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My secondary school in the sun.


My secondary school in the sun.


I high school in the Sun.




I study in the sunlight middle school.
awhat is ur name? ur名字是什么? [translate] 
aLi Ping和Li Ming都是10岁 Li Ping and Li Ming all are 10 years old [translate] 
a你是我师父 You are my master worker [translate] 
aMergefields Mergefields [translate] 
apages printer from copy 页式打印机从拷贝 [translate] 
aPerhaps the most famous name in doll-making history, Barbie has delighted children since 1959, and has become a magnet for doll collectors. The brainchild of Ruth and Elliot Handler, Barbie was modeled after a German doll, Lilli, a shapely, pretty fashion doll first made in 1955. Made of molded plastic with her hair pu [translate] 
aIf the interrogated device has not yet been implanted, the update occurs automatically and without notification. 如果被询问的设备未被种入,更新发生自动地和,不用通知。 [translate] 
ai think u talk so much to many people from all over the world 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou should have an interesting in English! 您应该有一感兴趣用英语! [translate] 
a福州移动公司 Fuzhou Migration Company [translate] 
aeasy to relax 容易放松 [translate] 
aallergic to gold 1000mcoollecting no coins 过敏对金子1000mcoollecting没有硬币 [translate] 
awhen ▁▁▁▁the first man-made satellite▁▁▁▁(send)up into space? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aok.我会等待。随时帮助你。 ok. I can wait for.Helps you as necessary. [translate] 
athe detected video hardware does not meet the minimum requirements 检测录影硬件不符合极小的要求 [translate] 
aMimi is my friend too lt`s a cat Mimi太是我的朋友lt `s每猫 [translate] 
aHR&Adm. Supervisor HR&Adm。 监督员 [translate] 
aThinking too much about others makes you nothing in their eyes 考虑什么都其他太多不做您在他们的眼睛 [translate] 
aDavid was hurriedly sweeping up the broken glass when his parents entered the living room 大卫仓促详尽残破的玻璃,当他的父母进入了客厅 [translate] 
a留守儿童的研究 Remains behind to take care of things child's research [translate] 
a最后我还是没有等到想要的 When finally I do not have to want [translate] 
a人均 Average per person [translate] 
ado well in it 很好做在它 [translate] 
a强化地板 Strengthens the floor [translate] 
a从什么时候开始关心新闻了,越来越不能明白在想什么了 When from starts to care about the news, has more and more not been able to understand thought any [translate] 
a疼得这么厉害 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a中国银行福州马江支行 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI will love you forever I 将爱您 永远 [translate] 
a属于谁就是谁的 Who belongs to is whose [translate] 
aGary attends a tennis club to build up his body 加利参加一家网球俱乐部加强他的身体 [translate] 
a知识能使人获得财富,知识能使人变得高尚,知识能使人的生活充满阳光,知识能使人获得强大力量 ,冲破重重困境,最终走向成功的大门;知识能使一 个民族变得优秀,变得强大起来;知识能使一个国家变得繁荣昌盛。 The knowledge can cause the human to obtain the wealth, the knowledge can cause the human to become noble, the knowledge can enable human's life fill sunlight, the knowledge to make one obtain the formidable strength, breaks through layer on layer the difficult position, finally moves towards the su [translate] 
aThe International Operation of National Firm :A Study of Direct Invesment, PH.D. Dissertation 全国企业的国际操作:直接Invesment, PH.D.的研究。 学术论文 [translate] 
a他在上海的一个高中。 He in a Shanghai's high school. [translate] 
a你应该是没有接过吻吧 You should not kiss [translate] 
a2010年7月-------2010年7月 上海新影捷信息技术有限公司 档案整理文员 In July, 2010-------In July, 2010 the Shanghai Newsreel studio Czechoslovakia Information technology Limited company file reorganizes the officer [translate] 
a你怎么用QQ啊 How do you use QQ [translate] 
a我们经常听到别人说要多运动 We hear others to say frequently wants the multi-movements [translate] 
a轮岗人员对于新的业务不熟悉,需要教导者更要耐心的帮教。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我姐姐每天都很忙,没有时间在网上和朋友聊天。 My elder sister very is every day busy, does not have the time on-line and the friend chats. [translate] 
a这会影响到他们文化素养的提高 This can affect their culture accomplishment enhancement [translate] 
athorny 棘手 [translate] 
a为什么你做什么事从来不和我商量 Why do you make any matter always to disagree I to discuss [translate] 
agive my brother's watch to me 给我的兄弟的手表我 [translate] 
amike 买了一辆新自行车,我也买了 mike has bought a new bicycle, I have also bought [translate] 
a我不知道你想说什么,但是你带给我的留言都是美好的 I did not know you want to say any, but you take to my message all are happy [translate] 
a协调各个部们进行活动宣传,会场布置等,提供后勤保障服务 Coordinates each to carry on the active propaganda, the conference site arrangement and so on, provides the logistics support service [translate] 
aregain consciousness 收复知觉 [translate] 
a大家都感觉很累,但是还是非常高兴,应为离开学校7天回到学校可以和同学一起玩时非常高兴的 Everybody feels very tiredly, but is extremely happy, should for leave school 7 day to return to the school to be possible to play together with schoolmate time extremely happy [translate] 
a摘要:情感化设计成为当前设计研究的一个重要方面。从 SOHO人群的生理特征、心理情感特点和所处的社会文 化习得入手,探讨对家具情感化设计的相关原则,进而系统地提出从本能水平、行为水平、反思水平以及符号象征 水平四个层面构建情感化家具唤情结构,以设计符合 SOHO情感需求的家具产品。 Abstract: The sentiment influence designs into the current design research an important aspect.The social culture custom which from the SOHO crowd's physiological characteristic, the psychological emotion characteristic and locates results in obtaining, discusses to the furniture sentiment influence [translate] 
a因为药物? Because of medicine? [translate] 
aBut Spring is my sister's favourite season 但春天是我的姐妹的喜爱季节 [translate] 
a佛教大寺院 Buddhism big temple [translate] 
acoordinate with various departments to conduct activities such as advocacy, venue layout, providing logistics support services 座标以举办活动的各种各样的部门例如拥护,地点布局,提供后勤学支助性业务 [translate] 
a草莓味蛋糕 Strawberry taste cake [translate] 
a好吧,我错了 Good, I mistakenly [translate] 
a我在阳光中学读书。 I study in the sunlight middle school. [translate]