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To tell the truth, according to my own ideas I would choose Dink, because I was afraid of children, especially in the baby after I have seen others, I only see the pain, did not realize that the joy of motherhood, there is a reason I have a nephew, I experienced the feeling of children I think it is


Said truth, in accordance with the I own of idea I will select Dink, because I fear health children, especially in I see had others health child after, I only see has pain, no experience to that do mother of joy, also has a causes, I has a nephew, I experience had with children of feeling I think th


truth be told, in accordance with my own ideas, because I would choose the birth of her son, and in particular, I am afraid I have seen in others after birth, I saw only a pain, don't feel the joy that the mother, there's a reason why, I have a nephew, I took the children experienced the feeling tha


Told the truth, I can choose the Ding gram according to mine idea, because I am afraid have a child, has in particular looked at other life child in me from now on, I only saw the pain, had not realized that kind makes mother's joy, but also some reason, I have a nephew, I experience the belt child
a很奇怪他在上课时间出现在这里seem Felt strange very much he appears in the school hours in here seem [translate] 
a大胆,老子一点头,儿子就说中。 Bold, a father nod, the son said. [translate] 
achance per shoot to steal enemy hp for 机会每射击窃取敌对马力为 [translate] 
a德国金苹果国际集团有限公司 German Gold Apple International ring Limited company [translate] 
arelease strategy for the LSOFE add-on 发布战略为LSOFE添加 [translate] 
a雪山连北京 Snowy mountain continually Beijing [translate] 
a鸡蛋掉在地上 The egg falls ground in [translate] 
a之前在忙 Before in busy [translate] 
asomething is a knot when you reseeve it,a scar when it,s opened 某事是结,当您reseeve它,伤痕,当它,被打开的s [translate] 
a这是我的邮箱发过来给你的。没打扰到你吧? 이것은 나의 우체통 보낸다 준다 당신을이다.당신을 교란하지 않았는가? [translate] 
a供成人组装的玩具 Toy assembles which for the adult [translate] 
athey are frenchese 他们frenchese [translate] 
awe are offering you the following subject to our final confirmation 我们提供您以下受我们最后的确认支配 [translate] 
a随着我院实习生基本理论、基本技能和实际操作技能的不断提高,受到用人单位的好评 Along with my courtyard intern elementary theory, the basic skill and the actual operation skill unceasing enhancement, receives the employer the high praise [translate] 
a请确认工厂是否有收到汇款 Please confirm whether the factory does have receives the remittance [translate] 
aWho ?Me? can’t 谁?我? 能没有 [translate] 
apick sb up 采撷sb [translate] 
ainstalled version 安装的版本 [translate] 
ajim丢了一本英语笔记本-673-4566 jim has thrown an English notebook - 673-4566 [translate] 
a启动北大国际医院项目的政府立项 Starts the Beijing University International Hospital project government initiating a project [translate] 
a做的食物 Does food [translate] 
a在国际营销中(International Marketing),企业要超越本国国境进行的市场经营活动。国际市场营销与国内营销一样,需要企业文化整合,市场调研、市场分析、市场细分、市场营销组合、实行目标营销等一系列营销过程的战略确定及战术实施。在确定正确的市场定位后制定适当的 [translate] 
awww.ziyuan918.cn 组图:第八届全国残疾人运动会开幕式举行 www.ziyuan918.cn group chart: The eighth session of national games for the disabled opening ceremony is held [translate] 
a这里有些事情需要解释一下 Here some matters need to explain [translate] 
a保险费 GCC 12 Insurance premium GCC 12 [translate] 
a단 한 당신이 거기있는 이유이다. 仅它是原因,怜惜您是那个地方。 [translate] 
a偷亲 Steals kisses [translate] 
a完美是残酷 Perfect is brutal [translate] 
a作为国宝和受保护的动物,熊猫处处得到人们的喜爱 As the national treasure and the animal which protects, the panda is everywhere obtained people's affection [translate] 
a并且那是值得回忆一生的日子 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你明天中午到白山,我等你吃饭好吗、 You will arrive tomorrow noon the snow-capped mountain, I will wait for you to eat meal, [translate] 
a[19], which is also a member of nuclease I family [20]. [19),也是核酸酶I家庭[20的)成员。 [translate] 
aPer our continuous process capability monitoring, no change from current poor process capability; 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abill of material 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adays and reported respective changes in propionate [translate] 
aThe results are promising for expanding to community-based evaluation.mediation 结果为扩展是有为的对基于社区的evaluation.mediation [translate] 
again and feed efficiency with DAI were reported [translate] 
a昨晚感觉很好 Felt last night very well [translate] 
aEve.Cai@chn.dupont.com [translate] 
aThe remainder will be charged to your card, as they ship. 剩下的人将被充电对您的卡片,他们运送。 [translate] 
aTendence watches have an unique, contemporary dimension, which emerges from the complementary fusion of innovation, style and audacious design. Created using a wealth of craftsmanship expertise, avant-garde technology and exquisite materials, a captivating array of watches are formed. The highly desirable Gulliver line Tendence手表有一个独特,当代维度,从创新、样式和大胆设计的补全融合涌现。 使用财富技巧专门技术、先锋派的技术和精妙的材料创造,着迷的一些手表被形成。 高度中意的Gulliver线,以他们大胆的tridimensional设计,大小和特别物质组合是Tendence手表象征。 [translate] 
atoggle pin ldc 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afed both amicloral and the deaminase inhibitor 哺养了amicloral和脱氨基霉抗化剂 [translate] 
a纯水箱 [translate] 
a他们犯错误 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他们觉得不实报道不仅会给相关的人造成一定的伤害,而且还会给社会营造一种不真诚的环境 They thought not only not really reports can give the correlation man-made to become certain injury, moreover also can give the society to build one kind of insincere environment [translate] 
atwo of the symptoms of long-term stress and depression. 二长期重音和消沉症状。 [translate] 
aany of the feed additives. There was, however, a 其中任一个饲料添加剂。 有,然而, a [translate] 
a请等一下,让我看看能否帮你把电话接过去,李凯文先生不在 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a镜质组 [translate] 
athe capital or principal fund of a corporation, formed by the contributions of subscribers or the sale of shares 公司的资本或主要资金,形成由订户或份额销售的贡献 [translate] 
a最佳解说员 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPallet loads must be unitized to stabilize the load and prevent damage to the cartons during transportation. Unitization can be accomplished using one of the two alternative methods outlined below. 必须统一化在运输期间,板台装载稳定装载和预防损坏对于纸盒。 Unitization可以是成功的使用如下所示的二个交替法之一。 [translate] 
a谁解中国经济困局 Who solves Chinese Economy Sleepy Bureau [translate] 
abuenas noches hermosa 晚上好美好 [translate] 
a如果是埋地敷设则需要选用QQQQQQ If is buries lays needs to select QQQQQQ [translate] 
a说实话,按照我自己的想法我会选择丁克,因为我害怕生孩子,尤其是在我看过别人生小孩过后,我只看到了痛苦,没体会到那种做母亲的喜悦,还有一个原因,我有一个侄儿,我体验过带孩子的感觉我觉得那是一件很烦人的事情,所以我不想要小孩。但也许现实情况不允许,我的家人不能接受这种想法,所以到最后,我可能会成为一个孩子的妈妈 Told the truth, I can choose the Ding gram according to mine idea, because I am afraid have a child, has in particular looked at other life child in me from now on, I only saw the pain, had not realized that kind makes mother's joy, but also some reason, I have a nephew, I experience the belt child [translate]