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a好的 你休息吧 Good you rest [translate] 
a发动机咬缸、早期磨损 The engine nips the cylinder, the early attrition [translate] 
aLet us draw with picture. 让我们画与图片。 [translate] 
acurb front 遏制前面 [translate] 
aHow do I care about you so ? 我对您如此怎么关心? [translate] 
aThis Sheer Sexy Secretaries Skirt {Bridal Ivory Mesh & Lace} is available from House of Fraser {UK}, La Coquetterie {Italy}, Underwear {Belgium} and Made by Niki Online 这条纯粹性感的秘书裙子{新娘象牙滤网&鞋带}是可得到从Fraser {英国}, La Coquetterie {意大利},内衣{比利时}议院和由Niki ・ Online做 [translate] 
aquietly brillian 安静地brillian [translate] 
aa lways make my purchase in pure white lways 做我的购买在纯净的白色 [translate] 
a我们一边看电视一边吃饭 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a培训车费 Training fare [translate] 
a总有一个人会守护着你 Always some person can protect you [translate] 
a所收外币需完整、无破损、无裂纹、不可以有涂写、胶带或纸带粘帖的痕迹,谢谢您的合作! Receives the foreign currency to need the integrity, not to have the breakage, does not have the crack, may not have spreads writes, the adhesive tape or the paper tape sticks the placard the trace, thanks your cooperation! [translate] 
a在上个世纪末,汉语已成为一门国际语言 In a on century's end, Chinese has become an international language [translate] 
aOther high school students sit in the classroom the whole day 其他高中学生在教室坐全天 [translate] 
a使它充分分散 Causes it to disperse fully [translate] 
a周末我会好好休息,其中有听音乐,睡懒觉,看电影 Weekend I can rest well, including listens to music, has a long lazy sleep, watches the movie [translate] 
a景点有一处奇观“天然湖”。 The scenic spot has a marvelous sight “the natural lake”. [translate] 
a拘束囚禁绑架 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI will play my role well and be dedicated to pay for every second, with my family and 我将演奏我的角色井和致力薪水为每秒钟,与我家和 [translate] 
a我们需要交尽可能多的朋友 We need to make as far as possible many friends [translate] 
asetap has detected that unlnstallshield in use ,please close unlnstallshield and restart setup Error 432 setap 查出请unlnstallshield在使用中,接近的unlnstallshield和再开始设定错误432 [translate] 
asymantec tamper protectionalert symantec堵塞器protectionalert [translate] 
a一是根据议论问题的一般思维模式,应当是按“提出问题、分析问题、解决问题”( 或曰“引论”、“本论”、“结论”) 三大块构成。“提出问题 ”即在议论文开头一般要鲜明地提出中心论点,“分析问题”即在文章的中间要围绕中心论点展开分析论证,“解决问题”即在文章的结尾部分或者得出综合性结论, 或者提出前瞻性希望等。这一点,众所周知,兹不赘述。 One, according to the discussion question general thought pattern, must be presses “proposed the question, the analysis question, solve the problem” (or say “introduction”, “this theory”, “conclusion”) three bulk constitutions.“Proposed the question” namely begins in the argumentation needs distinct [translate] 
aTOM家有一台电脑. TOM has a computer. [translate] 
a我等你来英 I wait for you to come England [translate] 
a将来我想要成为一名演员。 I () () to be an actor () () () Future I will want to become an actor. I () () to be an actor () () () [translate] 
a工作期间,完善了本单位的人力资源管理制度体系,连续两年完成了质量管理体系认证审核工作。 Work period, has consummated this unit's human resources control system system, two years have continuously completed the quality control system authentication verification work. [translate] 
ayou are not alone ,beascen I am here with you 您不是单独的, beascen我这里在以您 [translate] 
alist members 名单成员 [translate] 
ahe looked around and found a ladder near the restaurant 他看了并且在餐馆附近发现了梯子 [translate] 
aother but in looking together in the 其他,但在一起看在 [translate] 
aMinor insect or vertebrate injury 较小昆虫或脊椎动物伤害 [translate] 
a江苏省社区矫正试点工作实施意见 The Jiangsu Province community rectifies the experiment site work implementation opinion [translate] 
a我一直是这样的人 I always am such person [translate] 
a优秀班干部奖 The outstanding class cadre reward [translate] 
a正餐时不应供应饮料,饮料会影响消化 When full meal should not supply the drink, the drink can affect the digestion [translate] 
aGimmeAllYou Love GimmeAllYou爱 [translate] 
a财产税 Property tax [translate] 
a当今的世界是纷乱的,人们的忧愁、烦恼与日俱增,疾病、瘟疫、战争天灾人祸越来越频繁,使人类乃至动物植物都感到身心不安,这是为什么? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a微生物分子生物学技术 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBrand image plays Brand image plays [translate] 
a请帮忙将这两家的审核机会发给我。急!谢谢! Please help these two verification opportunity to issue I.Anxious! Thanks! [translate] 
a3) Piping fabrication and installation work 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahello my name is danny,what,s your name? 你好我的名字danny,什么, s您的名字? [translate] 
aCheer.up Cheer.up [translate] 
aThe distinction is as apparent as that between a deliberately aimed blow and the arm flailing of an athlete losing his balance, when a player balls his hand into a fist, when he drives his helmet into an unsuspecting opponent – in short, when he crosses the boundary between playing hard and playing to hurt – he can onl 分别是一样明显的象那在故意地瞄准的吹动和失去他的平衡的胳膊flailing运动员之间,当球员球他的手入拳头,当他驾驶他的盔甲入一名信任的对手-简而言之时时,当他横渡界限在艰苦演奏和演奏之间伤害-时他可能只意欲暴行。 [translate] 
anever try so happiess 不如此尝试happiess [translate] 
a主要内容. Primary coverage. [translate] 
aopen literature. 打开文学。 [translate] 
atake-out total 外卖总 [translate] 
aThank you for taking the time to create your XTube.com account. Please read below for information on how to activate your account and some of the services we offer. 谢谢需要时间创造您的XTube.com帐户。 下面请读对于信息关于怎样激活您的帐户和某些服务我们提供。 [translate] 
awhat does a traveler do 什么做旅客 [translate] 
apump with three pump gears 泵浦用三个泵浦齿轮 [translate] 
aWai Lee 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a挪威西临挪威海 West Norway near Norwegian Sea [translate] 
aYou are now a sorry, the irony of the original I Love You 您现在抱歉,反语原物我爱你 [translate] 
ahow old your overcoat is 多么老您的大衣是 [translate]