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aalthough the total amount of water contained at any one time in rivers and steams is small compared to the other water reservoirs of the world ,these surface waters are vitally important to humans and most other organisms 虽然总额水随时包含在河和蒸汽是小的与世界的其他水水库比较,这些水面是非常重要对人和多数其他有机体 [translate] 
a9. Process ability?(process of a shaft, parameter, insert(labeling), emulsion) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a如果我和你在一起 你想和我说什么 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你没有那么胖 You not that fat [translate] 
a任何参与伊拉克战争的士兵都会获得1万美元的补助金 Any participates in the Iraqi war the soldier can obtain 10,000 US dollars subsidies [translate] 
a但是,我认为我有较强的适应能力 But, I thought I have the strong adaptiveness [translate] 
aVAIO_Power_Management VAIO_Power_Management [translate] 
a数据挖掘是智能学习方面普遍应用的技术,将人工智能技术和数据库技术完美结合,让计算机能够从臃肿、复杂的信息中提取有价值的知识。 The data mining is a technology which the intelligent study aspect applies generally, the artificial intelligence technology and the data bank technology perfect union, lets the computer be able from extremely fat, the complex information to withdraw the valuable knowledge. [translate] 
a狗除了白色和黑色外看不到任何颜色.因此我们更应该善待我们的朋友. Dog besides white and black blind any color. Therefore we should handle kindly us the friend. [translate] 
asolid waste (MSW) compost was produced using the in-vessel [translate] 
a4 hours means the earth rotates for 60 degree because a day 24 hours and 360 degree. 4个小时地球为60度转动,因为一天24个小时和360度的手段。 [translate] 
amany factors contribute to the popularity of the game.to begin with it enables students to experience the pleasure of farming,which is beyond their reach in reality.in a assition students are under great pressure and farming online is a good way for them to relax.it can also bring friends closer and closer 许多因素对game.to的大众化贡献从它开始使学生体验乐趣种田,实际上是在他们的伸手可及的距离.in之外assition学生是在巨大压力下,并且在网上种田是一个好方式为他们对relax.it可能也带来朋友更加接近和更加紧密 [translate] 
aNO.OFUNIT 在.OFUNIT [translate] 
a冰箱里没有橘子汁 In the refrigerator does not have the orange juice [translate] 
a胃癌是我国常见的恶性肿瘤之一,在我国其发病率居各类肿瘤的首位。在胃的恶性肿瘤中,腺癌占95%这也是最常见的消化道恶性肿瘤,乃至名列人类所有恶性肿瘤之前茅。早期胃癌70%以上无明显症状,随着病情的发展,可逐渐出现非特异性的、类同于胃炎或胃溃疡的症状,包括上腹部饱胀不适或隐痛、泛酸、嗳气、恶心,偶有呕吐、食欲减退、消化不良、大便潜血阳性或黑便、不明原因的乏力,消瘦或进行性贫血等。当临床症状明显时,病变已属晚期。因此,要十分警惕胃癌的早期症状,以免延误诊治。 [translate] 
apleased with the service the waiters has given them 喜欢以服务侍者给了他们 [translate] 
a门板上盖 シャッター上の頭部 [translate] 
adifferent from come to oneself 与来不同到自己 [translate] 
aI gota be a bad boy forevepr,Bad because the woman. I gota是一坏男孩forevepr,坏,因为妇女。 [translate] 
a母亲宁可让女儿做餐厅招待者维持生计,也不愿她嫁给那个人 The mother rather lets the daughter be the dining room inviter to maintain the livelihood, also is not willing her to marry to that person [translate] 
a轻柔的音乐 Gentle music [translate] 
a谢Sarah给她一次机会 Thanks Sarah to her an opportunity [translate] 
a我建议他先等一会儿,然后再做决定 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a[Body] 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI tied it on a string 我栓了它在串 [translate] 
a正好我的也到时间了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不要犹豫不决,否则自己还是一文不值 Do not be indecisive, otherwise own are not worth a red cent [translate] 
aOnly spell of beauty 秀丽仅咒语 [translate] 
aDinking Dinking [translate] 
a代表我们对未来的美好向往 Yearned for happily on behalf of us to the future [translate] 
a我确实无能为力 I am truly helpless [translate] 
a它给艾滋病患者带来了关爱和希望 It gave AIDS patient to bring has shown loving concern with the hope [translate] 
a日常的工作是 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSuch a coordination of processes had been thought to require control by the nervous system; Bayliss and Starling showed that it could occur through chemicals alone. This discovery spurred Starling to coin the term hormone to refer to secretin, taking it from the Greek word hormon, meaning "to excite" or "to set in moti 过程的这样协调由神经系统认为要求控制; Bayliss和Starling表示,它可能通过单独化学制品发生。 这个发现在行动激励Starling铸造期限激素提到secretin,采取它从希腊词hormon,意味“激发”或“设置”。 激素是一个组织导致的化学制品做事在别处发生 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!where the soldiers gone? where the soldiers gone? [translate] 
aNo.3 DDD ROAD ,QINGDAO,CHINA 没有双对氯苯基二氯乙烷路,青岛,中国 [translate] 
aI first became interested in football when I was nine. Now I play in my school team and join my friends for a game every week on a regular basis. It’ fun. 当我是九,我首先变得对橄榄球感兴趣。 现在我充当我的学校队并且每周经常加入我的朋友为赛。 它’乐趣。 [translate] 
a你是我的最爱~ You are I most love ~ [translate] 
ado…by mistake 错误地… [translate] 
a、Isnˊt it about time 、Isnˊt它关于时间 [translate] 
a我们能一起和张影吗 We can together and a shade [translate] 
a丢 扔 Loses throws [translate] 
a8年后我要去英国,所以学* After 8 years I must go to England, therefore study * [translate] 
aI want to thank you Lord, for you are my savior, my redeemer, I will praise you. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ascrawny 骨瘦如柴 [translate] 
a呆了一会 Has stayed a meeting [translate] 
a但是在现实中永远不可能 But in reality never possible [translate] 
a他说我的想法跟不上时代 He said my idea cannot follow the time [translate] 
a薄一点的衣服 Thin clothes [translate] 
a내가 있을때 1500 도 많았는데 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a采用方便采样法 Uses the convenient sampling law [translate] 
a有些父母想要与他们的孩子更好的交流 Some parents wish and their child better exchange [translate] 
asmallrest smallrest [translate] 
aTo be honest, I have no way to face... That has changed you, I tried to go to protect, in the end you you still get... This is fate... 老实讲,我不需要方式面对… 那在最后改变了您,我设法去保护,您仍然得到…的您 这是命运… [translate] 
a我现在读初一了,在新民中学读书。初一七班。是个尖子班,那你现在呢?你的父母亲身体好麽?你现在的学习怎样?我还可以,你弟弟呢?读几年级啦? I read the first day now, studied in the new people middle school.First day seven classes.Is the best squad, then you now? Your parents body is good? You now study how? I am alright, your younger brother? How many grades reads? [translate] 
awanna jump inside your love 想要跳跃在您的爱里面 [translate] 
apassing one now 现在通过一 [translate]