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a希望能和你合作 The hope can cooperate with you [translate] 
a在这里有着不同的文化和习俗,你可以学习和吸收一些好的知识,提高对事物的见解能力,以及改善个人的礼仪修养 Has the different culture in here and the custom, you may study and absorb some good knowledge, enhances to the thing opinion ability, as well as improves individual etiquette tutelage [translate] 
a壹天 One day [translate] 
a见面是迟早的 Meets is sooner or later [translate] 
a一切只换来你一句保重         All only trade your one to take care         [translate] 
acloselyand closelyand [translate] 
a新中国的建立,实现了中华民族的独立和解放,开创了中国历史的新纪元。 The new China's establishment, has realized Chinese nation's independence and the liberation, founded the Chinese history epoch. [translate] 
a从那时起,我们的生活变得越来越便利 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a无论遇到什么 你会陪我 一起面对吗 Regardless of meets any You can accompany me Faces together [translate] 
aTechnicians are working together with JV company in individual work sites.Now,their [translate] 
a我明天就走了,不想再和你联系了!保重 I walked tomorrow, did not want again and you relates! Taking care [translate] 
aTotal progress: 74% [translate] 
a这张照片是满月时的、这是三个月时的、这是一岁时的、这是二岁是的,很可爱。 This picture is Man Yueshi, this is time three months, this is a year old of time, this is two years old is, very lovable. [translate] 
a下面是一份问卷 Below is a questionnaire [translate] 
a书店在超市的 Bookstore in supermarket [translate] 
a你的朋友比你外向的多吗? Your friend compared to your extroversion many? [translate] 
a高楼林立 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
anaturally,l deep well informed about anynews on the upcoming smurfs movie!if you want my advice,you should check it out! 自然地,深深l消息灵通关于anynews在即将来临的smurfs电影! 如果您想要我的忠告,您应该检查它! [translate] 
a你在那边做什么? What do you make in that side? [translate] 
amake great typography great 使伟大的印刷术伟大 [translate] 
apower supplies,information technology equipment including electrical business equipment 电源,信息技术设备包括电子企业设备 [translate] 
aMiracles happen every day! 奇迹每天发生! [translate] 
asulphur content 硫磺含量 [translate] 
a单位:桶 Unit: Barrel [translate] 
aPlease support our weekly CD391C OK-to-TOOL Meetings now that China National Holiday if over Please support our weekly CD391C OK-to-TOOL Meetings now that China National Holiday if over [translate] 
a对比国内外应急管理的先进理念,并结合本人多年的应急管理经验,提出了解决这些问题的对策 Contrasts the domestic and foreign emergency management the advanced idea, and unifies myself many year emergency managerial experience, proposed solves these question countermeasure [translate] 
a私はすべてを取得します 我获取一切 [translate] 
a安全技术类别 Safety work category [translate] 
aAn email with your new password has been emailed to your email account 电子邮件以您的新口令被发了电子邮件给您的电子邮件 [translate] 
a新娘不是我 The bride is not I [translate] 
arepertory grid 常备剧目栅格 [translate] 
aBREAST SERUM 乳房清液 [translate] 
a该学生成绩优良,该学生学习能力强 This student result is fine, this student learning capability [translate] 
a毕业后,miss张为了适应现代社会日益提高的要求,除了完成大学学业,并且获得了不错的成绩之外,还主动涉猎各方面的知识,通过广泛的课外阅读,上网,与老师,同学交流形式,为走入社会打下基础。 After the graduation, miss opens in order to adapt the request which the modern society enhances day by day, besides completes the university studies, and has obtained the good result, but also browses various aspects on own initiative the knowledge, through the widespread outside reading, the surfe [translate] 
areyardless of the outcome of what,i will be in your heart to bnild a beautiful castle reyardless什么的结果,我将是在您的心脏对bnild一座美丽的城堡 [translate] 
a这篇论文以奥古斯丁的忏悔录为文本,讨论奥古斯丁的友爱观和基督教社群的关系 This paper records take Augustin's confession as the text, discusses Augustin's friendly affection view and the Christianity social group relations [translate] 
abe entangled with very much! 卷入与非常! [translate] 
a东莞市旺聚五金电子有限公司 Dongguan gathers prosperously the hardware electron limited company [translate] 
a你看我是不是很厉害 You looked I am very fierce [translate] 
aThe gloves in Vietnam 手套在越南 [translate] 
a提出了加强口岸基础设施建设、构建进出口生产加工体系等促进阿拉山口口岸带动博州经济发展对策。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a中国传媒大学出版社 Chinese Media University Publishing house [translate] 
a井盖的砖砌体砌筑 The well covers brick setting masonry and building [translate] 
aobama obama [translate] 
a据观察,杂志广告的方式可以分成三大类,分别是视觉、暗示和创意。 According to the observation, the magazine advertisement way may divide into three big kinds, respectively is the vision, the suggestion and the creativity. [translate] 
a说明技术来源及先进性 Explains the technical origin and the sophistication [translate] 
aBut also examination,come on! 而且考试,进展! [translate] 
a冷凝器鳍片藏或堵塞 Condenser fin piece Tibet or jamming [translate] 
aPistonSupportAssy PistonSupportAssy [translate] 
a我爱贺海磊 I love He Hailei [translate] 
aplatform with handrail 平台与扶手栏杆 [translate] 
aGrass your sister 放牧您的姐妹 [translate] 
a婚姻的禁忌大致有以下三个方面,一是同姓不婚,一是姻亲间禁婚,一是禁娶亲属妻妾 The marital taboo has following three aspects approximately, one is the same surname does not marry, one is between the relations by marriage endures the marriage, one is endures marries the relative wife and concubines [translate] 
aFreezes the oil the compressor in to put to the suitable degree, refers to the compressor the repair and maintenance handbook 冷冻油压缩机投入到适当的程度,提到压缩机修理和维护手册 [translate] 
a实用播音教程—普通话语音和播音发声 Practical broadcast course - ordinary words sound agreement broadcast sound production [translate] 
a他是土生土长的南京人 He is the Nanjing people who is locally born [translate] 
aHere comes allocation of Dec & Jan prod.need dealer input DFE system before 11:00 am today 这里来12月& 1月prod.need经销商的分派输入DFE系统,在11:00上午今天之前 [translate]