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Real estate commercial


Real estate business


Real estate business
aAs to the table below,it comes to a conclusion that the problem of desertification should be attached great importance to by our human beings. 至于如下桌,它得出结论沙漠化的问题应该是加以的重要性对由我们的人。 [translate] 
aHappy September 愉快的9月 [translate] 
asick nike w 病的耐克 [translate] 
aboth a familiar Confucian and Christian tenet is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you 因为您会让他们做您,一条熟悉的儒家和基督徒原则是做其他 [translate] 
aI'm painting in the garden. 我是绘画在庭院里。 [translate] 
a那听起来有意思 That sounds interestingly [translate] 
a很抱歉现在才回您的邮件,我从9月30日下午开始休息到今天才上班 Was sorry very much the present only then returns to your mail, I start from September 30 to rest in the afternoon only then go to work to today [translate] 
aand S3, SI). In this context, the characterization of desorption [translate] 
a都会一起说笑 Can chat together [translate] 
a我为你们失去欧州冠军感到可惜 I lose the European state champion for you to feel was a pity [translate] 
acapsules or 胶囊或 [translate] 
aa very strict officer was talking to some new soldiers whom he had to train 一名非常严密的官员与他必须训练的一些新的战士谈话 [translate] 
abirthday party.and tomorrow,i have to goto the dentist. 生日聚会和明天,我有吨goto牙医。 [translate] 
a商务参赞。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a亲爱的生日快乐,永远爱你。。 The dear birthday is joyful, forever loves you.。 [translate] 
a让人不敢相信 Let the human not dare to believe [translate] 
a浓汤巴鱼 Thick soup palaw [translate] 
aplease purchase the official version of the produce 请购买产物的标准版本 [translate] 
ai konow the word . you need not translate it i konow词。 您不需要翻译它 [translate] 
aA country has an absolute advantage in producing a good when it can produce and sell it at a lower cost than any other country or when it is the only country that can provide it. 国家有绝对好处在生产好,当它比其他国家时可能导致和卖它在一便宜或,当它是可能提供它的唯一的国家时。 [translate] 
a她曾经是个非常害羞的女孩 She once was an extremely shy girl [translate] 
aTotal progress: 70% [translate] 
a这故事非常滑稽,比尔一边读一边不停地笑。 This story is extremely funny, Bill reads while does not stop smiles. [translate] 
a压力加大一点。 The pressure enlarges. [translate] 
aYou are good to me I will cherish, 您是好对我将爱护的我, [translate] 
aI havegot lots of stamps I havegot许多邮票 [translate] 
aObtain 2 or more trophies from clock crossing in both item mode and speed mode 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a• High quality information enables learners to judge success & how to improve • 高质量信息使学习者判断成功&如何改善 [translate] 
aWe will neither try to predict these nor to profit from them 我们不愿意尝试预言这些和从他们赢利 [translate] 
alook at those earrings 看那些耳环 [translate] 
afall thedream 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a1. We want two originals and six copies. 1. 我们想要二件原物和六个拷贝。 [translate] 
aSpecial Honorary Award for NASA's contributors 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我实在不清楚他们为什么会说款项没有到户 Why amn't I really clear they to be able to say the fund not to the household [translate] 
a这件事使人成熟 This matter causes the human to be mature [translate] 
a第一代模拟集群通信系统从1987年开始投入商用。多频道集群通信系统的控制器由几个信道形成一群自动搜索可用信道给用户使用。因此,多频道集群通信系统平均每频道可提供的用户数较多且效率也有所提高。 The first generation of simulation colony communications system started from 1987 to invest commercial.The multi-channel colony communications system controller forms a crowd of automatic scan available channel by several channels to the user the use.Therefore, multi-channel colony communication [translate] 
alogo prominently 突出商标 [translate] 
ablade change count 刀片变动计数 [translate] 
aAny notice shall be deemed to have been served at the time when the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of transmission and, in proving such service, it shall be sufficient to prove that the notice was properly addressed and prepaid, if posted, and the time when it was posted, delivered to the courier or to 所有通知将被视为服务,当同样在传输的时候普通的路线将被交付,并且,在证明这样服务,证明将是充足的,通知适当地演讲了并且被预付了,如果张贴和时候,当它如可能被张贴了,被交付了到传讯者或到电缆公司或由电传机、传真、电子邮件,或者这样其他方法传送。 [translate] 
a很荣幸见到你们 Is honored very much sees you [translate] 
a甲:哦,太累了,刚去逛街了,真好玩儿啊! [translate] 
aA practical means to extract meaningful asset information from the raw field data 实用手段从未加工的领域数据提取意味深长的财产信息 [translate] 
a原来你没有我想象的那么爱我 Originally you do not have me to imagine that love me [translate] 
aMy university 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a货运点 Freight transportation spot [translate] 
a收文簿 Register of incoming dispatches [translate] 
ajoining with grooved coupling 加入与具沟的联结 [translate] 
a班纳特夫人十分想把自己的女儿嫁给有钱的男人,然而彬格莱和达西正是这样的人,那么他们之间会发生什么事呢?故事还将继续发展... Class Madame Nutter wants to marry extremely own daughter to the rich man, however refined standard Lai and the darcy are precisely such people, then what matter between them can have? The story will also continue to develop… [translate] 
aTCHAU AMIGO DO BRASIL ATE MAIS 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
afor the relevant periods concerning the 为相关的期间关于 [translate] 
a吸引大家的,很多人关注的 Attracts everybody, very many people pay attention [translate] 
ajacky,don't refer to my sorrow jacky,不要参见我的哀痛 [translate] 
aWhile the economy heads into a downturn, the funding stress is considered a top issue of Chinese SMEs. Their access to credit has been severely curtailed as the economic slowdown prompted banks to cut back on loans to small firms. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a特惠专刊 Preference memoir [translate] 
a1.woche 1.woche [translate] 
aTo be a good marketer, one must not only identify consumer needs ,but also anticipate them by developing new products. 要是一个好去市场的人,你必须不仅确定消费者需要,而且通过开发新产品期望他们。 [translate] 
a房产商 Real estate business [translate]