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a如果你来四川,你必须这两个地方 If you come Sichuan, you must these two places [translate] 
aちゅうごく [希腊字母x) [yu)它移动 [translate] 
a分析我国汽车4S店营销现状及其策略--以长沙市星沙日产为例 Analyzes Our country Automobile 4S Shop marketing present situation and the strategy--Take the Changsha star sand daily production as the example [translate] 
a12) These are all-too-familiar reminders this summer that greater public attention needs to be given to resolving the persistent problems confronting America’s outmoded, overcrowded, and violence-prone penal institutions. 12) These are all-too-familiar reminders this summer that greater public attention needs to be given to resolving the persistent problems confronting America' s outmoded, overcrowded, and violence-prone penal institutions. [translate] 
abetter stay in 更好 逗留在 [translate] 
a在对的时间做错的事,所以我退出!死过之后,再也疼不起! In to the time makes the mistake, therefore I withdraw! After has died, again also cannot hurt! [translate] 
ashall be delivered in english 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他从自行车上摔下来,结果不得不在床上躺了一个月 He falls down from the bicycle, the result could not but lie down for a month on the bed [translate] 
a氯化(1,5-环辛二烯)化钌 Chlorination (1,5- link octadiene) ruthenium [translate] 
a我会去散步 I can go to take a walk [translate] 
aIf interoperability cannot be achieved, the Fieldbus installation exercise is worthless and the particular Fieldbus is useless 如果互用性不可能达到, Fieldbus设施锻炼是不值得的,并且特殊Fieldbus是无用的 [translate] 
aRe the responsibility of quality management is transferred to Mr. Wang Junfei 关于质量管理的责任转移到先生。 Wang Junfei [translate] 
aThey offer a free computer, (还有软件和一台打印机). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe,weather,is,good,that,day 天气,是,好,那,天 [translate] 
aIf you eat one every day,you keep off the doctor.I'm a kind of fruit. 如果您每天吃一,您让开医生。我是一果子。 [translate] 
a被羞愧压倒 Is crushed ashamed [translate] 
a未來生活 Future will live [translate] 
a但同时现在因为资源的 原因为我的生活提供了不便 But simultaneously because now the resources reason has provided for mine life inconveniently [translate] 
aWrite a newspaper article.Tell how students get to your school. 写报纸文章。告诉怎样学生到您的学校。 [translate] 
a雪中花 In the snow spends [translate] 
aFortune - Love [translate] 
a你会用英语拼写他的名字吗? You can use English to spell his name? [translate] 
aSuch a coordination of processes had been thought to require control by the nervous system; Bayliss and Starling showed that it could occur through chemicals alone. This discovery spurred Starling to coin the term hormone to refer to secretin, taking it from the Greek word hormon, meaning "to excite" or "to set in moti 过程的这样协调由神经系统认为要求控制; Bayliss和Starling表示,它可能通过单独化学制品发生。 这个发现在行动激励Starling铸造期限激素提到secretin,采取它从希腊词hormon,意味“激发”或“设置”。 激素是一个组织导致的化学制品做事在别处发生 [translate] 
a5.2 Starting the fan 26 5.2 Starting the fan 26 [translate] 
aTV’s Influence On Our Daily Life 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a左勾拳 左のホック [translate] 
aTell me something about the customs of your hometown 告诉我某事关于您的故乡风俗 [translate] 
a名贵的高丽参 [translate] 
a很多特别的房子和美丽的小店。使我印象深刻。 Very many special houses and beautiful shop.Causes my impression to be profound. [translate] 
a在这种情况下,具体的、周到的服务,必须有专业化的社会工作者。之所以造成这种难以理解的供需脱节的悖谬,是由于我们以前的工作体制没有理顺。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不好意思。看不懂中文 Embarrassed.Cannot understand Chinese [translate] 
a我建议他先等一会儿,然后再做决定 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abetween dare and devil, there is -.- (minus then dot then minus) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aset color orange [translate] 
a词汇维系着语音和语法,是语言的建筑基石。在我们这样一个缺少外语环境的国度学习外语,很难自然习得目标语的口语,必须要从语言基础知识学起。离开了高效的词汇学习,语言知识的掌握便无从谈起,交际能力的培养也将成为无源之水,外语教学也就无效益可言。Allen& vallet(1972)曾指出:无论是哪种目标语,词汇在所有语言教学中都是重要因素。语言学家博林格也曾说过:任何一个掌握了一门外语的人都清楚地知道,主要时间都是花在掌握这门语言的词汇上面的。他认为词汇中的信息量大大超过了语言中的其它任何部分的信息量。自然教学法的倡导人特蕾西认为:词汇学习对于理解语言和言语输出都至关重要。有了足够的词汇量,即使对结构的了解几乎等于零,也可以理解和说出大量 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait's worse than ALL TALK 970 AM 它比所有谈话上午970点坏 [translate] 
amy dear. love you is yesterday. 我亲爱。 爱您是昨天。 [translate] 
a整整一天,不想动,也不想吃饭 Entire one day, does not want to move, also does not want to eat meal [translate] 
a我会给你一个大惊喜 I can give you greatly pleasantly surprised one [translate] 
a这部电影比其他所有电影的糟的多。 This movie compared to other all movie brewer's grain many. [translate] 
a“每天,我们都在为下一个新产品的诞生而努力。” “Every day, we all in try hard for the next new product birth.” [translate] 
a姚春伟,你的英语真不错 Yao Chun is great, your English is really good [translate] 
ain order to improve the student listening and speaking ability 为了改进学生听的和讲的能力 [translate] 
a他们准备在伦敦过夏天 They prepare in London to cross the summer [translate] 
a他的妈妈的工作是 His mother's work is [translate] 
ahe was angry beacourse his son broke his glasses 他恼怒beacourse他的儿子打破了他的玻璃 [translate] 
aspoil you 损坏您 [translate] 
aI'm late for the meeting 我为会议是晚 [translate] 
aOne striking aspect of this confluence is that it has produced a new social phenomenon, it has created the ‘digital native’ or the millennium generation. 此的一个醒目的方面精读fluence是它导致了一种新的社会现象,它创造了`数字式当地’或千年世代。 [translate] 
aPlants do not let the wind blow the soil away. 植物不让风吹土壤去。 [translate] 
a知道爸爸的辛苦也不抱怨 Knew the daddy laborious did not complain [translate] 
areturnd returnd [translate] 
aI'm late for the meeting to tea 我为会议是晚对茶 [translate] 
atrying his best 尝试他最佳 [translate] 
a这张照片照的是一个许愿池,据说情侣们在这边许愿的话,他们的情感就会长长久久。 This picture illuminates is a Xu Yuanchi, it is said the lovers the speech which makes a vow in here, their emotion on association president long-time long. [translate] 
asome people swim in the sea all the year round 某些人游泳在海所有年圆 [translate]