is a dog lying on the road but not 他惊奇看有说谎在路的狗,但没有 [translate] 
aRight there beside me [translate] 
a如果我们吃早餐 我们将会得到我们所需能量 If we will have the breakfast we to be able to obtain us to need the energy [translate] 
a魏华的字是我们班最好的 The Wei Hua character is our Ban Zuihao [translate] 
a怎样才能做当这些 How can do works as these [translate] 
a吉姆数学考试不及格。 The Jim mathematics test does not pass an examination. [translate] 
aThere are many kinds of sports that I enjoy 有我享受的许多体育 [translate] 
a倒计时20秒后开始 After the countdown 20 seconds start [translate] 
aSafety reviews and audits are conducted by industrial safety divisions within the company or by safety committees to ensure that unsafe conditions in the plant are corrected and that employees are following the work rules specified in manuals and instructions.Lessons learned from accidents are incorporated into design 安全回顾和审计在公司内举办由工业安全分裂或由安全委员会保证在植物中改正不安全的条件,并且雇员跟随在指南和指示指定的工作规则。从事故学到的教训被合并到设计标准里,并且许多重点在新的植物和工作规则设计在实施这些标准。Ofen、政府throuhgh职业性安全卫生立法强制执行标准。 [translate] 
a她的烟草引起了爆炸 将一个男人杀死 Her tobacco caused the detonation to kill a man [translate] 
aI Love U ,Zhonghui!I do care everything about U.Honey I hope U can understand me!。。。。。。。 我爱U, Zhonghui! 我关心一切关于U.Honey I希望U可以明白我! .。。。。。。 [translate] 
a他们将会有所准备 They will be able to have the preparation [translate] 
a使球队失去了赢得比赛的机会 Caused the team to lose has won the competition the opportunity [translate] 
a他想起青春时的美好时光 He remembers when the youth happy time [translate] 
a我们这个俱乐部提供各种各样的活动,例如,基础训练。 Our this club provides various activity, for example, fundamental training. [translate] 
aIt gives us milk. 它给我们牛奶。 [translate] 
a请走那条路前面的路段正在施工。 Please walk in front of that road road section to be under construction. [translate] 
a上课想睡觉,注意力下降,考试成绩不理想 Attends class wants to sleep, the attention drops, the test result is not ideal [translate]