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aPurchases population which the privately-owned house and goes abroad to study, increased one time 私有和海外购买数字加倍了 [translate] 
aeric hsi eric hsi [translate] 
a2.7 SFU CS rbae 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAdvanced Air-Conditioning Engineering 先进的空调工程学 [translate] 
aChristian Louboutin shoes and boots were born in 1992 when he opened his first boutique in Paris. Creating his types by combining wit and glamour, his sneakers have been spotted by means of the trend industry. Given that it is conception, the Louboutin sale has been created into various patterns, colors, shapes, and va 当他在巴黎时,打开了他的第一个精品店1992年基督徒Louboutin鞋子和起动是出生。 创造他的类型通过结合机智和魅力,他的运动鞋通过趋向产业被察觉了。 假设它是构想, Louboutin销售被创造了入赢取了成千上万顶面采撷妇女全世界更比的各种各样的样式、颜色、形状和变异。 [translate] 
aPatients A total of 20,683 Medicare beneficiaries, who arrived within 12 hours of the onset of symptoms, were admitted between January 1994 and February 1996 with a principal discharge diagnosis of AMI, and were eligible for reperfusion therapy. [translate] 
amichael how are you feeling totay 迈克尔怎么样您感觉totay [translate] 
a除非你把功课做完 Only if you complete the schoolwork [translate] 
a  [translate] 
aIf it’s not paid by you, please arrange the payment as soon as possible. 如果它没有由您支付,尽快请安排付款。 [translate] 
a没有事情可以难得到我 Does not have the matter to be possible difficult to obtain me [translate] 
alock valve drain HCL 锁阀门流失HCL [translate] 
a方法》( JGJ 70-90) 进行, 砂浆的粘结强度参照!建筑 The method" (JGJ 70-90) carries on, mortar caking intensity reference! Construction [translate] 
a亲爱的好朋友,好久没有和你联系了,真的很想你,正好我们学校组织去露营,让带一个好朋友,就想到了你,真心希望你能参加, The dear good friends, have not related for a long time with you, really very much thinks you, happen to our school organization camps out, lets a belt good friend, had thought you, the sincerity hoped you can participate, [translate] 
a责任心强,敢于承担责任,该是我的工作就好努力完成 Sense of responsibility, dares to undertake the responsibility, should be my work good diligently completes [translate] 
a明天我才可以得到我的手机 I only then might obtain my handset tomorrow [translate] 
a她的铅笔是红色还是白色? Her pencil are red or the white? [translate] 
awe are a__ students we are a__ students [translate] 
a卷烟纸 Cigarette paper [translate] 
aerery sping robins would come . thousands of them would fly up to the north from the south erery sping的知更鸟将来。 数以万计他们会飞行由北部决定从南部 [translate] 
aHere’s a quick video from the Black Star Tour Canada – check it out! #分享翻译公司# Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour Canada 这快的录影从黑星游览加拿大-检查它! #分享翻译公司# Avril Lavigne黑星游览加拿大 [translate] 
ait isn't you. 它不是您。 [translate] 
aframework in which contact remained possible. 生存和死者同时被占领的地方在波斯菊,联络依然是可能一个社会框架的部分。 [translate] 
aTracking No. is 跟踪没有。 是 [translate] 
athis product utilixzes 这个产品utilixzes [translate] 
a上偏差 Upper deviation [translate] 
a水从杯子里流了出来,流到了电脑里 The water has flowed from the cup, flowed in the computer [translate] 
aHaving read Chapter 2 of McNair’s text how relevant are the competitive and dominance paradigms in understanding the function of the media today. [translate] 
aMy car hasn’t been repaired_____? 我的汽车不是repaired_____ ? [translate] 
aDocumentation of the organization’s quality system 组织的质量系统的文献 [translate] 
a中国外向型企业发展历程 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他每天练习拉小提琴 [translate] 
a照亮每个求知的心房 Illuminates each seeking knowledge the atrium [translate] 
a 团队协调能力强  The team coordinates ability strongly [translate] 
ayou of line 您线 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本我们这里近几年刚刚在小学开设英语! Please input the text which you need to translate we here in recent years just in the elementary school start English! [translate] 
aRemember not to know Remembered do not have to give them any person to know [translate] 
a你今天下午打算去公园吗? You this afternoon plan the park? [translate] 
aIt's okay to have flaws, which make you rea 可以有缺点,做您rea [translate] 
aThey play soccer to take the exercise every day 他们踢足球采取锻炼每天 [translate] 
ayou remember her 您记得她 [translate] 
awell on its way to 很好在方式 [translate] 
aviz,that i was put into his service as a watch upon his action 即,那我被放入他的服务作为一块手表在他的行动 [translate] 
a你能给我看看吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这种技术是对顾客有益的 This kind of technology is to the customer beneficial [translate] 
a一旦高考结束,我们就能结束一段艰苦的学习 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ashe was going to be 13 till two weeks 她是 去 是 13 直到二 几星期 [translate] 
aregional peace and stability were no better guaranteed in the post-Cold War than in the Cold War period itself 在冷战后和稳定是没有更好的保证的区域和平比在冷战期间 [translate] 
aI don't take up any of the hobbies any more. 我不再占去其中任一个爱好。 [translate] 
a请参考如下报价 Please refer to the following quoted price [translate] 
aWhy not on good spot computer 为什么不在好斑点计算机 [translate] 
alast month。 ron broke his leg in an accident ,so he had to stop running and jumping。 later ron decided to take part in the horse race he went to the market and wanted to buy a racehorse there。 he did not have enough money to buy a good racehorse。 上个月。 ron在事故伤了他的腿,因此他必须停止跑和跳。 最新ron决定在他去市场的跑马参与并且想买赛马那里。 他没有足够的金钱买一匹好赛马。 [translate] 
a我的家离学校远 My family leaves the school far [translate] 
a无常献血三次,挽救了陌生人的生命 Gives blood variably three times, has saved stranger's life [translate] 
a中小规模 Small scale [translate] 
a这也是书么 This also is the book [translate] 
aTennyson Tennyson [translate]