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Cares about most people, most important, the most special people, the most cherished people, are you.


Most people who care about the accent of the people, the most special people, the most treasured people, is you.


Most of the people, the most attention, the most special person, and cherish the most, the person who you are.


Most cares about the human, most takes the human, the specialest person, most treasures the human, all is you.
a多久没有办事 How long hasn't made love [translate] 
aPassword must be at least eight characters Passwords must contain at least one lower case letter. 密码必须是密码必须包含至少一个小写字母至少的八个字符。 [translate] 
asarah:hi!bai you like animals? 萨拉:高! bai您喜欢动物? [translate] 
a今晚你要做什么 Tonight you must make any [translate] 
a她得儿子正在哭 Her son is crying [translate] 
aPolice Drugs create hallucination for people who take them. If you try once, you will be addicted to them. Without them, you will be sick and sometimes you will even hurt yourself. It’s not a smart thing to do. [translate] 
a宝宝的母亲 Baby's mother [translate] 
awe can talk, but only by phone 我们可以由电话仅谈话,但 [translate] 
aDo you know the champion of China's Got Talent in 2010?---Liu Wei? He is armless, but he plays the piano by his toes very well! Everyone was shocked by his performance. Unbelievable! Actually we have a lot of tough disabled people around us! Let's find them out! What support these disabled people to live so well? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a她感到很兴奋就马上打开礼物 She felt very excitedly on immediately opens the gift [translate] 
aanniwersary anniwersary [translate] 
a我将努力去学习会计知识 I diligently will study accountant the knowledge [translate] 
a见一个爱一个目标永远是下一个〃 Sees a love goal forever is next 〃 [translate] 
aare you doing good? are you doing good? [translate] 
a我工作职责是制单加外场帮忙,现在大事小事都要我做,你们逼我的,我要走了 I work the responsibility am the system only add the outfield help, now the important matter minor matter all wants me to do, you compel me, I had to walk [translate] 
a你假日都不出去玩嗎 Your holiday all does not exit to play [translate] 
apocket chainsaw 口袋用链锯割 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!Sorry, but a little busy, now. Sorry, but a little busy, now. [translate] 
athose are her watchs 那些是她的watchs [translate] 
a现在老师更多注重培养学生的能力 Now teacher more attention raises student's ability [translate] 
a废水排放 Waste water emissions [translate] 
ai i see ,but i want't talk about you with here ,see you next time 我我看见,但i want't谈论您与这里,看见您下次 [translate] 
a日本天皇弄多国互相打架 The Japanese emperors of Japan make the multi-countries to fight mutually [translate] 
a床旁边,就是我每天学习的课桌 Nearby the bed, is the school desk which I study every day [translate] 
a缺少标点 Lacks the punctuation [translate] 
a这是一个新的开始,我们该制定目标 This is a new start, our this formulation goal [translate] 
aIf request.form("title")="" Then [translate] 
aa group of twelve 一个小组十二 [translate] 
aI came along, I wrote a song for you And all the things you do, and it was called yellow. 我到来了,我为您写了一首歌曲和您的所有事,并且它称黄色。 [translate] 
a正是因为我们只能活一次,保持健康无比必要。 Is precisely because we only can live one time, the maintenance health incomparably is essential. [translate] 
a建设性的意见对此项计划极为关键,大家多谈谈看法 A constructive opinion plan extremely is regarding this essential, everybody chats the view [translate] 
a1985年,因决策上的失误频出,乔布斯从苹果出走并成立了NEXT公司,取得了不俗的业绩。 In 1985, because in the policy-making fault frequency leaves, Qiao Booth left in a hurry from the apple and has established NEXT Corporation, has obtained not the vulgar achievement. [translate] 
a我方已汇款,请查看。 We have remitted money, please examine. [translate] 
a我们失利了 Our unfavorable situation [translate] 
a见つからないものだって谛める仆も [translate] 
a你为什么不看看身后,我们都一直陪着你 Why don't you have a look after death, we all continuously are accompanying you [translate] 
aa wide river and is rich in fish and rice 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a有很多话要对对方说 Has very many speeches to have to say to opposite party [translate] 
a今晚有空吗?相思真的好难受! Tonight has free time? Lovesickness really good uncomfortable! [translate] 
aWestern students enjoy a seemingly relaxed educational experience. This, however, is not the case for students in Asia, who face crushing workloads and are often very disciplined. In the first part of her Globalist. 西部学生享受表面上轻松的教育经验。 这,然而,不是实际情形为学生在亚洲,面对击碎工作量和经常非常被磨练。 在她的Globalist的第一个部分。 [translate] 
a如果我富有了,我就给你一百万美元 If I have been rich in, I give you 1,000,000 US dollars [translate] 
agrow and harvest 30artichoke crops. 生长并且收获30artichoke庄稼。 [translate] 
asurface of the nanoparticle. The occurence of this phase is also indicated by a finite value of the exchange bias HEB. nanoparticle的表面。 这个阶段发生由交换偏心也表示HEB的有限价值。 [translate] 
aSt. Valentine Day was said to be the day on which the Patron Saint of Lovers St. 情人节被认为恋人的受护神的天 [translate] 
a里面有一个铅笔盒,一串钥匙,一些书 Inside has a pencil case, a string key, some books [translate] 
a春节的日子每年都不同 The Spring Festival day is different every year [translate] 
adropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I really quit. So why did I drop out?本! 另一方面请输入您需要翻译的文投下在芦苇学院外面在前6数月以后,但被停留作为a下落在另外18个月或如此,在我真正地放弃了之前。 如此为什么我是否脱离了?本! [translate] 
ain organizations in linguistic terms 在组织用语言术语 [translate] 
aTissue Holder 组织持有人 [translate] 
a我看得太专注了以至于忘了集合的时间 I looked too concentrated has forgotten the set time [translate] 
a随着四个人上了车,这辆公交变得更拥挤了 Boarded along with four people, this public transportation became crowds [translate] 
a更多更好更好一个复合接口v后即可更换 Mehr nach besseren besseren zusammengesetzten Anschlüssen ersetzen V dann [translate] 
ahave filled in you teeth 填装了您牙 [translate] 
aSurface to surface 地对地 [translate] 
awithout you, I'll be so far away from home。 没有您,我从家将是到目前为止去的。 [translate] 
a最在乎的人,最重视的人,最特别的人,最珍惜的人,都是你。 Most cares about the human, most takes the human, the specialest person, most treasures the human, all is you. [translate]