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Also actively take seriously each course design opportunity to improve my ability to apply knowledge and mastery of


Each of these courses is also actively taken seriously the opportunities designed to enhance the application of knowledge and mastery of my capacity


Also positive earnestly treats the opportunity which each curriculum designs to sharpen ability which my utilization knowledge and achieves mastery through a comprehensive study of a subject
a本文讨论了一类具有线性红利边界且理赔计数相依的风险模型,并对模型进行分析讨论并得出此风险模型的破产概率一般表达式和其上界,并给出此模型生存概率满足的积分-微分方程. This article discussed one kind to have the linear dividend boundary also the principle compensates the risk model which the counting relied on one another, and carried on the analysis to the model to discuss and to obtain this risk model the bankrupt probability general expression and its upper bou [translate] 
a我们将在十一点在操场上进行一场篮球友谊赛。 We in 11 will carry on a basketball friendly match in the drill ground. [translate] 
a你是哪个国家的人 留个电话号码好吗 Which national person are you Keeps the telephone number [translate] 
a今夜无眠,一人独醉。举杯怀念,过眼烟云。。 Tonight does not have the dormancy, a person is drunk alone.Raises glass fondly remembers, passing scene.。 [translate] 
a哥本哈根落地窗倒影着我爱你的明媚 Copenhagen French window inverted image I am loving you beautifully [translate] 
a这是一个成功的象征。 This is a successful symbol. [translate] 
aMr zhang has been in this school for ten years 张先生在这所学校十年 [translate] 
aTherefore, for any 所以,为其中任一 [translate] 
aas he walked along,he looked intowater,and he saw his reflection. 当他走了,他看了intowater,并且他看了他的反射。 [translate] 
aFencing, Lighting and Guarding: 操刀,照明设备和守卫: [translate] 
aGimmeAllYou Love GimmeAllYou爱 [translate] 
a裸聊50 自慰 叫床,听指挥100 Bare chats 50 self-consolations to be called the bed, listens to direction 100 [translate] 
aSometime early last week, a large slice of educated America decided that Amy Chua is a menace to society. 某时早期的上星期,教育的美国的一个大切片决定Amy Chua是威胁对社会。 [translate] 
ai have to go at once 我必须立即去 [translate] 
a這些是老師 These are teachers [translate] 
a为成功铺平道路 In order to succeed the surfacing path [translate] 
aesta manana me he levantado temprano,he desayunado y me he ido a entrenar. He hecho muchos ejercicios y me he caido,pero no me he hecho dano.Despues he jugado un rato con mi hijo. Ha sido una manana divertida. 我及早今晨起来了,我吃早餐,并且我走开训练。 我做了许多锻炼,并且我有caido,但我没有成为的损伤。 我一会儿以后使用了与我的儿子。 它是一个发笑早晨。 [translate] 
aIf someone asks me why I love his,I'd just answer ,"It's because of his and because of me 如果某人问我为什么我爱他的,我会回答, “它是由于他的和由于我 [translate] 
a鸿霞 Great wild goose rosy cloud [translate] 
abecause the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a深受希腊神话的影响 Deeply Greek mythology influence [translate] 
aKaplan - Higher Education Academy 卡普兰-高等教育学院 [translate] 
a什么时候再见面呢 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aboth psychological and physical. 心理和物理。 [translate] 
a24 FEB 2020 2020年2月24日 [translate] 
athey are not difficult for me 他们为我不是困难的 [translate] 
aHair et al. 头发等。 [translate] 
aLet's go to the park. 我们去公园。 [translate] 
ahydro-meteorological extremes 与氢结合气象极端 [translate] 
a开阳县 Kaiyang County [translate] 
adropped-out 滴下 [translate] 
aIPC socket allocation failed with error-4h. IPC插口分派无法以错误4h。 [translate] 
a商业聚会 Commercial meeting [translate] 
a在刚退休的那几个月里 In just retired that several months [translate] 
a审美观是人们主观的审美意识,是人们在审美活动中评判美且所持的一贯的,稳定的看法和态度。 The aesthetic standard is people's subjective esthetic consciousness, is the people consistent, stable view and manner which judges in the esthetic activity beautiful also holds. [translate] 
a在你的课堂上,我都忘了你是我老师似乎是我的朋友 In yours classroom, I all have forgotten you am my teacher as if am the friend of mine [translate] 
a惹人厌恶 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a所收外币需完整、无破损、无裂纹、不可以有涂写、胶带或纸带粘帖的痕迹,谢谢您的合作! Receives the foreign currency to need the integrity, not to have the breakage, does not have the crack, may not have spreads writes, the adhesive tape or the paper tape sticks the placard the trace, thanks your cooperation! [translate] 
apure-blue 纯净蓝色 [translate] 
astepping through 通过跨步 [translate] 
a酒店的房间分机号码为房间号码,例如房间8508的分机号码为"8508" The hotel room extension telephone number is the room number, for example the room 8508 extension telephone numbers are " 8508 " [translate] 
alet'splay.ok let'splay.ok [translate] 
a我们一定会为你附加上 We can certainly attach for you on [translate] 
a备用DNS服务器 Spare DNS server [translate] 
aRemember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies [translate] 
a扩散剂 Expands the medicinal powder [translate] 
a图纸目录及说明 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a爱的密码 Loves password [translate] 
a荃灣 山 屋村 荃 灣 mountain house village [translate] 
aIn your native language, how is money referred to in slang? Is it referred to in terms of valuable or basic thing? Share your answer with a group of three or four. 在您的母语,金钱怎么提到在俗话? 它提到根据可贵或基本的事? 与一个小组三或四分享您的答复。 [translate] 
a谁知道思念的极限远长过共度的时间 无论是做着梦还是失眠 你都在我心里面 Who knew missing the limit far has spent together steadily regardless of the time has a dream or loses sleep you all inside my heart [translate] 
a潜蛟 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a新中国成立以后,特别是改革开放以后,这种状况发生了很大的改变 After new China is founded, after specially reform and open policy, this kind of condition has had the very big change [translate] 
aTELEPHONE RELAY 电话中转 [translate] 
a今天下午去哪? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a各地市山特产品及鲜活鱼类产品 Various prefectures mountain special products and bright fish product [translate] 
a还积极认真对待每个课程设计的机会来提高我的运用知识和融会贯通的能力 Also positive earnestly treats the opportunity which each curriculum designs to sharpen ability which my utilization knowledge and achieves mastery through a comprehensive study of a subject [translate]