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You have to have beginnings and ends When doing any conclusion


You have to have beginnings and ends When doing any conclusion


When doing any conclusion When doing any conclusion


You have to, from the beginning to the end When doing any conclusion


Works must finish what one starts When doing any conclusion
aoh,wow! oh,哇! [translate] 
asprinkler 喷水隆头 [translate] 
arespecting respecting [translate] 
ai haven't got e___money 我没得到e___money [translate] 
a好心的 Good intention [translate] 
aThe data you have just submitted is not valid. The following error has been found: ● Field "Password" must contain letters and digits, and must be at least 6 characters long. Please correct this error and press the button below to try again. 您递交了的数据是无效的。 以下错误被找到了: ●领域“密码”必须包含信件和数字,并且必须长期是至少6个字符。 请改正这个错误并且按按钮如下再试一次。 [translate] 
aulimate ulimate [translate] 
aClean Onboard Ocean Bills of Lading 清洗在机上海运提单 [translate] 
a1969年1月17日 1969年年1月17日 [translate] 
aI wish you happiness, left. 我祝愿您幸福,左。 [translate] 
aYou are only as strong as your weakest point 您是只一样坚强象您的弱点 [translate] 
a在你的课堂上,我都忘了你是我老师,似乎是我的朋友 In yours classroom, I all have forgotten you am my teacher, as if is the friend of mine [translate] 
a其次、船城市可以航行,能够确保人们生活在气候适宜的海域 Next, the ship city may navigate, can guarantee the people to live in the climate being suitable sea area [translate] 
aSit down,piease 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acsr and financialization in global food firms csr和financialization在全球性食物变牢固 [translate] 
a出发准备 Embarks the preparation [translate] 
a你有什么话想对你的歌迷说吗? What speech do you have to want to say to your singer fan? [translate] 
a如果英语征服世界成为现实,那征服世界的也必是美式英语 If English conquers the world to become the reality, that conquers the world also to have to be the American English [translate] 
amatter to me 问题对我 [translate] 
aIf it won't come back in your waiting range 如果它在您等待的范围不会回来 [translate] 
a我们提倡男女平等 We advocate the equality of the sexes [translate] 
a昨天,这时妈妈又过来对我说,不可以看电视赶快学习 Yesterday, by now mother came to me to say that, might not look the television quickly studied [translate] 
aI'm just a man,and i try to be your suppermam I'm just a man, and i try to be your suppermam [translate] 
a有文具盒和本 Has the stationery case and this [translate] 
a广东省深圳市罗湖区太宁路28号百仕达花园百怡苑12栋5B Guangdong Province Shenzhen Luohu area too rather road 28 hundred Shi reaches garden hundred joy park 12 5B [translate] 
a女人帮 The woman helps [translate] 
aRufijiDelta RufijiDelta [translate] 
a党校信息化发展战略 Party school informationization developmental strategy [translate] 
a微型车 Mini truck [translate] 
a你吃鸡吧 You eat the chicken [translate] 
aMega Show Part 1 , 2012 Early-Bird Application Form 兆展示第1部分, 2012年及早鸟申请表 [translate] 
aredfashion redfashion [translate] 
a我就此消失 永别 I vanish in light of this part forever [translate] 
aWe always have a special meal lt's a big family dinner. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amoney gets a whole chapter later on 金钱得到一整体章节稍后 [translate] 
aIt is quite within the bounds of medical science today to create a squealing, ruddyfaced, utterly normal human baby with no fewer than five recognizable parents 它今天相当在创造号叫的医学之内区域, ruddyfaced,完全地正常人的婴孩没有较少比五个可认识的父母 [translate] 
aMy Education: Doctorate 我的教育: 博士学位 [translate] 
aPls conduct GMP audit in Oct with the support Pls品行GMP审计在10月与支持 [translate] 
aThank you for taking the time to create your XTube.com account. Please read below for information on how to activate your account and some of the services we offer. 谢谢需要时间创造您的XTube.com帐户。 下面请读对于信息关于怎样激活您的帐户和某些服务我们提供。 [translate] 
a史诗可分为两大类:创世史诗和英雄史诗。创世史诗, 也称神话史诗,它多以古代英雄歌谣为基础,经集体编创而成,反映人类童年时期的具有重大意义的历史事件或者神话传说。运用艺术虚构手法,塑造著名英雄形象,结构宏大,充满着幻想和神奇的色彩。世界最古老的史诗是巴比伦史诗《吉尔伽美什》 。中国的《格萨尔王传》 、印度的《摩诃婆罗多》 、 《罗摩衍那》和古希腊的《伊里亚特》 、《奥德赛》等都是著名的史诗。   The epic poem may divide into two big kinds: Creates the world epic poem and the heroic epic poem.Creates the world epic poem, also called the myth epic poem, it many take the ancient times hero ballad as the foundation, arranged after the collective creates becomes, reflected the human childhood ti [translate] 
aYes, I plan to go shopping. 是,我计划去购物。 [translate] 
a我必须请人修一下这台电脑 I must ask the human to repair this computer [translate] 
athe two friends sat in a corner,chatting 二个朋友坐了在角落,聊天 [translate] 
adircetions for us dircetions为使用 [translate] 
a天一直下着雨 The day rains continuously [translate] 
a审核计划 Verification plan [translate] 
a神话是远古时代的人用想象和借助想象解释自然、支配自然的一种形式。随着生产力的发展和人类认识的提高,神话逐渐接近现实生活,逐渐接近现实的人,于是出现了各种半人半神的英雄传说。 The myth was the ancient times time person uses the imagination and with the aid of the imagination explanation nature, the control natural one form.The enhancement knew which along with the productive forces development and the humanity, the myth approaches the real life gradually, approaches the r [translate] 
athis is aboy 这aboy [translate] 
ai am not innocent.but i thought we broke up 4 days ago.what you mean by doing hair? 我不是innocent.but i认为我们破坏4天您通过做头发意味的ago.what ? [translate] 
a气圈导纱器 Atmosphere yarn guide [translate] 
a集合出发 The set embarks [translate] 
a微生物分子生物学技术 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a制定计划时,我们应考虑到工作中会出现一些意料不到的变故 When formulation plan, we should consider in the work can appear the accident which some could not anticipate [translate] 
aperfumes your skin of its subtle scent of flowers.very pleasant tousr thanks to its smooth texture and its light tensor effect,it is advised for the dehydrated,sensitive and reactive skins 充满香气flowers.very宜人的tousr由于它微妙的气味您的皮肤它光滑的纹理,并且它轻的张量作用,它被劝告为被脱水的,敏感和易反应的皮肤 [translate] 
aYeah. I’m saving these seats for friends. 呀。 我保存这些位子为朋友。 [translate] 
a一场梦境,一段魂灵,一次幻灭。眼泪的存在,只为太多的深爱,也证明所有的一切不是幻觉。生命本就来自偶然,我们本该从容淡定,给过去人原谅,也给自己一个远方。 A dreamland, section of spirits, one time vanishes.Tear existence, only for too many deep loves, also proved all is not the illusion.The life comes from originally accidentally, we this this calm decide palely, forgives for the human, also gives oneself a distant place. [translate] 
a做事要有始有终When doing any conclusion Works must finish what one starts When doing any conclusion [translate]