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a2 oz.By philosophy 2盎司。由哲学 [translate] 
a你不准备睡觉了 You did not prepare to sleep [translate] 
a挺帅吧 Very leads [translate] 
a一个大鼻 A big nose [translate] 
aThe foregoing obligations will not restrict either party from disclosing Confidential Information of the other Party 前面义务从透露另一个党的机要信息不会制约任一个团体 [translate] 
aIs he a student or teacher? 他是否是学生或老师? [translate] 
aWho can help you find out more about Japanese traditions? 谁能帮助您发现更多关于日本传统? [translate] 
a核武器属于大规模杀伤性武器,因此,核安全便成为关乎世界和平与安全的大问题。近几年,国际核裁军、防止核扩散及和平利用核能的进程不断受挫。目前,朝鲜核问题、伊朗核问题、美俄进一步削减核武器谈判等已成为令世人关注的限核及裁核的主要问题。所有这一切发生的同时,我们又期望发展民用核方案。因此我们需要一个更有效的国际保障。 核武器属于大规模杀伤性武器,因此,核安全便成为关乎世界和平与安全的大问题。近几年,国际核裁军、防止核扩散及和平利用核能的进程不断受挫。目前,朝鲜核问题、伊朗核问题、美俄进 [translate] 
a我所学的专业包括了以下这些课程:现代汉语、古代汉语、中国古代文学、中国现当代文学、外国文学、、写作、秘书学、公共关系学、现代管理学、形式逻辑、语言学概论、文学概论、美 学、比较文学、中国古代文论、西方文论、中国文化、外国文化、档案管理学、社会心理学、经济法、大学英语、大学数学、计算机等。 [translate] 
a无论一个家庭有多少人组成,都是一个整体。 Regardless of a family has how many people to compose, all is a whole. [translate] 
acomments or concerns 评论或关心 [translate] 
aThe person who lead trends 带领趋向的人 [translate] 
a有时我还参加植树活动 Sometimes I also participate in the tree-planting activity [translate] 
aand a good partners of Beiliu porcelain manufacturer 并且Beiliu瓷制造商的好伙伴 [translate] 
a明年他将要去看望他的爷爷奶奶。 Next year he will be going to go to see him grandfather paternal grandmother. [translate] 
a哈哈 不想家 Ha ha does not miss homeland [translate] 
a����������������������ɽ��ɽ¶Ӫ���dz��������������ˣ����������ϰ˵����ڻ���վ�㳡���ϣ�� ����������������������ɽ��ɽ¶Ӫ���dz�������������� ˣ ����������ϰ˵����ڻ��� վ � 㳡 ��� ϣ �� [translate] 
a协同作用 Synergism [translate] 
aWhether it's worth discounting surplus holidays is an arguable point, as it not only cuts into profits, but also results in budget-conscious holidaymakers being put next to SunTours' more affluent customers, thus damaging the brand. 它是否值得打折节余假日是可争论的点,当它不仅切开成赢利,而且导致在SunTours的更加富有的顾客旁边被投入的讲究预算假日游客,因而损坏品牌。 [translate] 
a连云港旅游照片 Lienyungang traveling picture [translate] 
athey are common in Australia,New Zealand and some parts of China 他们是共同的在澳洲、新西兰和中国的有些部分 [translate] 
a星期六到星期天才执行 Saturday to week talent execution [translate] 
a明天我们要进行一次坐船的旅行 We will have to carry on the travel tomorrow which one time will travel by boat [translate] 
awe can go later,but first i have to find the way 我们可以以后去,但我必须首先发现方式 [translate] 
a不久, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a病人信息服务平台 Patient information service platform [translate] 
arents signature 租赁署名 [translate] 
a葡萄 葡萄特别适合“懒惰”的人吃,因为最健康的吃法是“不剥皮、不吐籽”。葡萄皮和葡萄籽比葡萄肉更有营养。红葡萄酒之所以比白葡萄酒拥有更好的保健功效,就是因为它连皮一起酿造。葡萄籽中含量丰富的增强免疫、延缓衰老物质opc,进入人体后有85%被吸收利用。葡萄有祛痰作用,咳嗽的时候可以吃点,但糖尿病患者不宜食用。 [translate] 
ashunt wound 分流器创伤 [translate] 
a调动大家积极性 Arouses everybody enthusiasm [translate] 
aalive if you easily give up life , then you. [translate] 
a"i 'm eight," he said. “我‘m八”,他说。 [translate] 
a「おいちはや。てめえんとこの執事は客人を庭の犬小屋に押し込めるんか」 “它是,并且[希腊字母x)是快的。[te) [我)是获得以这位管家推挤在客人入狗窝在庭院里,它是?” [translate] 
aSince you only used your Amazon Prime benefits on a few items, you will receive a prorated refund of $72.68 for the remaining months of your membership. Your refund should be processed within the next 2-3 business days and will appear as a credit on your card's next billing statement. If your latest membership charge i 从您在几个项目,您只使用了您的亚马孙头等好处将接受按比例分配的退款$72.68在剩余的月您的会员资格。 在您的卡片的下个布告声明应该在下2-3个营业日之内处理您的退款,并且出现作为信用。 如果您的最新的会员资格充电仍然处理,我们将发布退款,当充电完成。 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!send it to animal shelter 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a精选顶级菲力牛排 Selection top Philippines strength beefsteak [translate] 
aSmall part of our galaxy 我们的星系的小部分 [translate] 
aEmbassy of the U .S .A 美国的使馆 [translate] 
a昨天,迈克尔出事故了,他摔倒了,受伤了,他感觉很糟糕,他的朋友叫计程车并送他去医院并照顾他,之后玛丽亚 简和康康送些苹果鲜花 他们让迈克尔呆在床上 之后听从医生建议 不久就康复回家了 Yesterday, Michael had the accident, he threw down, has been injured, he felt very bad, his friend was called the taxi and delivers him to go to the hospital and to look after him, afterwards Maria Jan Hekang Kang Songxie the apple fresh flower they let Michael stayed after the bed obey doctor to su [translate] 
aanamorphs or teleomorphs anamorphs或teleomorphs [translate] 
aCan you hear anything strange behind the tree? [translate] 
a白嫩 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a了在任何时间、地点、环境下进行学习的选择,使有限的教育资源辐射到了更多 [translate] 
a马丹柔 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我认为那时很有趣的 I thought very interesting at that time [translate] 
a我认为一个健康的人应该具有以上三种品格,你呢? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a配套管网 Necessary pipe network [translate] 
adefined as a small firm. Qualitative definitions distinguish between different kinds of [translate] 
aIf we can follow these principles, we will certainly achieve remarkable success in our life. 如果我们可以根据这些原则,我们在我们的生活中一定将达到卓越的成功。 [translate] 
aThe definition of SMEs varies from country to country in terms of number of SMEs的定义从一国到另一国变化根据数字 [translate] 
aIT'S SEPTEMBER 29TH. 它是9月29日。 [translate] 
a我认为以下3点很重要 I think very importantly following 3 [translate] 
a在这方面很有研究 Has the research very much in this aspect [translate] 
a尽量不要翻译每一个单词 Do not have to translate each word as far as possible [translate] 
a每个学生都有一本英语本 Each students all have an English phrase book [translate] 
a一些很难的问题 Some very difficult question [translate] 
aWe also derive novel structural 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]