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If you smile, send me your smile


If you smile, send me your smile


If you smile, send me your smile


If you smile, and to send me your smile


If you are smiling, sends yours smile for me
aArnold Palmer So yummy 阿诺德Palmer很美味 [translate] 
a我准备在北京停留两天再去长城。 I prepare in Beijing to pause two days to go to the Great Wall again. [translate] 
aWHY U R ALWAYS A LITTLE SLOW. 为什么U总R慢的一点。 [translate] 
aoffspring 子孙 [translate] 
a孔子故里 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a但是,我总是会自己的想法所打败。 But, I always meet own idea to be defeated. [translate] 
a永远一齐 Forever in once [translate] 
adistribution strategies 发行战略 [translate] 
awriting and reading 文字和读书 [translate] 
a这是自从我们恋爱以来一起过的第一个生日 This is the first birthday which has crossed together since our love
a教师心声 Teacher aspiration [translate] 
a说这部电影样样都好或是一无是处,都是不合适的 Said this movie every kind all good perhaps has no merit to speak of, all is inappropriate [translate] 
a院士证 Academician proves [translate] 
a他已经十天没抽烟了 He ten days has already not smoked [translate] 
a大量水果 Massive fruits [translate] 
aTotal progress: 83% [translate] 
aA man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fearsA man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears. 恐惧痛苦的一个人已经遭受什么他恐惧的fearsA人痛苦已经遭受什么他恐惧。 [translate] 
a剩下的钱发货前一次性付清. Front is left over the money delivers goods disposable pays in full. [translate] 
ai do that with some one love him 我做那与一些人爱他 [translate] 
a昨天,市规划局说,环东海域酒店群规划的概念方案由HOK贺克国际建筑设计咨询(北京)公司操刀,现已基本定稿,厦门市规划院正在深化控制性详细规划。 Yesterday, the city plan bureau said that, east the link the sea area hotel group plan concept plan celebrates the gram international architectural design consultation by HOK (Beijing) the company to fence, already was basic finalizes a manuscript, the Xiamen plan courtyard was deepening the control [translate] 
a我有一个足球 I have a soccer [translate] 
a配合员 Coordination [translate] 
aI love her for her 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai had injections, and a medical today so i was busy( 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a快捷方式图标 Quick way icon [translate] 
aIf any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know, We will be happy to provide you details and samples. 如果这些项目中的任一个是利益对您,请告诉我们,我们将是愉快提供您详述和样品。 [translate] 
a所有鞋子的后套里全部用超纤吗? In all shoe after set uses the ultra filament completely? [translate] 
avideo viewing is disabled by parental controls 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a宝贝老婆,让我摸摸小光屁屁吧,Baby Darling, let me feel small ass The treasure wife, lets me trace the small light fart fart, Baby Darling, let me feel small ass [translate] 
a由于我现在在兰州大学给研究生新生上课,非常遗憾不能参加这次会议了 Because I newborn attend class now in the Lanzhou University for the graduate student, regretted extremely could not attend this conference [translate] 
a高温老化房 High temperature aging room [translate] 
a给衣袋加扇“防盗门”防止放入口袋的钱包被窃有两个小办法可以一试。一是将钱还有你可以包放入裤侧袋后,只要捏着裤侧袋连同钱包扭转半圈,这样窃贼就是伸手也拿不到钱包。二是在放入外衣口袋的钱包上头再放一些糖果、纸巾等物品,塞得鼓鼓囊囊,增加窃贼下手的难度。要注意在公开场合不要把钱包东放西放,免得“此地无银三百两”。 Adds the fan to the pocket “the burglar-proof door” to prevent as soon as puts in the pocket the wallet to steal has two small means to be possible by to try.After one is also has the money you to be possible to wrap puts in the trousers side bag, so long as pinches the trousers side bag to reverse [translate] 
a再光脚我就把你的屁股打烂 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a随着科技的发展,孩子们接触更多的新鲜事物。 Along with the technical development, the children contact more new things. [translate] 
aIf you really want to judge the kind of person you are dealing with, then just go ahead and glance at their shoes and you will be able to put the entire story together. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asystematic deviation of the method average balue or the measured balue from an accepted reference value. 方法平均balue或被测量的balue的系统偏差从一个被接受的参考价值。 [translate] 
azhi juan wants to be your friend on Facebook. No matter how far away you are from friends and family, Facebook can help you stay connected. [translate] 
a上世纪90年代创造了中国二十世纪最大发电设备出口的记录; On the century 90's have created the record which the Chinese 20th century biggest generating set exports; [translate] 
asignature verfication failed installation aborted 签名验证发生了故障被放弃的设施 [translate] 
aI feel so bad i am to work hard for my wife and little baby my family i must so 我感觉,因此我将为我的妻子和小婴孩艰苦工作我家我如此必须的坏 [translate] 
aHelps control appetite 帮助控制胃口 [translate] 
a我上个月才看到你 My previous month only then sees you [translate] 
aECB Backs Bond Guarantee Option to Magnify Europe’s Crisis Rescue Facility ECB后面债券扩大化欧洲的危机抢救设施的保证选择 [translate] 
aSEHZ SQCI System成绩书问题点 SEHZ SQCI系统成绩书问题点 [translate] 
aParmaceutical Parmaceutical [translate] 
a他们已经买了一栋新房子 They have already bought a new house [translate] 
aemonia way emonia方式 [translate] 
a或许永远或许一段时间 Perhaps forever perhaps period of time [translate] 
aWhich need your confirm with customer if it is ok. 哪需要您证实与顾客,如果它是好的。 [translate] 
a电压异常 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWill learn 将学会 [translate] 
a发生事故和异常时,在正值班员的统一指挥下,协助处理事故,根据正值班员的命令复归保护装置,详细、准确地做好保护动作情况记录。 When has the accident and exceptionally, in under the attendant's unified command, assists to handle the accident, according to the attendant's order regression protective device, detailed, completes the protection movement situation record accurately. [translate] 
a我会带着打火石,因为这样可以烧火吃饭。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a让时间证明谁一直对我好 Who let time certificate continuously to me well [translate] 
awhere most identities falter in cinsistency is when transitioning from an older,more established identity to a new one. 那里多数身分在cinsistency蹒跚而行是当transitioning从一个更旧,建立的身分到新的时。 [translate] 
aI's too late apologize 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a假如你在微笑,把你的微笑寄给我 If you are smiling, sends yours smile for me [translate]