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a请输入您需要翻译的Jumping cutter文本! 请输入您需要翻译的跳跃的切削刀文本! [translate] 
abrainbrown brainbrown [translate] 
aI love lost love is not love sad 我爱失去的爱不是爱哀伤 [translate] 
a令我惊奇的是,我考试及格了,()I passed the exam. Makes me surprisedly is, I took a test have passed an examination, () I passed the exam. [translate] 
a金吉 Jin Ji [translate] 
a唯他是听 Only he is listens [translate] 
aContainer, for test portion to be extracted 容器,为了能将被提取的测试部分 [translate] 
a木耳山药熘鱼片 Auricularia auricula Chinese yam liu fish fillet [translate] 
athe Plaza on 5th Avenue 广场在第5条大道 [translate] 
a您好,请问需要打包吗? You are good, ask needs to pack? [translate] 
aprefer being outside 喜欢外面 [translate] 
a好久没有见到你了,想念是会哭泣的痛 Had not seen for a long time you, had thought of is pain which can sob [translate] 
aSeveral screws(螺丝) need 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a与电网良好的隔离,不仅是安全的需要,对于噪声的抑制也很有好处,因此必须认真考虑。 With electrical network good isolation, not only is the safe need, also very much has the advantage regarding the noise suppression, therefore must consider earnestly. [translate] 
a请输入您需要静かにご到着を待って翻译的文本! Please input you to need か に ご to arrive calmly を is treating っ て the translation text! [translate] 
aConsequently, this written warning letter is reminding you of the critical importance of your attending work on time and as scheduled. Attendance at work, on time and as scheduled, is a core requirement of your job description. 结果,这封书面警告信件提醒您照计划您出席的工作的重要重要准时和。 出勤在工作,准时和照计划,是您的工作说明的核心要求。 [translate] 
aturn left at cinema,then go straight. 向左转在戏院,然后去直接。 [translate] 
a因为微笑,世界逐渐成为一个整体 Because smiles, the world becomes a whole gradually [translate] 
aobsolete and scrap parts 废弃并且废弃零件 [translate] 
a1.My friend, do you want me to help you in juba to take you around and make sure your company is registered? 1.My朋友,您是否要我帮助您在juba采取您,并且确定您的公司登记? [translate] 
a在工作的空闲时间,我预习今天下午英语沙龙的话题 In the work idle time, I prepare a lesson this afternoon English Sharon's topic [translate] 
aI need things take them the n 我需要事采取他们新 [translate] 
a随着经济的发展,中国人被歧视的日子一去不复返,所有中国人都为此感到自豪 Along with the economical development, the Chinese the day which discriminates against is never to returned, all Chinese all feel for this proud [translate] 
a只要我们继续努力,就一定能克服眼前的困难 So long as we continue to try hard, certainly can overcome at present difficulties [translate] 
a某人的看法 Somebody view [translate] 
aYour cerebrum has shattered? 您的大脑打碎了? [translate] 
aClasses 3. revolvespinturnsway around the importance of love, communication and a close relationship between parents and their children. 4. Much ofMore ofMost of allMoreover the shaping of a child's behavior and character can be done in a way that will make the child happy. It can be 5. acceptedacknowledgedaccomplished [translate] 
a长虹中街36号 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a没有比这更好的了 Not compared to this better [translate] 
ai have a dream that i hope myself to be an excellent manager someday. so i have to continue to strive to learn managment knowledge. if i have a chance to study in this famous MBA college, it would be great. 我有一个梦想我某天希望自己是一位优秀经理。 如此我必须继续努力学会管理知识。 如果我在这所著名工商管理硕士学院有一个机会学习,它是伟大的。 [translate] 
aThe reason for the happy? [translate] 
a他们坐船去澳门 They travel by boat Aomen [translate] 
aindependence of the republic 共和国的独立 [translate] 
a所以他们没有关心这个 Therefore they have not cared about this [translate] 
a你找他有什么事? What matter do you ask him to have? [translate] 
ai hope myself to become an excellent manager someday. so i have to strive to learn managment knowledge. that is why i choose MBA. if i have a chance to study in this famous MBA college, it would be great. 我希望自己某天成为一位优秀经理。 如此我必须努力学会管理知识。 所以我选择工商管理硕士。 如果我在这所著名工商管理硕士学院有一个机会学习,它是伟大的。 [translate] 
a你有没有想过学中文? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a终于能又再见到你,就在那淅淅沥沥的江南雨中。记忆中的你,与眼前的你,已有些偏离。但从你怔怔的眼神中,我还是依稀辨出了一点。 Finally can again see you, in that lightly Chiangnan rain.In memory you, with at present you, already some deviations.But from you zheng zheng look, I vaguely distinguished the point. [translate] 
a这件夹克衫不合适他 This jacket unlined upper garment is inappropriate he [translate] 
aAfter this one night of love you will not be some more 在爱以后这一夜您不会是有些 [translate] 
ahe paper demonstrates that when imitation is easy, markets don’t work well, and the profits from innovation may accrue to the owners of certain complementary assets, rather than to the developers of the intellectual property. 他裱糊显示出,当模仿是容易时,市场不很好运作,并且赢利从创新也许累积对某些补全财产所有者,而不是对知识产权的开发商。 [translate] 
aApproximately 5% of all cells in the liver are cholangiocytes: ciliated cells lining the 大约5%所有细胞在肝脏是cholangiocytes : 有睫毛细胞排行 [translate] 
a节目有唱歌,跳舞,小品,魔术 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou always smile but in your eyes 您总微笑,但在您的眼睛 [translate] 
aYou never regret it deeply incised wound my heart [translate] 
a谢谢你做的一起,真是很窝心 Thanks same place which you do, really is very frustrated [translate] 
afeeling suddenly 感觉突然 [translate] 
a著名科学家杨振宁参加了校庆活动 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a谢谢你做的一起,我觉得窝心 Thanks same place which you do, I think frustratedly [translate] 
a我们携手共进 一同发展 We hand in hand advance together develop together [translate] 
aduring these years, i found that communication and management is very important to my job. i hope myself to become an excellent manager someday. so i have to strive to learn management knowledge. that is why i choose MBA. if i have a chance to study in this famous MBA college, it would be great. 这些年来,我发现通信和管理是非常重要对我的工作。 我希望自己某天成为一位优秀经理。 如此我必须努力学会管理知识。 所以我选择工商管理硕士。 如果我在这所著名工商管理硕士学院有一个机会学习,它是伟大的。 [translate] 
aYour love for me is the most precious thing in the world 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a她宁愿去机场迎接她的朋友也不愿待在这里等候。 She rather goes to the airport to greet her the friend not to be willing to treat waits for in here. [translate] 
a如果要上网 If must access the net [translate] 
a如果我是他,我也会后悔认识比自己大六岁的女人 If I am he, I also can regret the understanding compared to the oneself big six year-old woman [translate] 
aThe credit card address cannot exceed 60 letters 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]