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asorry, i have a such book 抱歉,我有这样书 [translate] 
ab . Pipette 2µl from each fraction onto the membrane, allow the membrane. [translate] 
a有关本公司业务概况的资料,请向北京银行及中国国际商业银行查询。 The related this corporate business survey material, please inquire to Beijing Bank and China International Commercial bank. [translate] 
aPLAY BALLS FOR TWO HOURS 戏剧球二个小时 [translate] 
a负责国际协作,项目管理等事物 Is responsible for the international cooperation, things and so on project management [translate] 
aNo Chinese ,if you want to know what i‘m said,Please search the meaning of the word 中国人,如果您想要知道什么i `m认为,不取乐查寻词的意思 [translate] 
aζIt's fate.We are destined as passers-by in each other's life,We are can't stay for each other,and we are can't wait for each other.If it is so,I'm going to wipe you out of my memory and go on with my life. ζItis命运。我们在彼此的生活中被注定作为路人,我们是不可能为彼此停留,并且我们是不可能互相等待。如果它如此是,我抹您在我的记忆外面和连同我的生活。 [translate] 
a不好意思,我不会 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aShe has not a day off for four weeks 她没有休息日四个星期 [translate] 
awhen americans moved from the one place to another 当美国人从这一个地方移动了到另一个 [translate] 
a房价抬高上去的。 The house price raises. [translate] 
a莉莉是一只红白相间的狐狸。扣扣是一只又大又胖的螃蟹。 Lily is a red and white interaction fox.The buckle is a greatly fat crab. [translate] 
a我可以喝你办事吗? I may drink you to make love? [translate] 
a当然,保护公民个人隐私权只靠自己提高隐私权保护意识是不行的,国家公权力的救济是必要的保障。 Certainly, protects the citizen individual right of privacy to depend on oneself raises the right of privacy protection consciousness is only not good, the national civil rights strength relief is the essential safeguard. [translate] 
aЯ хочу свободы I want freely [translate] 
anot only will our bodies be tired but also our brains 不仅将我们的身体 是 疲乏 而且我们的脑子 [translate] 
aeradiication eradiication [translate] 
a我就是我,永远的我! I am I, forever I! [translate] 
a触摸液晶显示屏 Touching liquid crystal display monitor [translate] 
aMake sentences with the following words or expressions 做句子以以下词或表示 [translate] 
a会计职业道德的研究论文 Accountant occupational ethics research paper [translate] 
a美国大学 American University [translate] 
awhitening soft toner 漂白软的调色剂 [translate] 
a除了接受他的建议外,我们别无选择 Besides accepts his suggestion, we have no alternative [translate] 
ait appears that you have uninstalled a vmware product without rebooting your machine 看起来您卸载vmware产品,无需重新起动您的机器 [translate] 
aWi-Fi + 3G capability (AT&T or Verizon) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adaleis usually in a good mood, and he doesn’t let things get him down. daleis在一种好心情和通常他不让事传达他到。 [translate] 
aNo need to hesitate,cause you’ll be fine 需要犹豫,不导致您将是美好的 [translate] 
afelt to BS 5808 感觉对BS 5808 [translate] 
a现在,我最喜欢的一个电视节--动物世界。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awe had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun,But the hills thatwe climbed were just seasons out of time we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, But the hills thatwe climbed were just seasons out of time [translate] 
awe must make rational use of the water rational 's value 我们必须做合理的用途水合理的‘s价值 [translate] 
abye ,i don't chat with you,i have anything 再见,我与您不聊天,我有任何东西 [translate] 
aAnd of course to by sea is much cheaper 当然并且对由海更加便宜 [translate] 
aHomemade tofu 自创豆腐 [translate] 
aEmerging-market economies 涌现市场经济 [translate] 
a一气之下,斯嘉丽冲动地嫁给了梅兰妮的哥哥查尔斯。此后,亚特兰大落入了北方联军的手中,查尔斯不幸死于战场。不久,斯嘉丽的母亲埃伦也因为伤寒病逝,父亲因为神志不清,丧失了劳动力 Is in a pet, Si Jia Li impulse marries to Mei Lanni Brother Charles.Hereafter, Atlanta has fallen north in allied armies' hand, Charles dies unfortunately of the battlefield.Soon, because Si Jia Li's mother Ellen also typhus died of illness, because the father the state of mind is unclear, has lost [translate] 
aThus, fuel performance should be sufficient to limit 因此,燃料表现应该是充足限制 [translate] 
a我觉得没有安全感 I thought does not have the security sense [translate] 
a不是任何人都有资格访问这个网站 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不再做懒学生 No longer is the lazy student [translate] 
a可以在网上阅读书籍报刊,并能练习英语口语 May read the books publication on-line, and can practice English spoken language [translate] 
a我们班大多数学生每天乘公交车上学。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI probably will not do anything today 我今天大概不会做什么 [translate] 
a内藏式穿梭台 The Inner Tibet type shuttles back and forth Taiwan [translate] 
a下面 我将念一段上班时经常用到的广播 The broadcast which below I will read a section will go to work when frequently uses [translate] 
athere is to do to look after our environment 有 做照看我们的环境 [translate] 
aGood morning. My name is Jack. He is my friend. His name is Jim.See you! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahelp save the animals 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIt can also contribute to the release of radioactive fission products to the environment 它可能对放射性核裂产物发行也贡献对环境 [translate] 
a大部分时候 Majority of times [translate] 
a我认为我们在这个问题上不应当花费跟多的时间了。 I thought we did not have to spend in this question with the much time. [translate] 
a发泡机,发泡线生产车间 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aFrom: 金晶升 从: 金晶升 [translate] 
a在职工作时积极主动、时间观念强且勇于承担责任;具有良好的沟通与协调能力并得到领导的一致认可;熟练掌握各类办公软件,具有较强的实践能力。 When in office work positive initiative, the time idea strong also dares to undertake the responsibility; Has the good communication and obtains the leadership consistent approval with the coordinated ability; Grasps each kind of office software skilled, has the strong practice ability. [translate] 
aK S Luk, K S Luk, [translate] 
asplices for battery gate interlocks 接合为电池门保险设备 [translate]