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a由于天气好,他们才能及时感到会议现场 Because the weather is good, they can feel the conference scene promptly [translate] 
aany debris has been cleared. 清除了所有残骸。 [translate] 
a你是想做真毛 种植生长 的 还是 只是 嫁接 假的 睫毛 You are want to make the real wool planter to grow only are graft the vacation the eyelash [translate] 
aFirst, physical exercises can improve blood circulation, speeding up the supply of nutrients and oxygen to every part of the body and the removal of waste from the blood through sweating and exhalation 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhen are going to shanghai? 何时是去到上海? [translate] 
aDescribe a situation where you needed to be creative and the innovation 描述一个情况,您需要是创造性的和创新 [translate] 
asd card 2nd part sd卡片第2个零件 [translate] 
aI hope today is my lucky day 我希望今天是我幸运的天 [translate] 
a参与新业务开发与现有客户维护 Participates in the new service development and the existing customer maintenance [translate] 
aTwo people together by the feeling 一起二个人由感觉 [translate] 
a(华北水利水电学院 河南 郑州 450011) (North China water conservation water and electricity institute Henan Zhengzhou 450011) [translate] 
awe are just in time 我们是及时的 [translate] 
aone in three of the drivers killed in road accidents have levels of alcohol which are over the legal limit 一在公路事故中死亡的三司机中有在法律极限酒精的水平 [translate] 
aI still want to make friends with him 我仍然想要交朋友与他 [translate] 
a硬件版本 Hardware edition [translate] 
a一个兴奋的孩子 An excited child [translate] 
aThe seller notifies Tchibo Merchandising Hong Kong LP by email 7 days prior to a planned inspection date 卖主由电子邮件通知Tchibo商品推销香港LP 7天在一个计划的检查日期之前 [translate] 
aset ycor ycor - 0.5 [translate] 
aDivided by technology 由技术划分 [translate] 
a去享受着视觉盛宴 Is enjoying the visual grand feast [translate] 
a我的爸爸是一家之主,我的爸爸妈妈一天都很忙,一般都是妈妈做家务,我的妈妈很负责,不仅在学校负责,而且家里也负责,所以,我们家总是很干净。 My daddy is the household head, my father and mother one day very are all busy, all is generally mother does the housework, my mother is responsible very much, not only is responsible in the school, moreover in the family is also responsible, therefore, our family very is always clean. [translate] 
aintroduce sb to sb 介绍sb给sb [translate] 
aThey can be implemented only after their plans 他们可以在他们的计划之后被实施 [translate] 
a意大利威尼斯 Italian Venice [translate] 
a家庭原因 Family reason [translate] 
a几乎不含肥膘 Does not contain the fat fat nearly [translate] 
aguardassy guardassy [translate] 
amanual sprending 手工sprending [translate] 
aAd accettare le nuove modifiche 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在开放条件下将四种影响产业结构变化的因素都纳入到某个模型中来分析产业结构变化与经济增长关系并且分析国家之间的相互影响 All integrates under the opening condition four kind of influence industrial structure change factor to some model in analyzes the industrial structure change and the economical growth relates and analyzes between national the mutual influence [translate] 
aWith no lines on the paper 没有线在本文 [translate] 
a一个全球华人女性的门户网站 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ajust easy let go and have a coffee with the byciclet I have to buy some foof to cook and i need a tent and some blankets 正义容易放弃并且喝一份咖啡与我必须买一些foof烹调的byciclet,并且我需要帐篷和有些毯子 [translate] 
a感谢您在百忙之中抽时间回复我的邮件 In spite of being very busy thanks you in to pull out the time to reply my mail [translate] 
awhy you are so happy 为什么您是很愉快的 [translate] 
aI do not quite understand your pismo. Ya so forward to our meeting, 我不相当了解您的pismo。 Ya那么今后到我们的会议, [translate] 
a在2010年冬天奥运会上获得三枚金牌。她是中国第一位在冬奥运会上获得四枚金牌的运动员! At the Olympic Games obtains three gold medals in the winter in 2010.She is Chinese first the athlete who obtains four gold medals at the winter Olympic Games! [translate] 
a即使你通过航空邮寄这封信 Even if you mail this letter through the aviation [translate] 
a建立10个课程组 Establishes 10 curriculum groups [translate] 
aHow do I control myself? I can't calm down.To reject any temptation to 我怎么控制自己? 我不可能镇定下来。拒绝任何诱惑 [translate] 
a你一直在我内心深处。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTom was watching TV when someone______. 汤姆看电视,当someone______。 [translate] 
acalculated program 故意的节目 [translate] 
aK S Luk, K S Luk, [translate] 
a有一个小孩在跳绳。 Some child is skipping rope. [translate] 
a非常感谢你的到来,但是我不会说外国话! Thanks your arrival extremely, but I cannot speak the foreign language! [translate] 
aWhile one might expect China’s ancient culture to have had a profound effect on Chinese interpretation of Shakespeare and some few have argued that it has, there is in fact precious little traditional philosophy informing Chinese Shakespeare commentary to the present. 当有人在莎士比亚和某些少数的中国解释可能盼望中国的古老文化安排一个深刻作用争辩说时,它有,实际上有珍贵的通知中国莎士比亚评论的矮小的传统哲学对礼物。 [translate] 
a我都吓死了。怕你错怪我 I all scared to death.Feared you wrongly accuse me [translate] 
ahow long are you going to stay here? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a相对基准L之位置度0.5无法检测 Relative datum position of L 0.5 is unable to examine [translate] 
a我累了、不管你们咋个看待我 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a中国海南航空 Chinese Hainan aviation [translate] 
a斯嘉丽不得不挑起全家的生活重担。在此期间,她与妹妹苏艾伦的未婚夫弗兰克达成了权益婚姻,用丈夫的资金保住了塔拉庄园,并在亚特兰大开了一家木材厂,并把阿希礼和梅兰妮夫妇留在了身边。一次,斯嘉丽为了生意遭黑人袭击,弗兰克为她复仇而惨被枪杀。 Si Jia Li can not but provoke entire family life heavy burden.She achieved the rights and interests marriage with the younger sister Soviet Aylen's fiance franker, has preserved the Tala manor with husband's fund, and has opened a lumber mill in Atlanta, and has kept the Ashe ritual and Mr. and Mrs. [translate] 
aDirty Lens 肮脏的透镜 [translate] 
a我们班大多数学生每天乘公交车上学。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a被车撞到时那女孩正在做什么 Is hit that girl by the vehicle to make any at the appointed time [translate] 
atool-exchange 工具交换 [translate]