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你可以说: 你已经睡了一下午




您能说: 您睡觉了所有下午
ao of the windows o窗口 [translate] 
aB、 the older people [translate] 
asomethime I found I am so weak somethime I找到我是很微弱的 [translate] 
a他们叫TomandJerry. 他们叫TomandJerry。 [translate] 
a当我们到那,翻译公司已经开始了 When our arrive that, the translation company already started [translate] 
aFirst of all, technology makes life easier. With the invention of various electric home-appliances, housework is no longer a drudgery. With the innovation of assembly lines workers do not have to struggle with splitting lump of wood or iron. With the emerging medical treatment or therapy, the handicapped can lead a bet [translate] 
aPls help on this case; Pls帮助在这个案件; [translate] 
awhat hill ofthat 什么小山 [translate] 
a所以只要你想没有做不到的 So long as therefore you thought could not have achieved [translate] 
a附件为发给福清关于青岛厂的文章,请审阅 The appendix for issues Fuqing about the Qingdao Factory article, please scrutinize [translate] 
aand may also be classified as linear resistor are available 因为线性电阻器是可利用的,并且可以也被分类 [translate] 
aWho did you go with? o wftc 谁您去与? [translate] 
a令我失望 Makes me be disappointed [translate] 
a这件事,让我知道了 この問題は、私を知っている可能にした [translate] 
a既然篮球赛已被推迟,我们不妨去参观博物馆。 Since the basketball tournament has been postponed, we might as well visit the museum. [translate] 
a明天我们要进行一次坐船的旅行 We will have to carry on the travel tomorrow which one time will travel by boat [translate] 
a那个男人拿着布莱克的衣服而布莱克拿着他的,所以他让布莱克把他的衣服给他 But that man takes Blake's clothes Blake to take him, therefore he lets Blake give his clothes he [translate] 
aTHE BOY WEREN'T HURT 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhen i'm a pupil,My mon and dady always take me to school and when It's ranining,My mom must take the umberaler to my classrom to take me back home. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBecause think. Tranquil night miss you, you read 由于认为。 平静的夜错过您,您读了 [translate] 
a┢┦aΡpy ┢┦aΡpy [translate] 
abonjour esque vous faite un kit de pompe de direction assister pour un freelander annee 2000 2l diesel merci 你好esque做了您成套工具泵浦方向协助为freelander年2000 2l柴油慈悲 [translate] 
a人,总是那么现实 Human, always that reality [translate] 
a明年他将要去看望他的爷爷奶奶。 Next year he will be going to go to see him grandfather paternal grandmother. [translate] 
aGood rain knows the season right 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a历山三中七年级三班 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a一处无人料理的旧房院子前正开着绚丽的喇叭花。(花名好像是叫作朱顶红)。是当年妈妈种的。如今人已走了好几年,花也无人料理却开得鲜红似火,开得如此悲壮。 Nobody attends to in front of the old building courtyard is blooming the gorgeous morning glory.(Household register probably is called Zhu Dinghong).Was same year mother plants.Now the human walked for several years, flowered nobody has also attended to opens actually bright red resembles the fire, [translate] 
aset color orange [translate] 
a目前有一些学生将更多的精力放在玩电脑游戏上而不是放在学习上 But at present will have some students more energy to place plays at the computer games will be places in the study [translate] 
a你有没有给那个朋友电话? Do you have for that friend telephone? [translate] 
a经本公司研究 Studies after this company [translate] 
a不断适应时常的需求 Adapts the often demand unceasingly [translate] 
aIf it's something you've been dying to have in your home, you won't be able to resist buying it no matter how much it costs. Let's think about this for a bit -- isn't there a big difference between want and need? 如果它是某事您在您的家,您急切有不会能抵抗买它,无论它花费。 我们考虑为位 -- 不有没有之间一个大区别要并且需要? [translate] 
achoise 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHegt den Schatz, und überlassen die Aufgabe des 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a左勾拳 左のホック [translate] 
acould you come to my home 可能您来到我的家 [translate] 
a残破的灵魂 Broken soul [translate] 
a我叫胡晨曦,来自陕西西安,今年21岁,现在就业于内蒙古乌海市第八地质矿产开发院 My name am Hu the dawn, comes from the Shaanxi Xi'an, this year 21 years old, now employment in Inner Mongolian Wuhai eighth geology minerals development courtyard [translate] 
a一生只爱你雯 The life only loves your cloud patterns [translate] 
aperfumed shower gel gel douche parfume 充满香气的阵雨胶凝体胶凝体douche parfume [translate] 
a而我对你还是深深的爱着 But I deep am loving to you [translate] 
a一位体育局人士说,对一些运动员来说,当保安、看大门的稳定工作已经算不错的了。在这样的背景下,各地都积压了一批无处可去、等待安置的退役运动员。黑龙江省目前有二百多人无法分配,山东有近百人。 A sports bureau's public figure said, to some athletes, when the security, looked the front door the steady work already calculated good.Under such background, each place all piled up one batch of there is no places to be possible to go to, the waiting placement retirement athlete.Heilongjiang Provi [translate] 
aNo, I want to go with you. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aso,perhaps she will de a 16 year old in the 2016 olympics 如此,或许她意志de每16岁在2016奥林匹克 [translate] 
a本帅哥不在! 等 這個總司令哥哥不! 等等 [translate] 
a小雅和马里奥站在一幢破败不堪的老宅前 The xiaoya and Mario stand in front of the old dwelling which is unable to withstand ruined [translate] 
ase connecter a internet est tres courant,surtout chez les jeunes 要连接自己有互联网是非常当前,特别是在青年人 [translate] 
ain the afiernoon 在afiernoon [translate] 
a第四幕 Fourth [translate] 
a学习语言能力强 Study language ability [translate] 
a建筑智能总线系统 構造の知性のメインラインシステム [translate] 
a可以储存更多的信息 May store up more informations [translate] 
a他花了半个小时做功课。 He spent for half hour to do the schoolwork. [translate] 
a答应与我一起看日起日落行吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他闹了一个笑话 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou can say: you have slept all the afternoon 您能说: 您睡觉了所有下午 [translate]